[NW] The Demon King From Another World Likes to Tease His Childhood Friend (the hero) Because He’s in Love With Him ~The Demon King, Who Has Already Been Defeated, is Being Doted on by His Childhood Friend, the Hero~ Chapter 9 - Protection

I had brought the ordinary civilian with me and escaped. There was no sign of the previous evil spirit. It seemed like it hadn’t come after us.

As I was taking a breather after having run the whole way, I looked back at the civilian who was smiling at me.

“I was saved. Thank you very much. Uhm…”

“I’m Kurousagi.”

“Then, Kurousagi, thank you so much for saving me. Oh, I’m Yusuru Tomarigi.”

“Yusuru, huh… It seems like a name that would attract ghosts.”

“Huh? So names have that kind of effect?”

“No, but it seems like it tends to attract things like that. That and talent, so if you don’t like it I can seal it. What do you want to do?”

He remained silent. Since it was his choice, I left it to him and instead said,

“Didn’t you think it would be dangerous for a normal person to be in this kind of place?”


“Learn from this experience and don’t come to dangerous places like this in the future… The mid-boss appeared at once.”

Even though I preferred to protect civilians, to think I would be meeting it here again. As expected, this abandoned hospital was unlucky. This 'subjugation quest' wasn’t as it was supposed to be.

I thought as something appeared in front of us. It was an evil spirit looking like a girl. It was weaker than the one I had just encountered, yet fairly strong.

Still, it was weaker than me.


I attacked at once, but… the effect was weaker than expected. It wasn’t defeated in one blow. Since it was slightly weaker than the previous one, the other one might be a burden on Rei.

I thought while attacking it once again.


The evil spirit was finally defeated. However, I wasn’t sure about how it was going in the other direction. Was he having a hard time?

“You’re strong. I feel like I can relax now.”

“Is it fine to not be worrying about your friend?”

“Yuu is strong. He was born in a temple, after all.”

“... I see. No wonder I could feel his power then. But that evil spirit might be a lot for his level.”

“No way!”

“Ugh, seriously… If Rei gets a single scratch, I won’t let you rest in peace.”

Yusuru started at my muttering and turned to look at me. Wondering if I was making such a scary expression, I heard him say,

“U-uhm, are you and Rei lovers…”

“No. We haven’t reached that level yet.”

“I-I see. I’m the same.”

“Is that so? I hope it works out for you.”

“Yes, I hope it works out for you, too.”

“Right. Hmm, Rei are there… It seems like they’re having a hard time.”

I used my power to locate Rei and found him immediately. He was already battling and supporting his companions. Kojiro and the others were joining.

The power of the twins was pretty good, but Kojiro seemed to be the stronger one. Despite that, it seemed like it was a lot of burden. To be exact, this evil spirit was too strong.

Although Rei seemed to be fine for now, it was a tough opponent. I smiled while thinking that Rei was no good without me, after all.

“Shall I receive something delicious as the Demon King? Let’s go,”

I told Yusuru.

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