[NW] In My Previous Life I Was a Saint Chapter 20 – Childhood Friends

Chapter 20 - Childhood Friends

"Lenaria-san is in the wind magic class, isn't she?  Then I think Lance Eyling was there too..."

Hearing that name, seeing Lenaria's expression turn cloudy, Azure muttered, "After all, I’m done for..." and looked at Fregel.

Fregel shrugs his shoulders as he faces Azure.

"Um, I was wondering if maybe… Lenaria-san, did Lance ever make any accusations against you?"

When Lenaria gave a vague smile that could be taken as either affirmative or negative, Azure lowered her eyebrows.

"Lance is also a childhood friend of ours, but he's been rough lately … no matter where he is, he's going to poke at me. I don't think that's my place to say that, but I'm sorry."

Fregel looked stunned at Azure, who bowed her head lightly.

"You shouldn't be apologizing. Well, I don't know how you feel about Lance. The Guardian Spirit was in the wrong... Oops, it was the same for Lenaria-san. I'm sorry, sorry."

In general, the evaluation of aerials is not good, so Renalia doesn’t care anymore.

I was only worried that Phil might get angry, but he didn't seem to care what someone who didn't have the blessing of an aerial said.

She has been happily looking out the window since a while ago.

"No. Don't worry about it. I don't care."

I'm really glad that my guardian spirit is an aerial because I'd rather not stand out.

If Shine had become a guardian spirit, even in this world, she would be on her way to becoming a saint.

“Because Lance has high magical power even among us, when we got down from magical fever he was the worst. So I think that's why he was so disappointed when his guardian spirit was Aerial."

Magic fever is something that occurs when the magic power in the body grows, and children with magic power usually get it around the age of five.

Sometimes there are children who do not suffer from magic fever, but their symptoms are used to measure the approximate size of their magic, and the more severe the symptoms, the more magic they are said to have.

Lenaria also had a fever when she was five years old, but she doesn't remember it being that severe.

“The Eyling family is a clan that is active in the Order’s Magic Corps. So, just like his father, I think Lance wanted to receive the blessing of a Salamander, who specializes in attack.”

“It would be easier if it were a family like ours, where we've had the blessing of Dryas for generations."

There is such a thing as a house that can easily receive the blessings of one attribute.

The royal family has received the protection of Undines for generations, and the Fregel-Gansch family is more likely to get the blessing of Dryas.

The Sheridan family is a clan that often obtains a variety of blessings, and it is said that some have even received the blessing of the dark attribute, which is said to have never existed before, but that’s not a given.

“Besides, the fact that we weren’t able to enter the special class due to the number of people is also the cause of the chaos.”

Certainly, if you say so, the fact that they are childhood friends with Azure and the others means that they are of the same rank. Even so, only Lance is in a different class.

"Is that so?"

"It’s because there are a lot of students in this grade..."

As he said so, Azure turned her gaze to Prince Cecil's seat.

Certainly, in the year when a member of the royal family is born, there are many nobles who have children for the future, such as a boy as an aide or a girl as a concubine.

In Lenaria's case, we just happened to be at the same time

“Lance thought he couldn't get into the special class because his guardian spirit was an aerial. But I don't know if that's true or not.”

That is certainly a possibility.

Lenaria, who also has an aerial as her guardian spirit, is only in a special class because of her royal blood.

As expected, the daughter of a marquis would not be put in a lower class, but it is not impossible.

In the special class, unlike others, there is always a knight posted at the door to escort them.

Of course, the school has strict security so that anyone that is suspicious cannot enter, but there is always a chance for trouble.

Therefore, a dedicated knight is waiting outside the classroom so that the royal blood can learn with peace of mind, it’s indeed a special class.

"Well then, I wanted to go to the next class. But I'm nervous to be in the same class as the prince."

Noel, who was listening to Azure's conversation, opened his mouth while resting his chin.

"Well, Noel-kun. That's disrespectful."

As Trey reprimands Noel, he pouts his lips.

“I would also have liked to be in the same class as my childhood friend…”

Lenaria also wanted to be in a different class than the prince if possible, but it can't be helped.

The other students will probably be back soon.

There is a lot of noise outside the classroom.

Prince Cecil opens the door and enters

For some reason, she looks at Lenaria and smiles.

I have a really bad feeling about this.

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