[NW] The Demon King From Another World Likes to Tease His Childhood Friend (The Hero) Because He’s in Love With Him ~The Demon King, Who Has Already Been Defeated, is Being Doted on by His Childhood Friend, the Hero~ Chapter 8 - Encounter

We infiltrated the hospital like this, but...

“There are unexpectedly a lot of ghosts outside. If we ignore it, the energy will accumulate and they might even evolve into demons.”

“Alright, I will handle this! ‘I’ll show you my hero power!’”

Rei declared as his body started glowing. This was because he was using spiritual light. Since he was still not used to using it in this world, he only attacked straight on with his willpower and emotions.

If he became a bit better at handling his power, he would be able to change attributes to something like fire and increase his attack power, but he wasn’t at that level yet. So I want to play around like this and make him practice. He was initially able to use it in the other world after all.

And a lot better than the average human at that. People say it’s natural since he’s a hero… but he was on the level of going head-to-head against me. It was always my victory in the end, though.

Be that as it may, I need my beloved person to grow stronger.

“Rei, let’s change the attribute and attack.”

“B-but, I’m bad at…”

“You won’t get better if you use that excuse. Let’s go.”

“You’re stricter than usual, Kurousagi.”

At Rei’s complaint, I said,

“Actually, I wanted to try a new way of attacking, but I gave up on that for your sake… Should I use it?”

“W-what do you intend on doing!?”

“I feel bad about your clothes, but it can’t be helped, I guess.”


Since Rei shouted at me to stop, I decided to stop. It was regrettable, but…

“L-let’s continue.”

Rei grabbed my hand and went down the path where the ghosts had been defeated. As expected of an abandoned hospital, the usual stuff found in hospitals was scattered everywhere so I couldn’t really find any opportunity. Thinking the expensive items had already been stolen, I decided to go up the stairs this time.

It was a creepy place with faint glowing ghosts flickering here and there.

Rei walked stiffly as if he were afraid, but he still walked in front of me as if to protect me. He should be aware of my power though.

Just as I was thinking that I was liking this place more and more, I heard voices.

They came from the corridor on the second floor. Apparently, they were students the same age as us who had come for a test of courage. Finding it interesting, the two were looking around their surroundings.

I used my Demon King powers to measure their spiritual powers. First, I looked at the cheerful frivolous person.

…His spiritual powers were practically zero.

He was a mob character.

Then… I looked at the calm taciturn person.

…His spiritual powers were higher than the average person.

Was he hiding his strength?

…He would either be a pro at blending in, or his family lineage was just like that. There was something suspicious here. He was looking this way as if observing his prey. He probably meant to be hiding his spiritual powers, but… that wouldn’t work against me. As I was thinking about how to deal with him, Rei shouted. It seemed like he noticed it.


Just as he yelled that, a dark shadow appeared in front of us. I felt an enormous power, and thinking it was an evil spirit, I was about to protect the ordinary person when we were attacked as if to split us up. I dodged flames that were closing in on me.

“This way,”

I shouted, then grabbed the ordinary person with me and fled the scene.

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