[NW] The Villainess Doesn’t Know the Prince’s True nature Chapter 16 - Sleeping Prank

Right now, I was going to the beautiful, enormous castle. This was the second time I was going to the royal palace.

Actually, today was the prince’s birthday.

Since Schwarz requested it, I had diligently prepared a lot of things. I also asked Will to cooperate with me.

As soon as I mentioned the prince’s birthday, he was immediately willing to help. Really, that boy…

My plan was called “Birthday Surprise Mission”. It was obviously just as it sounded.

Since Schwarz went out of his way to request this, I wanted to do something special. Something different from usual.

Thinking of that, I got the idea of traveling to the royal palace incognito.

Normally, even high-ranking nobles needed permission from royalty to enter the royal palace. However, being a fiancée was different. Being engaged to royalty meant permission to go in and out of the palace. Although I had to go through a tedious procedure, it was easier to enter than for normal people.

Making use of this, I decided to hold a small birthday party in the prince’s room.

On the way to his room, a thought that I was inconveniencing the prince by doing this formed in my mind. However, having come this far, I couldn’t stop now. What would I tell Will if I came home so shamelessly…

Remembering Will’s cold eyes, I shivered. Although he was my younger brother, he was a terrifying child.

While keeping an eye out for the crown prince, I followed the guide.

“Here it is.”

We came to a halt in front of a gigantic door.

I unconsciously voiced my admiration.

Although I was proud of the size of my room, being royalty was obviously something completely different.

“Thank you.”

“Of course. It was my pleasure.”

The guide bowed with a neutral expression on their face before leaving somewhere. It was obvious they wanted to get as far away from this room as possible…

“This door is like a wall separating the prince from the rest of the surroundings…”

I muttered the poetic-like words before straightening my back and tidying up my appearance.

The prince seemed to be treated worse in the palace than I had thought. Or was it just the guide’s prejudice? However, there were no signs of any human presence near his room. Even the long extravagant corridor didn’t have any servants cleaning it.

To show blatant hate to the second prince like this, even as a joke, must be because of the crown prince after all. I didn’t really understand the hierarchy in the palace.

Well, it had nothing to do with me as his fiancée, anyway.

Taking a breath, I put on a bright smile and knocked on the enormous door with all my strength. Knocking on the door with all of its ornaments hurt a little.

Reduce the number of jewels.

After waiting a while, there was still no response.

Puzzled, I knocked once more… but there was still no answer. No way, did he go to my home instead? Did we end up passing each other?

I groaned at the fact that the likelihood of it happening was high. Even though I visited the royal palace as early as possible, to think we’d miss each other….

I dropped my shoulders in disappointment, but it was too vexing to give up now and return home.

Let’s pull a prank in his room before going.

Even though I had prepared a cake and board game for two, it was a waste of time…

Although it shouldn’t be possible to enter his the prince’s room, I tried to pull the door handle.

“… Huh!? It’s unlocked…”

The door was unexpectedly easy to open. No, no, I shouldn’t be able to just go into the prince’s room.

Stealthily entering the room, I looked around the room and saw stacks of documents and a fluffy red carpet. Although the room was tidy, the bed under the canopy was crumpled.

I quickly averted my eyes from the bed.

Since I had always thought the prince’s room would be with no signs of being lived in, I felt guilty as if I had seen something I shouldn’t have.

“F-first off…”

When I put the basket I had been holding in one hand on the clean desk, the bed appeared in the corner of my eye.

I carefully gazed at the bed once more.

“What weird… oh.”

Looking closer, something golden was shining beneath the covers. The golden color was the prince’s hair.

Wait, was the prince sleeping right now?

I became flustered.

By no means would I have ever imagined he would be asleep during this time. Was he actually a heavy sleeper?

Wanting to peek, I cautiously approached the bed where he slept.


Seeing the prince’s countenance, I crouched and hid my face in embarrassment.

No good. This was no good. He can’t show me this.

How old was he? Since he was one year older than me… 11 years old. Huh, how cute. Something was definitely strange. This wasn’t the sex appeal of an 11-year-old.

The angelic prince sleeping on the bed was already… dangerously beautiful to the point of it being a crime.

I couldn’t help but drool because of his beautiful sleeping face. As if made on purpose, his sparkling blond hair was laying scattered over the pillow. His abdomen peeking out of his sleep-wear as he hugged his blanket didn’t look like royalty at all.

He seemed to be tossing and turning in his sleep.

I became horrified.

The prince… was… cute?

Although it was his birthday, it felt like I was receiving a gift. The prince who used to look down at me and wear a mature smile on his face was nowhere to be seen. He was a prince who was cutely sleeping in bed, appropriate for his age.

But please stop making me feel this confused.

Since my heart seemed to become confused this time, I took a deep breath. To start with, if I don’t wake the prince…

As his fiancée, this much should be tolerated.

I touched his shoulder.

“Ypur Highness. Your Highness. Please wake up.”

Even though I was shaking him back and forth, he wasn’t waking up. This guy was really hard to wake up.

“Your Highness!”

At last, the prince groaned as he stirred. I instinctively withdrew my hand. It felt like I was doing something bad all of a sudden…

Feeling like I was about to cry, I resumed shaking him.

Wake up! Please wake up! If you keep being this defenseless, I’ll assassinate you!

Why wasn’t he waking up?

I tilted my head as I pondered. Who was usually waking him p? Schwarz… right? I couldn’t think of anyone else.

“I wish for you to celebrate His Highness Dylan’s birthday together with him.”

“Oh, it was like that.”

I was surprised as I solved the mystery. I see.

“Your Highness Dylan. Please wake u–”

As I was about to shake his shoulder again, someone grasped and pulled my hand.

… There was no one but the prince, though.

“So you were awake…”

Staring at the prince, I smiled strangely.

“I’m not awake. I’m still dreaming.”

His eyes were drowsy. This was insane. Thinking he was half-asleep, I pushed his chest, but he wouldn’t budge.

Even though he should feel that it was real, why didn’t he notice!? He really was hard to wake up!

When I glanced at him, wanting to get away, he showed a sadistic smile.

“You can’t Why are you fleeing? Since it’s my dream, I’ll make you love me.”

His words! The combination of his words and smile!

As I was imagining strange things, his hand started moving suspiciously.

“Wh-, Wa-, Please wait!”

“I won’t wait. I can do anything I want in my dream, right? It’s my first time lucid dreaming.”

“This isn’t a dream! It’s reality!”

“Then why is Bell in the palace… and in my room at that?”

“Isn’t it strange?” his smile seemed to say as his hand started stroking my waist. He buried his face in my neck and whispered something.

Was it because he had just woken up? The scent of his shampoo made me dizzy.

“Please stop it!”

“Won’t you listen to me even in my dreams?”

While snickering, he pinned me down on the bed. He towered above me with blank eyes.

“Do you know how old we are!?”

“11 this year.”

Would an 11-year-old boy do something like this!?

Was he horny? Seriously, boys…

“It’s bad to do these things at this age.”

“...So you really won’t act like I want you to even in my dream.”

Meeting the prince’s downcast eyes, I got goosebumps. His gaze was earnest.

He suddenly bit down on my neck. I reflexively flinched. I felt his hand stroke my leg as he giggled happily.

This was bad! Anything more than this was seriously bad!

Although I was thinking of letting him do whatever he wanted since it was his birthday, doing this at our age went against my principles.

Forgive me, Your Highness!

Making a half-hearted apology in my mind, I opened my eyes widely.

Since the prince was looking down, he didn’t notice.



An unbelievable sound resounded inside the prince’s room.

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