Thousands of Heartbeats

Thousands of Heartbeats

Translated by: krish728

After marrying Chen Lunan, Yan Qiuzhi, who had just entered the circle and planned to take the sexy route but was told that he prefers a gentle home style. In order to preserve Mrs. Chen’s identity, she began to pretend to be dignified and virtuous.

She even declared that she would not take any intimate scenes and dropped directly from the 18th line to the 38th line.

Six months later, Chen Lunan went abroad to study.

Soon after he left, Yan Qiuzhi became famous for a set of sexy photos and spent half a year on the front line. Since then, various sexy roles have been invited continuously.

One day, Chen Lunan, who had gone abroad to study, returned to China in a low-key manner, but the airport was crowded. What appeared in front of him was a picture of a wife that was not in his memory.

Chen Lunan squinted his eyes and snorted softly, “Little fox.”

Later, Yan Qiuzhi, who had been free for a year, had to coax a man who had been deceived by her for a long time.

Chen Lunan bowed his head and kissed her wet pupils, with a dull voice: “Have fun?”


Latest Release: Chapter 23.2

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