Please Whitelist Us on AdBlock

By: Kiki

Hello, amazing readers! This is a plea to whitelist us on your ad-block. For April and May, we've barely broke even. 56% of our readers view our translations with ad-block.  To keep our site up and support our translations, I ask you please whitelist us. I'll paste some instructions on how to do so below!

I've really been working hard to crack down on intrusive ads and limit the number of ads per page. Those big cuts are why we're struggling now. If you've had trouble reading comfortably on our site before, please try giving it another go! Our translations will always be free and I won't ever use popups or overlays to force you to disable ad-block. In return, I hope you can take a moment to support us.

If you ever notice intrusive ads, please leave a message in our discord channel (linked at site's footer), or at [email protected]!

Instructions for Each Ad-Blocker Here

Thank You!!

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