[NW] I Became a Fanboy of the Villain Chapter 74 - Demon Lord (1)

Bai Zhi left the mermaid world and returned to the familiar system space.

He rubbed his eyes and said with a small voice, “Uncle, I’m back,”

The system gave him a huge spiritual fruit,” Nephew, do you want to rest for a while or immediately go to the next world?” 


“Go to the next world,” Bai Zhi immediately replied as he took a huge bite out of the spiritual food, “I want to see him earlier!”

“No problem! The system responded, “Starting transportation!”

  “3,2, 1——”

Bai Zhi only felt a flash of light before the surrounding environment changed. It was thundering, with harsh wind and rain. He squatted in the dark cave with no a trace of light. The cold wind kept blowing in, making Bai Zhi shiver. He looked around to acquaint himself with the environment, but he suddenly felt that his perspective was a little off.

Why does this cave look so big? Bai Zhi had a bad premonition in his heart. He lowered his head to glance at himself. He was silent for a moment.

"Uncle, what's going on with this body?"

The system didn’t think there was a problem at all, “Huh? What’s wrong?”

Bai Zhi was in disbelief, “How can this body be the exact same as mine!”

“Oops, I forgot to tell you” The system hurried to explain, “Your body in this world is also a monster,”

“What about the plot?”

“There’s no plot,” The system crossed its legs, “You can play however you want,”

"So good!" Bai Zhi find it a little hard to believe, "Then, what about him?"

The system knew who Bai Zhi was talking about as soon as it heard it. It patted Bai Zhi's head and said, "Look, isn’t he coming now?"

As soon as it finished speaking, there was a rustling sound from the door of the cave. Bai Zhi looked around and saw a man with a jade hair crown gently pushing aside the vines. He smiled at Bai Zhi who was huddled in the corner and stretched out his hand. 

“Come, I’ll bring you away,”

The familiar aura was right in front of him. Bai Zhi's eyes lit up and he rushed over to him with a swoosh.

"Ao ao, you're here, I miss you so much!"

T/N: Ao ao is like the voice that an animal makes, but kinda cute.

Shen Zhihan only felt that this little beast was particularly friendly. He’s a bit surprised and couldn’t help but rub Bai Zhi’s ears. “What do you want to say?”

Bai Zhi was yapping for a long time but didn’t receive any responds. He couldn't bear it anymore, "Uncle, why can't he understand what I'm saying?"

“Obviously,” The system said, “He’s a demon while you are a monster. Of course he won’t understand,”


The system nodded its head as it said word by word, “ Demon Lord, Shen Zhihan,”

Bai Zhi became dejected, "Even the Demon Lord can’t understand... Then, then what should I do?"

The system gave him some advice, "Cultivate properly, and when you can transform, you will naturally be able to talk to him."

"Okay then." Bai Zhi stay stilled for a while.

Shen Zhihan held an umbrella in one hand and hugged the little beast in his arms tightly with the other. He walked slowly and languidly. Heavy rain fell from the sky and the ground was muddy, but he was completely unaffected and did not get stained by any trace of mud or rain.

Bai Zhi nestled in his arms and stretched lazily. Shen Zhihan walked very steadily, without any jostling at all. He stealthily rubbed against Shen Zhihan's chest, feeling that it was pleasantly sweet in his heart.

It's great that he met his sweetheart as soon as he came here. Bai Zhi thought in his heart, he must work hard to cultivate and strive to communicate normally with this Demon Lord as soon as possible!

Shen Zhihan felt the little thing in his arms moving around and rubbing against him incessantly. A smile appeared on his lips unconsciously. He lowered his head and ask softly:

“You really like me?”

 Bai Zhi raised his head instantly. Thinking that his inner heart voice had been discovered, he was stunned for a moment. Then he immediately nodded like a chicken pecking at rice.

“Yup yup yup! I like you the most!”

When Shen Zhihan looked at him who’s nodding while yipping, he couldn't help laughing.

“Okay, I understand,”

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