[NW] Queen Victoria Winner Ostwen is the Proudest in the World Chapter 9 - The World’s Proudest Queen Consort Won’t Be Charmed by Love Snares (I)

The royal wedding of the King and Queen had ended, the parade had ended, and the party to show off to the public and relatives had ended. The royal palace had finally regained some calm.

It was an ordinary afternoon. Two girls wearing dresses stood in the courtyard in the royal palace. One of them was our sparkling Queen, Victoria Winner Ostwen. The other person was… a calculating, but pretty baron’s daughter, who tried to steal the former King for money, Maria Kataria.

“So you came to my castle.”

“That’s something the Demon King would say to the Hero, Elder sister!”

As always, she was so cool.

Having come to visit Victoria, Maria was too mesmerized by her usual Empress aura but remembered the business she had come here for.

Right. She had come today to give her advice. She had to teach her Elder sister so she wouldn’t fall prey to that man’s poison fangs.

A butterfly fluttered its wings as it flew to the sky.

A maid came to replace the tea with new and bring in more sweets. She did that even to Maria.

(I can’t find a good timing to say it… since it’s confidential, it’s troubling that the maid is here…)

While staring, drank her tea.

The maid asked kindly, “Would you like another piece of cake?”. How nice of her. She liked her. It was so comfortable here. She wanted to live here.

It was unexpected that the royal palace was this cozy.

The image of her being a low-class, ignorant woman who tried to steal the prince… seemed to have somehow been forgotten. Since the fuss of the annulment ended with the Queen persuading King Frederick in front of the crowd, it was now dismissed as ‘oh yeah, that lovers’ quarrel’.

This country was too sloppy. Enough for it to become ruined. Because the kings had had some weird kind of luck, the country had yet to fall.

“Well then…”

Victoria suddenly said and started to wave her hand. The maids bowed their heads and started cleaning up.

“What business did you have today? It’s hard to speak in front of the maids, right? To have the Baron’s daughter come all this way to speak to me makes me curious.”

There were still people who could hear them. After the maids had gone a bit further…

Thinking that, she grinned. She would prolong it with some small talk, then get to the heart of the matter.

“The Queen is my Elder sister, so I want to see you from time to time.”

“That makes it sound like you were never after the same man as me. How strong of you to say.”

To have the beyond strong supreme ruler Queen say that to her, gave her mixed feelings.

“To be after the same man… What I was looking at was the estate and money after all. I still adore His Majesty, of course, but that is not love… It’s not love today and it was not love in the past.”

Rather than love, Maria thought it was more the affection of a cute horse you wanted to pat and say “good boy” to. King Frederick was the kind of man who roused protective feelings in her. She liked him but wasn’t in love with him. She also wanted his money. So at that point in time, she probably wouldn’t have been able to win.

“Your majesty loves the King from the bottom of your heart. We were on different levels from the start.”

“That may be so. I love Frederick deeply. Day and night, I love him greatly.”

Sensing that they would start gossiping, the maids withdrew. They knew how to read the mood.

Everyone from their surroundings disappeared.

After showing a sweetly smiling expression, Maria took a deep breath. She could finally say it now.

The previously calm mood chilled slightly.

“On to the main question. Queen Victoria… the reason for coming today is to give you advice. I am fortunate to reached your side before that man.”

“That man?”

“Yes. That man… Today, a new man was assigned as your guard. That is plot of the Kataria Barony.”

“I see, and so?”

Victoria raised her chin arrogantly and asked. Maria said with an earnest expression on her face,

“You can not let down your guard around that man, you can not get close to him, and you can not meet his eyes. That man… my cousin… possesses a charm and the protection of fairies. Don’t let him touch by any means.”

The baron’s daughter breathed in and out, then spat out vigorously,

“I am telling you this since we are relatives… Since he leeches off others like a scum, don’t ever support him, Elder sister!!!”

She threw a blazing fastball.

A handsome man was walking in a hallway of the royal palace. It was a man with black hair and glittering green eyes. His body was well-proportioned and strong while his face was beautiful in a tough way.

He wore an elegant robe with intricate patterns unique to court magicians. New or not, it was still immaculate.

He glanced at the mirrors stretching out along the corridor. He glanced through the corner of his eye, winking. Naturally, the man in front of the mirrors did the same.

He noticed red lipstick on his neck. No good, he had forgotten the maid he had brought in the darkness had kissed him and said “come to my room tonight…”

“Alright, I’m handsome today! Cool! Must be the most handsome in the whole world, right?”

He was an extreme narcissist.

He was the kind of person who would say, “Oh no, I found a handsome man” after seeing himself reflected in the water.

“I was right to come back after having traveled abroad lately. It’s lucky that I got a magician’s license and was recruited to be a magician under the Queen. Being a government worker is the best!”

He was chatty. A knight standing in the hallway cast a suspicious glance but disregarded him after seeing the royal magician’s robe.

“Working as a magician under the queen… If I trick her and become her lover… I should be able to play for the rest of my life!”

His green eyes glowed mysteriously. The demonic eyes that could deceive men and women alike to look like a fairy’s protection.

“As long as I have this, it’ll be easy to trick a 19 years old girl! The current King is kind and harmless to both animals and humans, a bit on the stupid side. Girls like bad guys anyway! Then my life will be bright!”

His words were too happy-go-lucky. A shallow idea that was unsuitable for a licensed magician. That was to be expected since he was a genius who had passed the exams without having to study any techniques. If the demonic fairy eyes were real, the power was too. Geniuses were people who walked on a thin line.

“Just wait for me, Queen! Your handsome man is coming for you!”

Since he had gone abroad, he had no idea what the Queen of this country was like.

He really knew nothing. Ignorance was a scary thing.

“Somehow, I feel like I heard something rude…”

Being on official duty, Frederick muttered as chills went down his spine.

Victoria, who had come to help him after taking Maria to the guest room, raised her eyebrows. Even though she would ‘help’ him, she was sitting in her private leather chair, her legs crossed, while discussing official matters with the King.

Just by crossing her legs, her aura grew dignified and eminent. Despite just sitting down today, she was still the supreme rule. Self important.

However, that proud Victoria was slightly frowning right now.

“What a coincidence, I also sensed the presence of a rude fellow who was thinking impolite things. If speaking shortly about it.”

“Yes, yes. Suddenly feeling disturbed is no good… I wonder what it is. Is it foreboding… this uncomfortable feeling?”

“Don’t concern yourself with it. Well, what doesn’t come doesn’t, and what comes, comes.”

The Queen looked up at the twilight sky. Frederick fell silent for a moment at her words, sounding like it was a premonition for something. She seemed to be hiding something. Something he didn’t know yet. He wanted to know what it was she perceived that he hadn’t.

He wanted to help her. He wanted to be strong. But she was always so cool and acting by herself. The Empress, the Supreme Ruler, like a fortress or a tank, she pulled in her surroundings and leveled the ground. Because of her destructive power, there was nothing for Frederick to do.

However, he thought he should at least ask.

“...Do you have something that troubles you? Well, you might not want to talk about it, but if you want, I will support you. I’m the King after all.”

“Uh huh.”

“Oh, okay. You don’t want to talk about it. Then…”

“It seems like a man is coming to seduce me.”

Was that something you just say like that?

Hearing the circumstances, King Frederick remained silent. He couldn’t envision Victoria being tricked. She was the Supreme Ruler. The Empress.

But, what if? What if she was enchanted to fall in love with him? That would be… bad.

“I get it, I will protect you, Victoria,”

Frederick said bravely. In his mind, he was the hero protecting the heroine.

The Queen looked at him like she was seeing a bristling rabbit.

She had no experience being protected by anyone, so she was at a loss of what to say. He had really said he would protect her, the Supreme Ruler by birth.

After thinking for a while, she smiled beautifully.

“Good, you have a heartfelt attitude.”

She wasn’t the heroine, and her answer was typically that of an empress.

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