[NW] Delicate Female A and Overbearing President Male O Chapter 25

NW Chapter 25:

Delicate Female A and Overbearing President Male O

They did it this time at Jiang Yanzhan's house.

Ruan Ruan believed their relationship was already progressing very quickly, but it still hadn't reached the stage where they could see each other naked.

So Ruan Ruan helped Jiang Yanzhan up and asked warmly, "Do you want to take a bath?"

This was Jiang Yanzhan's house, so he should be able to bath alone.

But Jiang Yanzhan just stared at her for a moment before leaning on the headboard. He slowly let out a breath, "It's fine. I'll... wash up by myself later."

Wash up by myself?

Ruan Ruan asked him, concerned, "Are you okay? Are you able to stand?"

Jiang Yanzhan: "..."

He could stand.

But he didn't have any strength.

... So he couldn't stand?

Jiang Yanzhan took a deep breath and pulled on the headboard to bring himself into a sitting position. "It's fine. Let me send you back."

With a twist of her body, Ruan Ruan pushed him back against the headboard, her body pressed against his. Her tone was dissatisfied: "You want me to go now that you've finished using me?"

Jiang Yanzhan was speechless.

The whole time, he had barely been able to move.

Just who was "using" who here?"

Jiang Yanzhan raised his eyes and met Ruan Ruan's bright, round ones.

The lighting in his room was rather dim. Since he usually only used his bedroom to sleep, he never thought there was anything wrong with the lighting...

But it was under this hazy lighting that he watched Ruan Ruan's face.

He felt a feeling that was hard to describe filling the atmosphere.

Combined with his house, which was filled with their two mingling pheromones...

Jiang Yanzhan suddenly wanted to replace the lighting in his bedroom and get the air purification system looked at.

The dizzying feeling made him almost lose his ability to think. All he could do was look at Ruan Ruan's face and whisper out a reply: "No..."

Ruan Ruan laid on his shoulder, a whisper away from kissing his face, "Then why are you rushing me to leave?"

... Because it's too embarrassing bathing with you?

Jiang Yanzhan struggled to answer.

A domineering omega like him shouldn't be acting like that.

Jiang Yanzhan wrapped his arms around Ruan Ruan's waist. His husky voice seemed to stick to Ruan Ruan's ears, "I didn't mean that."

"I don't want to go back home so soon." Ruan Ruan hugged him back, "I want to stay with you for a while."

She had always looked cute and easy to bully. Now, with her sweet words, she seemed just like a spoiled child.

Jiang Yanzhan's heart turned soft. He patted her back and asked warmly, "Then you can stay here tonight, alright?"

Ruan Ruan immediately turned excited. She perked up and stared into Jiang Yanzhan's eyes as she asked, "Really?"

Jiang Yanzhan saw her happy smile and an indescribable sense of fulfillment filled his heart.

Ruan Ruan laid in Jiang Yanzhan's embrace for a while before urging him to take a bath.

Jiang Yanzhan asked, "What about you?"

As soon as the words left his lips, he regretted it.

It sounded just like he was inviting Ruan Ruan to bathe with him.

Ruan Ruan smiled as she hugged him like she couldn't bear to part. "I'm going to buy a change of clothes and makeup remover. I wasn't planning to spend the night... so I didn't bring anything."

Jiang Yanzhan: "..."

That's right, inviting her to bathe was nothing.

He had already taken the initiative to ask her to stay the night.

For some things, after the first time, the second time would no longer be as embarrassing or awkward.

The third and fourth times would probably be even more natural.

Jiang Yanzhan got off the bed and put on his shoes before speaking, "For now, you can wear my... pajamas."

He paused for a moment before continuing, "There are new ones in the closet, in the bottom drawers. We can order the rest later."

This way, she didn't have to make a trip outside.

Ruan Ruan happily agreed, "Sure!"

She followed him off the bed and put on a pair of slippers before making her way to the closet Jiang Yanzhan had pointed to. She crouched down and asked, "Can I just open it? It's this drawer, right?"

"Mhm." Jiang Yanzhan hummed in reply before looking at Ruan Ruan. His voice suddenly turned high, "No, not that-"

Ruan Ruan: "... Huh?"

Jiang Yanzhan had spoken too late.

She had already opened the drawer.

Jiang Yanzhan: "..."

Ruan Ruan looked down and saw a drawer filled with neatly arranged pads.

It went from daytime pads to nighttime pads, with even a set of safety underwear.

Jiang Yanzhan: ".........."

This was the first time an Alpha that came to his home saw his pad drawer.

According to reason, this wasn't anything to be embarrassed about.

But the usually unaffected Jiang Yanzhan felt his face flush with embarrassment.

Ruan Ruan's expression didn't change as she closed the drawer and touched the one beside it, turning to ask, "Is it this one?"

"... It should be." Jiang Yanzhan said, "You can check."

It wasn't like there was anything else in his closet.

Apart from his clothes, socks, etc., he only had his stock of pads.

Jiang Yanzhan turned and entered the bathroom.

Ruan Ruan really wanted to tell Jiang Yanzhan it was nothing to be embarrassed about.

But Jiang Yanzhan's shy appearance was just too cute...

It was seriously so, so, cute.

In a flash, Ruan Ruan came to the conclusion that Jiang Yanzhan was the cutest person she had ever seen.

Ruan Ruan looked at his pad drawer and pondered for a moment, calculating Jiang Yanzhan's menstrual cycle.

She calculated according to this world's once every three months cycle and Jiang Yanzhan's recent fevers... Jiang Yanzhan's menstrual period should last for around another half month.

She didn't know if he got cramps or whether he should be working in the meantime.

Ruan Ruan had just found the pajamas and was still pondering over this when Jiang Yanzhan came out from the bathroom.

She had always thought through things very slowly.

Ruan Ruan secretly sighed and turned to Jiang Yanzhan. She blinked.

Jiang Yanzhan was just wearing a pair of pajama pants, showing off his beautiful upper body.

Ruan Ruan held the pajamas and sat by his bedside, "What's your address? I'll order a pair of disposable panties and makeup remover... oh right, do you have any skincare here?"

"No." Jiang Yanzhan said.

Ruan Ruan: "... Alright."

He deserved to be a high-spec CEO, even his skin was naturally perfect.

Just like all the high-spec CEOs in books, blessed with natural beauty.

Human skin was truly a curious thing. Some people could carefully cherish their skin, wash it every day, sleep early, and only eat vegetables... yet still end up with bad skin.

And there were also people who could just scrub their face with soap and dry it with their bath towel, yet have enviable, baby-like skin.

Ruan Ruan didn't which one she could be classified as, nor did she dare to risk it.

Although she has a human body now, she still retained many gummy-bear characteristics.

Bad human skin can be healed, but if her sugar coating gets damaged and can't be fixed, what would she do?

Ever since she started watching makeup videos, Ruan Ruan always did her skincare and went to bed early.

She had always been a stubborn and honest little bear.

"Then I'll buy some skincare as well." Ruan Ruan said, "I'll give the set to you. Even though you don't look like you need it, you have to use it every day and night to guard against the future..."

Jiang Yanzhan: "..."

Ruan Ruan's words reminded him of his age.

Fortunately, it was Ruan Ruan speaking. Otherwise, he would've thought she was calling him old.

To Ruan Ruan, sleeping in Jiang Yanzhan's home was something very exciting.

After all, since she had turned into a human, she had never slept in someone else's home before.

The last time she had slept together with Jiang Yanzhan was the first time she had slept with a human.

Ruan Ruan felt it was very comfortable sleeping with humans, especially somebody like Jiang Yanzhan.

His body was firm, with a thin waist, broad shoulders, and smooth skin. Whether it was rubbing or hugging, it all felt very good...

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