Novel Wars

Novel Wars is a program that runs every other month with the goal of increasing awareness and exposure to dropped novels in Novel Updates. We're going to do this by having our readers on Discord suggest dropped novels that they want to read more chapters of, and vote. Join our Discord to participate!

Our Chinese translators will then translate a minimum of 10k characters (raw) (anywhere from 3~8 or so chapters depending on chapter length) while our Japanese translators will do a minimum of 8k (as JP is harder to translate than CN) of the selected dropped novels are, in two weeks.

This does not mean we'll be picking up the novel(s), but it will bring some good dropped novels back to the surface of NU for other translators to take notice of.

Here are all the chapters we did for Novel Wars. You can find more information here. Thank you to all our wonderful Novel War translators: Tofu, Ambivalens, Yarrow, Vin, Jitz, O(n^n), Uchuuji, AdCaelum, Seth, Lemons, Proc, Blu, Momo, Starie, Naz, Mistydaylights, Nebosuke, and Teh!

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