[NW] Delicate Female A and Overbearing President Male O Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Ruan Ruan wanted to take a quick shower.

Jiang Yanzhan watched her enter the en suite bathroom and looked like he wanted to say something but hesitated.

Ruan Ruan pulled her hair into a ponytail as she looked at him, "Hm?"

"... Nothing." Jiang Yanzhan said.

He originally wanted to tell Ruan Ruan the guest bedroom was downstairs and also had an en suite bathroom.

He usually didn't like sharing his bathroom with others.

... But when he thought about it, Ruan Ruan couldn't be classified as just anyone.

He didn't know whether it was because he still had Ruan Ruan's pheromones...

When she pulled her hair in a ponytail and tilted her head at him, he suddenly had the urge to come closer.

He wanted to kiss her delicate neck, her chin. He wanted to hug her face close to his chest and just rest...

Jiang Yanzhan lay in bed and closed his eyes.

He pretended nothing happened.

Ruan Ruan could feel his emotions grow turbulent.

She didn't say anything, just giving him a smile before entering the bathroom.

Ruan Ruan had already showered at home and she hadn't really done anything physically exerting at Jiang Yanzhan's home, so there wasn't any sweat. Her hair needed to be washed even less.

She just gave herself a quick rinse before coming out in Jiang Yanzhan's oversized pajamas.

Jiang Yanzhan was leaning on the headboard, scrolling through his phone.

Ruan Ruan untied her ponytail and combed through her hair with her fingers as she walked towards the bed. She touched his wrist, leaning down closer to him, "Jiang Yanzhan, you should turn the light on before looking at your phone."

Her sudden approach made Jiang Yanzhan jump in surprise.

Her soft hand stuck to his wrist. Jiang Yanzhan quietly took a deep breath.

He flipped their grip to hold Ruan Ruan's hand and quickly moved in, landing a peck on the corner of her lips.

"I won't look." Jiang Yanzhan said, "Should we sleep now?"

Ruan Ruan blushed a little, "Yeah."

She felt like Jiang Yanzhan was inviting her-

An Omega, inviting an Alpha to sleep together.

Maybe the term "seducing" would be more fitting.

Ruan Ruan lifted the quilt to crawl under.

Jiang Yanzhan turned off his phone and set it on the bedside cabinet before turning off the lights.

Darkness blanketed the room.

Only their breathing could be heard.

Their breaths were light and shallow, as if testing the waters.

Jiang Yanzhan laid down and soon felt an arm lay across his chest.

Ruan Ruan was hugging him.

The tee she wore was too big and left her arm exposed. Their skin touched one another, allowing them to feel each other's warmth and skin.

Jiang Yanzhan suddenly felt he truly hadn't chosen wrong.

The last time they had slept together, it was the first time he had been marked in a long time and so the pheromones made him feel a little overwhelmed.

This time, it was much better.

But last time, after his first marking, he fell into a deep sleep. You could almost say he passed out.

This time, however, he felt very awake.

And because of this, he could clearly feel Ruan Ruan's arm around his waist. He could hear her breathing by his ear as they laid side by side, the silence lingering, warm and romantic.

Jiang Yanzhan couldn't help but roll on his side, his body slipping under the blankets as he buried his head into the crook of Ruan Ruan's neck. His arm reached out, wrapping around Ruan Ruan's waist.

It had to be because of the pheromones.

It was because he had just been marked.

That must be why he wanted to get close to her so much.

Ruan Ruan gently rubbed his back. Her actions were gentle, leaving an almost ticklish feeling.

She felt very satisfied.

Jiang Yanzhan hugged Ruan Ruan tighter. He couldn't help but tilt his head, leaving a kiss on her chin.

Ruan Ruan snuggled even closer.

He soon felt a change on Ruan Ruan's body.

The change was hard to describe in a way that was PG.

Simply put, a certain part of Ruan Ruan had changed into hard candy.

Jiang Yanzhan was a little bit nervous, but at the same time, a trace of pride coursed through him.

He couldn't help but move his leg to touch it as he shifted his body up, kissing the corner of Ruan Ruan's mouth. He raised his brows and asked, "Do you want it?"

Jiang Yanzhan's voice and tone sounded like the textbook example of a domineering CEO teasing a young maiden.

But the sneaky hint of pride in his tone made him sound more like a child who had just been praised and was showing off.

Ruan Ruan blinked.

She felt like Jiang Yanzhan was even cuter now.

The part she couldn't control was because the atmosphere had suddenly changed. Jiang Yanzhan surprised her.

Ruan Ruan laughed lightly and landed a kiss on his nose.

"Alright, that's enough." She said warmly, "Let's sleep. You still have work tomorrow."

Just a marking made Jiang Yanzhan sweat so much. Ruan Ruan was worried that if they did anything more intense, Jiang Yanzhan shouldn't be able to take it.

She wanted to mark him a few more times and let him adjust to her pheromones before doing that.

Jiang Yanzhan's face was already burning hot.

He was glad it was pitch dark, so Ruan Ruan couldn't see his face.

His large palm rubbed Ruan Ruan's back as he asked slowly, "Aren't you uncomfortable?"

Ruan Ruan was speechless for a moment.

Ruan Ruan suddenly lifted her leg, imitating his motion as she lightly rubbed over there.

Jiang Yanzhan's arm suddenly tensed. He bit his lip as he let out a very, very quiet moan.

Ruan Ruan smiled and kissed where he had bitten his lips. The hand on his body started to roam as she said, "If you don't mess around, I'll be nice."

Jiang Yanzhan: "..."

"Be good." Ruan Ruan gave his lips a lick, "We should sleep!"

Jiang Yanzhan's adam's apple bobbed.

He subconsciously licked his lips. He didn't know if it was an illusion, but the part Ruan Ruan had licked seemed to taste sweet.

It wasn't an artificial, greasy sweetness, but the crisp, citrusy sweetness reminiscent of oranges.

It was a little like her pheromone.

Ruan Ruan shifted back a little. Although she still hugged him, her embrace wasn't as tight.

The air under the blankets was scorching hot, causing their body temperature to climb.

Jiang Yanzhao couldn't sleep.


When they woke up the next day, it was already 8:10.

"Good morning." Her eyes were soft as she greeted Jiang Yanzhan.

Jiang Yanzhan smiled, "Good morning."

His smile lasted 0.5 seconds before it fell.

He had just woken up and was careless.

There was nothing to smile about in the morning.

Jiang Yanzhan kept his domineering CEO aura and was just about to pull his arm out of her embrace, when...

Ruan Ruan, still half asleep, blinked hazily and rolled closer, still clutching his arm as she mumbled, "What time is it?"

Jiang Yanzhan glanced at the time, "... 8:16."

Their company started work at 9.

But he usually got to the company at 8:55.

It took around 25 minutes to drive to the company

So he had to leave by 8:30.

"Oh... it's kind of late." Ruan Ruan climbed out of bed.

Her hair had turned a little messy, loosely falling over her pale arms in curls, giving her a languid and cute feeling.

Ruan Ruan blinked at him and murmured, "Let's get out of bed... and eat breakfast together? We have to eat breakfast..."

After all, breakfast was supposedly very, very important for humans.

Sleeping early and rising early was also for the sake of eating this important meal.

Jiang Yanzhan: "..."

Alright. Breakfast it was.

CEO Jiang's strict time management was completely defeated by Ruan Ruan's soft murmuring.

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