[NW] The Demon King From Another World Likes to Tease His Childhood Friend (the hero) Because He’s in Love With Him ~The Demon King, Who Has Already Been Defeated, is Being Doted on by His Childhood Friend, the Hero~ Chapter 11 - Gossip - The Event

Today, I finally lost to Rei. It happened when he had cornered me this far and I was thinking of unleashing the next seal. I had been looking forward to what I was going to do today but… I ended up losing. Then, I asked what he wanted me to do.

“...I want to hold you, Kurousagi.”

“...A date?”

“I-isn’t it you who tempted me this much!?”

Rei said with a flushed face while saying he had no patience left… I smiled inwardly, thinking that he had this much love for me.

“Fine. But we’ll do it after we’ve washed up!”

Although Rei was looking at me like he was going to attack me right here and then, he nodded reluctantly.





I wanted to wash myself in the shower stall, but Rei attacked me first. When I told him we should take off our clothes, he asked me to do it for him, I took off his and then mine in front of him before both of us entered the shower, and then he tried to kiss me as I was washing up. Since it was my first time in a place like this, I pretended not to see and turned my back, but then he attacked me from behind.

“Don’t run away, Kurousagi,”

He said while hugging me to stop me from escaping, both hands holding the protrusions of my chest before pinching them.

“Aaah! Stooo—!“

Kurousagi, you’re really not honest. You’re even moaning from feeling good.”

Even though I wanted to reply, Rei’s voice was so excited, and it made me happy… then, feeling his touch, I could only moan back. When his pinching, tugging, pressing, and rolling were about to break me down and make me unable to move, one of his hands let go to stroke my skin, traveling down to my waist and then covering my butt, kneading it lightly. I thought to myself, “this is a really detestable way of acting”. Not only that, but after having put a finger in his mouth, as if to taste it, he then inserted it into my hole, as if he had planned it from the beginning.

I panicked.

“P-put it in when we’re in bed… Aaaah!”

“It’ll be fine as long as you’re obedient, Rei.”


His finger entered.

Only the way it moved around to loosen me up was enough to make me moan.


“Kurousagi, you’re pretty sexy, huh?”

“Y-you… Aaah!”

When he pulled out his finger, I couldn’t stand because of the stimulation anymore and asked him to support me. After a quick hot bath, Rei picked me up and said,

“We can just let our bodies air dry… Let’s go to bed now.”

After telling me that, he put me down. My legs were spread left and right, and seeing Rei’s desire being bigger than mine, I worried whether he would really enter me. “I want to run”, I thought, and Rei smiled when he noticed my expression.

“Don’t think I’ll let you run now.”

“W-wait. I need to prepare mentally and stuff… Aaah!”

Rei attacked me right then and inserted himself. His hot lust penetrated me deeply, shaping me after him.

“I pushed all the way in. How are you?”

“D-don’t ask!”

“Okay, then I’ll start moving.”

“Wa—! Do it more slowly—Aaah!”

Rei thrust into me roughly even though it was my first time. And although he was overdoing it, he wouldn’t stop. After making me into a mess and moan uncontrollably, he said,

“I’ll shoot inside.”


It filled me up inside. It was hot and made me feel it again. Since he did whatever he wanted, I decided to do whatever I wanted and sexually harass him the next time, but then Rei kissed me.

“I’ll do it without saying anything this time.”


“I won’t wait.”

He attacked me even more after saying that… Moreover, it didn’t stop there, he did it like an animal.

“Aaaah! Stooo—Aaaah! Don’t—Aaaah!”

“Kurousagi, you’re being so cute when we’re doing it. Even though you’re usually so quiet… you’re really sexy right now.”

He even attacked me verbally. At this moment, my perception of Rei changed to a beast.

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