[NW] I Became a Fanboy of the Villain Chapter 72 - Their Story

72. Their Story

"The Kunlun Eye is one of the top ten artifacts of the ancient times. It comes from the hometown of immortals, which is the Kunlun Heavenly Palace that lies within the Kunlun Mountains. It possess the formidable power to freely travel through time and space, and to modify history."

The chubby system looked pleased with itself as it spoke. Its head that was full of rust marks was making a squeaking sound. However, before it could finish speaking, its surroundings broke out in laughter.

"Do artifacts also rust?" The weapon spirits sneered at the system's words, "I really don't know how you became a weapon spirit. In my opinion, even the craftsmen in the human world would not make scrap metal like you. .”

"What do all of you know!" The system got angry, "What's wrong with not being good-looking! Isn't the Xuanyuan Sword also plain-looking? To judge people by their appearance, you-all are so vulgar! Superficial!"

T/N: Xuanyuan sword (轩辕剑). Xuanyuan is the name of the Huangdi or Yellow Emperor, who was a legendary ruler of China and ancestor of the Chinese People.

The weapon spirit which got refuted was dissatisfied, "Can the Xuanyuan Sword even be used to compare with you? Other people can split heaven and earth apart, what else can you do besides being rusty and making big talk!" It then switched its tone, "Travelling through time and space, if you have the capability, why don’t you do it and let us take a look? "

"I, I have not thoroughly understand the ability to travel through time and space." The system's voice became a little quieter, "But I am not a scrap metal! I came from Kunlun Heavenly Palace——"

"Shh–" Located at the topmost position, the Ice Soul Sword Spirit made a sound and stopped the discussion. Its tone was cold, "Someone came in."

Instantly, all of the weapon spirits looked at the door.

Qiwu Pavilion is located at the summit of Penglai. Due to its unique geographical environment, countless artifacts were born here, making it the sacred land in the hearts of immortal cultivators.

The Qiwu Pavilion opens once every ten years. Those who pass the test can enter the pavilion to choose their own exclusive artifacts. People who can enter the pavilion are mostly composed of those favoured by the heavens.

If an artifact is selected, not only it can leave this small garret and appreciate the great wide world, it can also accompany its master to assist each other and cultivate mutually, in the end achieving greater heights. Almost all of the weapon spirits are looking forward to meeting a congenial master, and the system is no exception.

The Qiwu Pavilion’s door slowly opened. A young man, who wore white and possessed the demeanour of a transcendent being, walked in. The artifact spirits all looked at him expectantly. The young man's gaze passed by many objects in the pavilion. Finally, he looked at the Ice Soul Sword which was radiating cold air from its whole body. The Ice Soul Sword spirit faintly gave the young man a look over. Soon afterwards, it nodded its head and acknowledged him. 

The joy in the young man's eyes could not be hidden. The system watched him shout and jump for joy as he passed by itself to take the Ice Soul Sword. It blinked.

When will there be someone who will also pick me up so happily?

The system thought silently.

The days slipped by imperceptibly and time flies. Qiwu Pavilion was opened again and again, even the weapon spirits was changed several batches. Those who originally laughed at the system were gradually taken away. Only the system remained here, decade after decade.

It waited and waited, waited for innumerable years that couldn’t be measured clearly until one day. On that day, the child servant who was repairing the garret accidentally bumped into the cabinet, and the system fell to the ground with a clang. The child servant hurriedly picked it up and checked it for a while. The child servant repeatedly looked over the object covered with rust marks while feeling a little baffled.

"How did worn-out junk from the mortal world got mixed up here..." He carried the system and walked outside, lightly tossing it. 

"Okay, let's continue tidying things."

The system fell for a very long time before landing with a bang. It expended a great deal of effort to roll a few circles. It felt even more powerless than it did before.

Oh no, it seems like a part of it have been broken into pieces. The system perceived this reality and felt extremely sad.

At this rate, people don’t want me even more.

It laid on the ground for a long time with its big belly, thinking of its life of being distained and excluded. The more it thought about, the more it wanted to cry. The system also wanted to be a powerful weapon spirit and follow its master to roam around, but for some unknown reason, it had an appearance full of rust marks since it was born. They couldn't be wiped off no matter how it wiped them.

Even now, it hadn't developed any abilities yet. Although it did not like being laughed at, it has to admit that what that group of weapon spirits said was right, it is indeed useless.

The sky was covered with dark clouds, and there was a sound of thunder rumbling. The system laid on the floor, thinking that it might end here. Suddenly, it heard rustling noises. It turned its head with difficulty and saw a small snow-white beast.

Bai Zhi, who had yet learned how to transform, tilted his head and stared at the system that had cracks all over it due to being thrown. He suddenly let out a few clamoring sounds as if he had found some kind of treasure. He pounced forward and held the system in his mouth. His four short legs stride at lightning speed, jolting the system until it was dizzy and light-headed. The moment it was thinking of struggling, it was carefully put down.

The little white beast that was holding it in his mouth seemed to be exhausted, panting heavily. Just as the system was thinking whether it was too heavy, it was picked up again and continued being carried rapidly.

The system experienced such a bumpy journey for an entire seven days. The system has almost fully adapted to this kind of life, then it felt the movements of the little beast holding it in its mouth seem to be much slower.

It felt strange, so it directly observed its surroundings. Bluestone slabs were laid out randomly on the road. At every few chi, there was an oleander lamp that gives off a faint light. On the road side, there are fluorescent butterflies fluttering in the air. Ahead was a huge apricot tree, its pink apricot petals fell to the floor.

  It’s so beautiful. The system thought.

Holding the system in his mouth, Bai Zhi crossed the tree and arrived in front of a main house. A man was standing at the door waiting for him.

The man was wearing a green changshan, with a white jade guan on his head. He had a handsome appearance and a red mole between his eyebrows. The system vaguely felt that he did not seem to be an easy person to get along with. It was in the middle of worrying when it saw the man squat down and held his hand out towards Bai Zhi.

T/N: changshan is Chinese robes worn by guys back then. Literally translates to long shirt.

"Little demon, you're here." The young man's voice was gentle with a smile on his face, "I've been waiting for you for a long time."

Bai Zhi jumped over and put the system in his mouqth into the outstretched hand. Afterwards he raised his head and wagged his short tail back and forth. He looked at the young man with wide eyes, waiting for praise to come.

Shen Zhihan was slightly surprised when he picked up the damaged object. He looked at it carefully for a long time and his smile deepened. He rubbed Bai Zhi's head and asked softly, "Is this for me?"

Bai Zhi nodded his head until it resembles a rattle.

"So, the fact that you left for so long was just so you can give me this surprise?" After Shen Zhihan received a positive reply, he was silent for a moment. He said in an extremely serious tone, "I like it very much. This is the best birthday gift I have ever received."

It was the first time that the system felt the taste of being liked by someone. It was so shocked that it couldn't make a sound. It took a long time for it to finally react. It lifted its head to look at Shen Zhihan who was holding it in the palm of his hand, and then at Bai Zhi who was looking at it with sparkling eyes. It was moved emotionally, and tried to move its arms to tell them that it was not broken. However, it accidentally teared cracks in itself. With a sound of ripping, it became more broken.

It’s over. The system's heart felt cold, and it was so panicked that it was about to cry. After so many years, it was hard to find someone who doesn’t hate it, but it messed up again. After mentally preparing to be thrown out, the system closed its eyes. However, it suddenly felt a warm breath, which was so comfortable that it made people want to fall asleep.

Shen Zhihan made finger gestures with his left hand as he chanted incantations. A bright light gradually covered the system. He comforted the anxious little beast, "It's okay. This weapon spirit is just too tired from the long journey. It’ll be better after taking a nap."

"What you brought back is a very powerful weapon spirit. It will be fine." Shen Zhihan handed the sleeping system to Bai Zhi, "You see, it is already recovering."

Within the bright light, the cracks disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye. When Bai Zhi saw this, he yipped happily. Shen Zhihan looked at him, "Thank you, little beast."

He reached his hand towards Bai Zhi and picked him up. He looked into his eyes and said, "From now on, this will be my natal weapon spirit."

The author has something to say: The last world kicks off~

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