Thousands of Heartbeats

Chapter 13

Actually, after Chen Lunan kissed her, Yan Qiuzhi immediately became aware of it.

His scent was too distinctive, making it impossible to forget.

In the dimly lit room, the man's face was concealed in the shadows, occasionally revealing itself. Sweat trickled down his forehead, dropping onto her body, mingling together.

Yan Qiuzhi happened to open her eyes and witnessed this captivating scene.

On the bed, Chen Lunan was not the silent, uncommunicative man he usually was. On the contrary... he knew how to arouse Yan Qiuzhi's desires. In such matters, he would be more patient than usual.

Yan Qiuzhi deeply felt that she was captivated by his face, which led her not to resist and even indulge in it.

The night was enchanting, and the wind outside fluttered the curtains, bringing in a gentle fragrance.

After a long while, the two cleaned up.

When they returned to bed, Yan Qiuzhi was fully awake.

Although her body was tired, her spirit was vibrant.

She lifted her gaze and looked at the man coming out of the bathroom. He had changed into dark-colored sleepwear, which was relatively close-fitting. When he moved, one could vaguely see the enticing texture of his abdominal muscles.

Chen Lunan loved to exercise and had a dedicated dietitian managing his meals, so Yan Qiuzhi knew better than anyone that his physique was well-maintained.

She stared at him without turning away for a moment. When Chen Lunan turned his gaze toward her, she preemptively said, "I'm thirsty."

Chen Lunan raised an eyebrow, about to step forward, but Yan Qiuzhi pointed at him: "I want to drink water."

When Chen Lunan had asked if she wanted to drink water, Yan Qiuzhi genuinely thought of drinking water. Before returning home, she ate two packs of spicy sticks in the car with Zhu Zhu. After arriving home, she fell asleep without drinking much water.

Her throat had been dry.

Chen Lunan stood still without moving. Yan Qiuzhi hurriedly added, "I want to drink real water."

This remark was very clear to Chen Lunan—real water, not an euphemism for something else.

Chen Lunan, apparently satiated, looked at her for a moment and then headed downstairs.

When he returned, he not only had a cup of warm water but also a dessert.

Yan Qiuzhi looked at him skeptically, "You're eating dessert so late?"

Chen Lunan calmly said, "It's for you."


Yan Qiuzhi looked at him in shock.

When did this man become so thoughtful that he would even care to replenish her energy?

The next moment, Chen Lunan shattered her fantasy, "It's from Wang Kang. It can't be eaten tomorrow morning."

Yan Qiuzhi: "........"

To be honest, if she hadn't been willing to compromise and enter into a marriage of convenience with Chen Lunan, a man with this personality might never find a wife in his entire life.

Yan Qiuzhi was about to refuse, but she inadvertently glanced at the small strawberry on the dessert. She immediately swallowed the words she was about to say.

What is dignity when compared to a small strawberry?

She gave a faint En and said, "Thank Wang Kang for me."

Chen Lunan remained silent.

Yan Qiuzhi didn't care about him. After drinking a small half-cup of water, she enjoyed the little dessert by herself.

The small cake resembled the one she had eaten before, but it didn't have a brand logo. Yan Qiuzhi didn't bother asking which bakery it was from. After finishing it on her own, she felt even more satisfied than before.

When she brushed her teeth, washed her face, and went to bed, Chen Lunan was already asleep.

Yan Qiuzhi was very energetic. She glanced at the man sleeping beside her for a moment, then reached out to grab the blanket, pulling it towards her side. She took out her phone and started playing.

She had just napped from the afternoon until now, so she wasn't tired at all.

She checked the time on phone; it was already 2 a.m. She wondered if there were still night owls online.

Thinking about it, she posted a message on her Moments.

【Yan Qiuzhi: Friends who are still awake, let's chat for a bit.】

Just a few minutes after posting, several people, including Shen Muqing, Lin Jing, Jiang Chen, and Cheng Zhan, liked Yan Qiuzhi's post. Some even left comments.

【Jiang Chen: Our Chen Lunan's Yan Yan has no one to chat with? Chen Lunan is really heartless, leaving his little wife alone at night?】

【Cheng Zhan: Lunan may not be feeling well, leaving his wife alone without chatting. Yan Yan, let's chat.】

【Shen Muqing: Count me in, count me in. Let's quickly start a group.】

Yan Qiuzhi looked at the comments and felt speechless. Fortunately, most of her friends in her circle didn't have Cheng Zhan and Jiang Chen's private WeChat and can't see their comments.

As soon as she exited Moments, Jiang Chen had already swiftly created the group.

She glanced at the name—[Late-night Foursome Chat]. She had to admit that Jiang Chen was bold.

Shen Muqing: 【Who came up with the name? Why does it feel so impure?】

Jiang Chen: 【It's your impure thoughts, Qingqing.】

Shen Muqing: 【Nonsense, if you don't believe it, ask Yan Yan and President Cheng.】

Cheng Zhan: 【Yeah.】

Yan Qiuzhi: 【This could easily give people the wrong idea. We are a very pure foursome.】

Jiang Chen: 【Of course, friends' wives must not be deceived. Yan Yan is alone at home, right? Chen Lunan should be back home by now. Why are you alone and bored?】

Jiang Chen is very good at creating a lively atmosphere and is the most approachable among Chen Lunan's circle of friends. Yan Qiuzhi also enjoys chatting with him.

After chatting with the group for a while, Yan Qiuzhi received a new message.

She opened it and found that it was from Lin Jing.

Lin Jing: 【It's so late, why aren't you resting? What are you doing?】

Yan Qiuzhi hesitated for a few seconds and didn't reply to him.

Chatting late at night, especially between a man and a woman, didn't seem appropriate, considering she was a married woman.

Yan Qiuzhi chatted with Jiang Chen and Shen Muqing in the group. Cheng Zhan rarely spoke and only chimed in with a word or two during crucial moments.

As they chatted, drowsiness came over Yan Qiuzhi, and she didn't know when she fell asleep.

The next day when she woke up, the sun was already high in the sky.

The person beside her in bed was long gone, as if he were just a passing guest who had left after a nap.

Yan Qiuzhi pouted, lifted the covers, and got out of bed.

When she went downstairs, she unexpectedly saw Chen Lunan.

"Why are you at home?" she asked.

Chen Lunan looked at her with a dull expression, the meaning in his eyes was clear—why couldn't he be at home?

Yan Qiuzhi choked for a moment and muttered, "Don't you have work?"

"Day off."

Yan Qiuzhi was shocked. Someone as busy as Chen Lunan was actually taking a day off.

She blinked in surprise and asked, "So, you will be home all day?"

Chen Lunan nodded and walked to the kitchen with his sleeves rolled up.

Yan Qiuzhi couldn't help but follow.

Glancing at the things in the kitchen, she asked in a soft voice, "Did Auntie come over?"

There was a variety of breakfast items in the kitchen, all still warm.

Chen Lunan didn't reply; he carried all the breakfast items out.

The cooking auntie they hired had excellent culinary skills, always managing to arouse Yan Qiuzhi's appetite.

Smelling the aroma of the breakfast, she ran back to the dining table and started eating before Chen Lunan had finished setting everything up.

Chen Lunan didn't express any opinion on her behavior.

The two ate breakfast in silence.

Suddenly, a question came from across the table, "What time did you go to sleep?"

Yan Qiuzhi paused while biting a Xiaolongbao and looked up at him, "Are you asking me?"

Chen Lunan cast her a nonchalant glance.

Yan Qiuzhi choked and hurriedly took a sip of soy milk before saying, "Probably around three or four. Why?"

Chen Lunan remained silent.

Yan Qiuzhi's eyes turned, and she inexplicably smiled, "Why do you care what time I go to sleep now?"

Chen Lunan looked at her with cold eyes and didn't respond.

Yan Qiuzhi, seeing that she got no response, shrugged indifferently.

After breakfast, Yan Qiuzhi went to her closet to change clothes and put on makeup before heading out.

When she walked downstairs, Chen Lunan didn't make much movement, not even bothering to look at Yan Qiuzhi when she descended the stairs.

It wasn't until she walked around in front of him that Chen Lunan casually lifted his eyes. After seeing the clothes she was wearing, his brows furrowed.

He turned his head, checked the temperature outside through the window, and said in a low voice, "Won't you feel cold outside?"

Today, Yan Qiuzhi had plans with Shen Muqing to visit a trendy café, which required them to wear a specific type of outfit. They agreed to wear the same outfit.

The set of clothes Yan Qiuzhi was wearing was bought a few years ago and had never been worn, but it still fit her perfectly.

Because of the winter weather, she even wore knee-length stockings, making her already long legs even more prominent.

After adjusting the bow on her collar, she turned to him and said, "I'm not engaging in outdoor activities."

Chen Lunan silently watched her movements.

Ignoring him, Yan Qiuzhi, after tidying up, grabbed a woolen coat and headed for the door, bending down to change her shoes.

After changing her shoes, Yan Qiuzhi turned around and, at that moment, met Chen Lunan's heavy gaze.

She paused, stared at his expression for a moment, and suddenly smiled.

Under Chen Lunan's gaze, Yan Qiuzhi walked towards him.

Her slender legs were particularly eye-catching, shining prominently under the still-lit lights.

For some reason, Yan Qiuzhi felt playful at this moment.

To match this outfit, she had gone for a girlish look in her makeup today—rosy cheeks and sparkling eye makeup, resembling a pure sixteen-year-old girl.

She walked up to Chen Lunan, kicked his foot.

Chen Lunan lowered his head, unfazed.

Yan Qiuzhi smiled brightly, bent down close to him.

"Do you not want others to see me in this outfit?" she teased.

Chen Lunan remained silent.

With a proud tilt of her chin as she held her small handbag, Yan Qiuzhi said, "Chen Lunan."

Chen Lunan's gaze moved from bottom to top, pausing on her lips.

"I'm talking to you," Yan Qiuzhi said, "If you nod now, I might consider changing into something else."

After all, seeing him act sulky was a rare occurrence, and Yan Qiuzhi was willing to change her outfit for it.

Observing Chen Lunan's expression and the changes in his eyes, Yan Qiuzhi smirked, feeling triumphant.

But before she could revel in it, she exclaimed as Chen Lunan pulled her onto his lap.

Yan Qiuzhi stared at him with wide eyes, her ears instantly turning red. Chen Lunan's expression remained unchanged, his eyes deep and captivating, like a deep pool that drew people in.

"What are you doing?" Yan Qiuzhi straddled him, feeling a sense of embarrassment.

Chen Lunan raised his eyes, staring at her for a moment before saying in a calm tone, "What were you saying just now?"

Yan Qiuzhi's brain froze for a few seconds before she realized that he was responding to her previous words.

She choked for a moment, pushed him away forcefully, stood up, and blushed: "Nothing, I'm leaving."

She walked to the door, put on her coat, and before leaving, she glanced at the sulking old man and couldn't resist taunting him, "With your attitude, you'll end up lonely for the rest of your life."

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