ISO is Recruiting Translators!

By: Kiki

Hello! ISO's in a desperate need of new translators and we strongly encourage interested readers to apply! We are a beginner friendly site that will give you a strong and easy-to-use interface to post your chapters!

Why ISO?

  • No minimum release rates or strict rules to follow
  • A popular platform with millions of views every month, making it easier to attract viewers to your novel
  • An easy to use posting platform
  • Zero fees or website maintenance you have to do- just leave it to us!
  • An industry standard 50 cents per 1000 views USD, 100% yours
  • Can use to gain translating experience, building up for better paying projects
  • A beginner friendly starting site with other new and veteran translators alike!

Why translate?

  • A great way to practice learning a second language
  • Grab some side income while learning!
  • Improves your own written English
  • Great university extra-curricular or hobby

Translators may choose to pick their own novel to TL or get recommendations from me, Kiki! Interested applicants can apply here.  

Note: We are only accepting CN and JP translators to avoid KR copyright strikes.

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