[NW] I Became a Fanboy of the Villain Chapter 73 - Their Story (2)

73. Their Story

When the system woke up, it felt that the world is different. It no longer stays in that small corner that was ignored by others. A place where it can only feel weak light every day, listen to the chirping chatter of other weapon spirits, and placing its hope on the next person coming through the door.

 In Biehe Residence, it has its own cave dwelling for cultivation, and people who come and go are especially respectful to it. It can freely absorb the spiritual energy from the spiritual stone. It became the Demon Lord's natal weapon spirit.

The bond that belong solely to a weapon spirit and its master had already been formed. The system still felt it was unbelievable, “I am not an artifact,”

Shen Zhihan didn't care at all, "As a Lord, I had never rely on some artifact."

"Now that I have formed the bond with you, I will not regret it." Shen Zhihan's hair strands was blew by the gentle breeze. His voice was very soft, but his tone was earnest, "Anything that other spirit weapon possess, I will give all of it to you. From now on……"

"Do not belittle yourself."

The system was silent for a long while, clenching its hands tightly,

"As you command, Master."

Every day after that, the system worked even harder and cultivated seriously. Bai Zhi would come to see it from time to time. Whenever this happened, the system was particularly happy. First, it was because Bai Zhi brought the system back and gave it such a good environment, along with a level of respect that it had never dared to imagine. The system regarded this little beast as its bestest friend in its heart. Secondly, it was because whenever Bai Zhi came, Shen Zhihan was especially happy.

Normally, the system could not detect the emotions of this Demon Lord featured in the rumours. He always quietly stayed alone. Regardless of what happened, he always looked indifferent. He was never sad, but he had never been happy either.

For an unknown reason, the system always felt that the Demon Lord feared by people seemed to be extremely lonely.

Although the Qiwu Pavilion is closed all year round, the information flow was not completely blocked. The system has, more or less, heard about this new Demon Lord from the discussions of other weapon spirits.

Shen Zhihan, the eldest son of the former Demon Lord, was particularly low-key compared to his other brothers who were either domineering or hid knives in their smiles. This was until he, with lightning speed, sent his three younger brothers to the bitter cold of the far north and ascended to the Demon Lord throne in one fell swoop. Only then did people vaguely remembered the forgotten eldest son of the Demon Lord.

"The new Demon Lord can really pretend to be a pig to eat the tiger. The fact that he has been inactive for so many years was definitely just to confuse his brothers!"

"That's right, that's right, he must be of a ruthless character!"

 At that time, the system didn't pay attention when it heard the chatter of the weapon spirits, but now it gradually remembered more.

Shen Zhihan is vicious and merciless, he can even act against his own blood relatives without any hesitation.

Shen Zhihan is very shrewd and scheming, even the people who spend all their time with him didn’t discover his hidden wild ambition.

In short, the system has never heard anything good about this Demon Lord, but it doesn't mind. The system had always known clearly that if it were not for Bai Zhi and Shen Zhihan, it would have died all alone in the forest of that mountain a long time ago, and it would not be discovered by anyone.

The system thinks very simply. Whoever treats me well, I will increase my efforts to treat him well. As for whether it's a monster or a demon, it did not care.

In the days that followed, the system continued to work harder and harder to cultivate. Shen Zhihan would input True Energy from time to time to help it cultivate. The little beast still often jumped around in Biehe Residence. When he was tired, he would lie down in the flower buds to sleep. Afterwards, the Demon Lord Daren would slowly walk over to pick him up and cover him with a blanket.

It was such a wonderful period of time. Even then, everything changed on the day Bai Zhi underwent tribulation to transform his appearance.

The system has never seen such a massive thunderstorm before, as if the tribulation has no intention of letting the person undergoing tribulation survive at all.

The white beast that returned to its original form was lying within the center of the Heavenly Tribulation, breathing feeblely as it neared the point of death. The system was so frightened that its heart was about to jump out of its throat. When it was spinning around anxiously, Shen Zhihan suddenly tore open the array formation with force and rushed straight in. He forcibly caught the clap of thunder that was supposed to fall on Bai Zhi.

The sound of impact exploded besides its ear, and the system was shaken until it rolled for about dozens of chi. It looked blankly at the two people in the middle of the array formation. The Heavenly Thunder was still booming. Not only did it not reduce its offense, there were signs that it begun to grow in intensity. The system took a long time to get up from the ground, and the despair in his heart was about to overflow.

They will die.

The system picked up its steps and staggered towards the array formation.


They will be strike to death by the Heavenly Thunder.


The system couldn’t say anything, its steps became faster and faster, “It’s all my fault. If it wasn’t because he choose a rubbish like me to be a natal weapon spirit, they could have definitely resist,”


“It’s all my fault…”

“It’s all my fault!”

The system changed into its orginal body and rushed towards the array formation. At this moment, a dazzling thunder suddenly struck. It blinked, it thought that it could finally help them before it died, but at the last second it was repelled by the thunder.

Shen Zhihan's hairband slipped off, and beads of sweat ran down the side of his face. Blood slowly oozed from the corners of his mouth, his fingers trembled slightly and his eyes were fixed on the tribulation lightning. The system heard his voice coming from the bond.

"Your cultivation is still shallow, don't bear this calamity."

The system's voice carried a sobbing tone, "But, but if you guys die -"


“I won’t die” Shen Zhihan voice was weak, but his tone was determined, “He also won’t,”


He stood firmly and looked up at the sky.

"Even if it’s the Heavenly Law, it’s impossible to take away the people I cherish."

The tribulation lightning grew in response.

A faint light glowed on the system’s body, and all the rust stains seemed to gradually disappear.

Ninety-nine bolts of Heavenly Lightning fell one by one, and the tribulation was over. The array formation completely collapsed in that moment. Shen Zhihan was ragged as he half-knelt on the ground, blocking the front of the completely unconscious Bai Zhi. He spat out a mouthful of black blood.

"We succeed." He smiled slightly. The system quickly went to support him, but it suddenly felt the ground shaking.

Shen Zhihan's expression turned grim instantly.

"What, what's wrong?" The system's tone was shaky.

“Biehe Residence was attacked,” Shen Zhihan looked forward, an emotion that the system couldn’t decipher lied within his eyes.




“I’m here!” The system immediately voiced out.


“I want to request you to help me with something,” Shen Zhihan said. 

“What thing? I will definitely do it!”


“Bring Bai Zhi, and leave here,”

The system’s heart shook, “What do you mean? How, how about you?”


“They came for me,” Shen Zhihan stood up, “I can not leave.”


“Impossible!” The system immediately refused, “ Let’s go together, more people  means we can take care of each other better, we, we—”

“No,” Shen Zhihan chuckled, “In all likehood, my three brothers has been preparing for this for a very long time,”

Shen Zhihan leaned over slightly, picking up the hair tie that fell on the ground. He slowly tied up his hair and patted his clothes. He wiped away the blood stains on his lips, and looked back at Bai Zhi who had fainted with extremely gentle eyes.

 “Bring him away, and take care of him properly,” He opened his mouth, “Let him, forget me,”

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