Thousands of Heartbeats

Chapter 23.2

Chen Lunan remained silent and glanced at the person playing outside; lively, young, beautiful, and sexy, just as everyone described her to be.

He narrowed his eyes slightly and then withdrew his gaze.

"Teacher Xu, you should consider changing careers," he said.

Xu Song chuckled lightly, "Perhaps I should."

After playing for a while, the kitchen emitted waves of fragrance.

Yan Qiuzhi rubbed her hungry stomach and discussed taking a break with Mu Xin.

Putting down their badminton rackets, the two went to the kitchen to help serve the dishes.

Plate after plate, each dish looked and smelled delicious, arousing everyone's appetite.

Yan Qiuzhi was ecstatic.

Previously, just watching variety shows on TV made her hungry, let alone now.

Everyone sat down and thanked Xu Song for the meal. They all gathered around, eating and chatting, creating a lively atmosphere.

The guests were seated in the middle, with Chen Lunan in the center, Yan Qiuzhi on one side, and Shao Yue and Mu Xin on the other.

Apart from those few messages, Yan Qiuzhi and Chen Lunan had hardly any other communication.

It was only when they sat down now that they truly had any contact.

The two sat very close to each other, able to touch each other with just a raise of their hands.

Yan Qiuzhi lowered her head to eat, occasionally cueing Chen Lunan to speak. His voice was low, husky, and sexy.

Sitting beside him and listening for a while, Yan Qiuzhi couldn't help but sigh inwardly — besides his odd personality, everything else about Chen Lunan was perfect.

If he didn't annoy her, with that voice, face, and physique... Yan Qiuzhi would be willing to always indulge him.

She was engrossed in her thoughts when suddenly she heard someone call out to her.


"Huh?" Yan Qiuzhi looked up, facing Xu Song, "Teacher Xu, what's up?"

Xu Song smiled gently as he looked at her, "Are the dishes to your liking?"

Yan Qiuzhi nodded vigorously, "They're delicious."

Feeling a bit embarrassed, she added, "I used to watch your show at home, and every time, I'd drool over the dishes you made, Teacher Xu."

Everyone chuckled knowingly.

Xu Kaishi asked, "Do you order takeout?"

"Occasionally, but not often," Yan Qiuzhi replied, "Eating too much will make me gain weight; it doesn't look good on camera."

"How could that be?" Shao Yue said, "Qiuzhi, you are too thin. You should eat more."

Mu Xin quickly put down what she was holding, "Sister Qiuzhi has a perfect figure, everything she should have."

She continued with a hint of grievance, "Unlike me."

Everyone burst into laughter.

Yan Qiuzhi's face instantly turned red. She opened her mouth, unsure of what to say.

Thinking quickly, she tapped on Chen Lunan's leg, sending a pleading look for help.

Chen Lunan pretended not to notice, just focused on eating.

Yan Qiuzhi felt like crying without tears, but fortunately, Tong Shuning saved her.

"Everyone has their own strengths. Qiuzhi and Xinxin have different paths," Tong Shuning looked at Yan Qiuzhi and said, "What kind of drama are you shooting lately?"

Yan Qiuzhi shook her head, "I just finished shooting for a drama not long ago."

Tong Shuning nodded, looking at her for a moment before saying, "I'm particularly interested in you."


Xu Song explained what his wife meant, "She's currently preparing for a personal documentary. Qiuzhi, if you are interested, you can chat with her."

Yan Qiuzhi stared blankly before nodding, "Sure, yes. Thank you to you both."

After dinner, everyone gathered to play games.

The games on the show were always interesting. Since Yan Qiuzhi had watched many times, she could guess most of the games right away.

She didn't feel very involved, mostly sitting quietly on the side. Only when prompted did she speak up.

By midnight, Xu Song and Tong Shuning couldn't hold on anymore and went to bed first.

Yan Qiuzhi was actually a little tired too. She felt uncomfortable and her eyelids were fighting to stay open.

Just as she was thinking about it, Mu Xin enthusiastically suggested, "Let's play cards. How about whoever loses gets something drawn on their face?"

Yan Qiuzhi felt that if the game continued, they would probably have to stay up until 2 or 3 AM.

Thinking quickly, she poked Chen Lunan's waist under the table.

Several people were sitting cross-legged around the rectangular coffee table. Although there was some distance between Yan Qiuzhi and Chen Lunan, they were still close by.

But Chen Lunan didn't respond at all to the first poke.

Or the second.

He remained unresponsive.

Yan Qiuzhi listened to the surrounding voices of agreement and anxiously began to pinch his waist.

Chen Lunan blinked his eyes, his hand went down, and when no one was paying attention, he grabbed Yan Qiuzhi's restless hand.

"No," he said.

Mu Xin was speaking enthusiastically when suddenly she heard a voice of refusal. She was stunned and looked over in surprise.

Chen Lunan stood up from his seat unhurriedly, his voice low, "It's too late. Let's rest early."

He glanced at Xu Kaishi, "Teacher Xu is already dozing off."

Everyone turned to look; indeed he was.

Mu Xin nodded quickly, "Sorry, sorry. What time is it now?"

"It's half past twelve," replied Shao Yue. "Let's go to bed. It's been a long day."

"Yeah, let's go to sleep."

In no time, everyone went back to their rooms to sleep.

By the time Yan Qiuzhi changed into her pajamas, the downstairs cameramen had all left.

She yawned, hid under the covers, and after some thought, sent a message to Chen Lunan.

Yan Qiuzhi: 【Thank you.】

Chen Lunan: 【En.】

Yan Qiuzhi looked at the cold conversation between herself and Chen Lunan. She was about to decide whether to put her phone away and sleep or say something else when her phone buzzed again.

Chen Lunan: 【Wake up early tomorrow.】

Yan Qiuzhi: 【?】

Yan Qiuzhi: 【What for?】

Chen Lunan: 【Bubble tea.】

Yan Qiuzhi's eyes lit up. Just as she was about to say something else, Chen Lunan urged her to sleep.

She put down her phone, her lips curling up.

Mu Xin returned from the bathroom and asked drowsily, "Have you slept, Sister Qiuzhi?"

"Just about to," Yan Qiuzhi replied.

Mu Xin cuddled under the blanket and said softly, "Goodnight."


Sweet dreams.

Yan Qiuzhi dreamed that she was filming for another variety show. Chen Lunan was also there, filming together with her.

The two of them sneaked away from the cameramen's lenses and hid in a cabinet.

And then, suddenly, for some reason, the two of them kissed each other.

Chen Lunan seemed to be much gentler in the dream than in reality. He kissed the corners of her lips, pulling her into his arms.

In the cramped space, their breaths intertwined, entangled together.

He tasted good; it was refreshing, and she liked it. Yan Qiuzhi liked kissing him very much. She always felt that he was different whenever she kissed him.

The shouts of the cameramen from outside, calling for the two of them, snapped them out of it.

Chen Lunan held the cabinet door with one hand and hugged her waist with the other, kissing her lips passionately, lingering on her lips, entwining and rubbing against each other.

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