Have a dropped novel you want to read more chapters of?

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Novel Wars TOC

ISO has launched a new team project named "Novel Wars" to increase awareness for dropped novels. There are so many hidden gems out there that just need to be brought back to the surface of NU.

We want to establish first and foremost that ISO will not be picking up those novels. What we're going to do is, in our Discord server, have readers submit and vote on dropped novels they like, and within two weeks, the NW team in ISO will work on translating and releasing a certain amount of chapters for the selected novels.

This will hopefully help dig up those hidden gems for other translators to find. They may also be picked up by ISO's new translators, as Novel Wars is intended to be the "trainee team" of ISO for inexperienced translators who have no clue what they want to translate and wish to explore without having to commit. Experienced translators are also allowed to join in to try out new genres.


How do I participate in Novel Wars?
1. Join the new ISO Discord (click here for the invite).
2. Follow the instructions in the #check-in channel to access the Novel Wars section.
3. Read the information and rules in the #nw-information channel for the remaining steps.

How do I submit and vote on novels?
Read "How do I participate in Novel Wars?".

Can I still vote if I didn't submit a novel?

Do I have to be in the Discord server/make a Discord account?

What genres are allowed?
Anything from BL and GL to horror to xianxia; we'll take anything as long as it's not smut.

What languages are allowed?
Japanese and Chinese. Korean will not be possible due to the amount of trouble many Korean translation groups have gotten into when the original author found out about their translations.

How often does Novel Wars happen?
There will be a new round every two weeks, approximately.

How many chapters will be translated?
It depends on the novel and the translator, but CN translators must translate a minimum of 12k raw characters (3~8 chapters depending on each chapter length). JP translators must translate a minimum of 8k raw characters (2~4 chapters depending on each chapter length.)

Does this mean the most voted novels will be picked up?
No; the purpose of Novel Wars is to allow ISO translators to explore different genres without having to commit, while also bringing dropped novels back to the surface of Novel Updates for other translators to take notice of.


Who should apply?
A new, inexperienced translator who would like to try their hand at translating without having to commit, or an experienced translator who's tired of their current project(s) and would like to explore other genres without having to commit.

How do I apply?
Through the regular application form. If you're applying as a Chinese translator, choose "No, I don't." when asked "Do you know what you want to translate already?"

What language(s) can I translate as a Novel Wars translator?
Japanese and/or Chinese.

Is there a schedule?
Every two weeks marks one round, and once you sign up for a round, you must translate a minimum of 12k characters (CN) or 8k characters (JP) in two weeks. However, you can choose which round(s) to join or skip.

Do I get to choose what to translate?
No; the readers will submit their favorite dropped novels and vote on which ones they want translated the most.

Can I work in a group?
You may work alone or in a pair.

What if I'm part of another translation group?
No problem; you can still join and leave the Novel Wars group any time you want as long as you finish the round you signed up for.

What if I want to quit the Novel Wars team after joining?
There's no commitment, so you can join and leave whenever you want.

Can I pick up a novel I worked on for Novel Wars if I like it?
Of course–the purpose of Novel Wars is to help spread awareness for dropped novels and hope they get picked up!

Will I be paid?
Yes, but not much; this is just for the sake of fun and experience.

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