Thousands of Heartbeats

Chapter 14

After teasing Chen Lunan, Yan Qiuzhi felt delighted both physically and mentally.

Shen Muqing came over to pick her up, glanced at her expression, and said with a smile, "You seem to be in a good mood today."

"Of course," Yan Qiuzhi said, lips curling upwards. She spoke lightly, "I just won against Chen Lunan, so my mood is exceptionally good."

Shen Muqing: "…...."

She had no words for this couple.

Yan Qiuzhi didn't mind Shen Muqing's attitude. She didn't waste time talking about Chen Lunan and instead chatted about other gossip.

Both of them being insiders of the entertainment industry, they always found common ground in their conversations.

"How much longer until you finish shooting for this drama?"

"About half a month," Yan Qiuzhi yawned, leaning on Shen Muqing's shoulder. "Why, something wrong?"

Shen Muqing shook her head. "I'll be joining my crew to film once you finish."

She had intentionally taken time off during this period.

Yan Qiuzhi smiled and, with closed eyes, said, "I'll visit you on set when the time comes."


Shen Muqing glanced at her, staring at her for a moment, "How long has it been since you went back?"

Yan Qiuzhi's movements stiffened for a moment. After a while, she pretended to be nonchalant, "Back where?"

Shen Muqing didn't want to expose her, "You know, it's been a long time since you visited either side."

Automatically ignoring one side, Yan Qiuzhi seized on the other and argued, "Chen Lunan himself hadn't gone back to his parents'. Why should I care?"

Shen Muqing said, "...Fine."

The she followed up, "Have they contacted you recently?"

Yan Qiuzhi softly replied, "No."

She wanted to say something more, but Yan Qiuzhi had already opened her eyes, sitting up straight, "Don't talk about this topic. Who are you shooting the next drama with?"

Shen Muqing continued chatting with her, deliberately avoiding the sensitive topic.

When the two arrived at the trendy café, it was still early. Although Yan Qiuzhi and Shen Muqing were both big stars, they kept a low profile. Even if someone recognized them, at most, they would ask for a photo and an autograph and then leave.

In the end, the two even deliberately chose a secluded corner for peace and quiet.

As soon as they sat down, Shen Muqing chuckled and said, "You're on the hot search."

"What?" Yan Qiuzhi was stunned and leaned over to take a look.

——It was a photo taken just now in the café while posing with a fan. Her unusual outfit today, showcasing her curves in the uniform, combined with her beautiful face, created a visual impression of innocence and sexy allure, stunning everyone.

The fan who asked for a photo with Yan Qiuzhi was a food blogger. Since this place was also a popular spot for influencers, she shared the delicious food and the photo, adding the hashtag #YanQiuzhiFigure, directly propelling Yan Qiuzhi into the limelight.

Fans and netizens, who had never seen her in such a pure style, were excited.

They reposted, commented, and liked, hoping she would treat them to a selfie.

Yan Qiuzhi glanced at her own Weibo and realized that she indeed hadn't posted any photos for a long time.

Turning to Shen Muqing, she said, "Take a few pictures for me."

Shen Muqing nodded, "Sure."

Twenty minutes later, Yan Qiuzhi's freshly baked nine-grid photo update appeared.

@YanQiuzhiV: Today's update! 【Photos】

Each photo, whether taken by others or selfies, showed her original appearance without excessive retouching, and fans loved it.

【Ah, big sister, you're killing me!】

【Damn, damn!! Who can resist the big sister in a school uniform? Sob, sob, I want to sleep on her chest.】

【Yan Qiuzhi is truly amazing. She deserves to be on par with Chen Lunan in terms of celebrities people most want to sleep with. I'm dizzy just from looking at this figure and face.】

【Ah, damn! I envy the man who gets to sleep with Yan Qiuzhi! If anyone marries Yan Qiuzhi in the future, they'll be so lucky!】

【This face, this chest, this waist, these slender legs... awsl!!!】

awsl is the acronym of pinyin À Wǒ Sǐ Le 啊我死了. In English, Ahh I’m dead.

Yan Qiuzhi looked at the fan comments and couldn't help but chuckle.

Shen Muqing also gave her a like and said, "To be honest, I envy Chen Lunan too."

Yan Qiuzhi: "......."

"Speak nicely; don't mention him. We're still good sisters without bringing him up."


Suddenly, Shen Muqing laughed softly and asked, "What do you think the netizens would say if they knew that the top two celebrities they most want to sleep with had long been sleeping together? How would they react?"

Yan Qiuzhi stared at her, "Don't bring up such horrifying topics."

Shen Muqing chuckled.

"Isn't it the truth?" She scrolled through the Weibo interface and remarked, "Are you two following each other? If Chen Lunan sees these photos, wouldn't he tie you up and keep you in a little dark room or something?"

Yan Qiuzhi choked for a moment and glared at her, "You're overthinking."

She instinctively opened her following list. Honestly, she couldn't remember whether she and Chen Lunan were following each other.

Chen Lunan really did take an off today, but it wasn't entirely relaxing.

He had accepted to star in Director Guan's next film, and the female lead had not been finalized yet. Bo Yu still wanted to discuss the script's direction with him, and today, he finally video-called him to discuss some detailed content about the male lead's character.

He specifically mentioned that Director Guan wanted to visit X City again. Most of the shooting locations for their film were set in X City.

After discussing a segment of the script's direction with Bo Yu, the person on the video call suddenly chuckled inexplicably, "Your wife looks like an angel with a devil's body today."

Chen Lunan, holding a coffee, paused and lifted his eyelids to look at him.

Bo Yu smirked and continued, "She posted a nine-grid photo update today. Did you see it?"


Bo Yu shook his head, smiling, "Did your wife send you any exclusive photos? Her Weibo is still quite reserved."

Staring at Chen Lunan's visibly black expression, Bo Yu said seriously, "I mean it. If she did, would you mind sharing them with me for appreciation?"

Chen Lunan remained silent, coldly looking at him.

Bo Yu shrugged, finding it boring. "Forget it, let's continue with the next section." After putting down his phone, he couldn't resist adding, "With a wife like yours, there should be quite a few admirers."


Around noon, Chen Lunan's phone rang. It was a call from the housekeeper, inquiring if they needed her to come and cook the lunch.

Checking the time, he declined directly.

Yan Qiuzhi returned in the afternoon. After taking photos with Shen Muqing and posting them, to prevent fans from crowding around them, the two of them immediately left.

After leaving, they discreetly went to the mall for a while, had something to eat, and bought bubble tea before returning home.

When she arrived home, Chen Lunan was coming out of the kitchen with the dishes — the aroma was rich.

She paused and glanced at the wall clock, "Are you having an extra meal in the afternoon?"

It was already two o'clock.

Chen Lunan's cold and indifferent gaze swept over her, "No."

Yan Qiuzhi paused, belatedly realizing, "Busy?"

"Not particularly."

Yan Qiuzhi opened her mouth, not quite understanding why he was having a meal only now when he wasn't known for having irregular eating habits?

Thinking about it, she approached and took a look.

Chen Lunan had made himself a bowl of noodles, with clear soup and only a few pieces of vegetables.

She blinked and looked at Chen Lunan's slightly lowered eyelashes for a moment. She asked softly, "Do we not have any vegetables at home?"


Yan Qiuzhi tilted her head and casually asked, "Didn't Auntie buy groceries to cook today?"

"Day off."

Hearing the man's succinct answer, Yan Qiuzhi didn't think much about it.

She stared straight at the noodles Chen Lunan was eating. Somehow, she felt the taste wouldn't be that great, but he was eating it happily.

Chen Lunan had been well-educated since childhood. He ate in a particularly refined manner, different from ordinary men. Whether the food was delicious or not, he rarely showed any emotions.

Yan Qiuzhi stared at him for a while, perhaps thinking that he looked somewhat attractive while eating. She didn't leave and simply sat across from him, sipping on her bubble tea.

When Chen Lunan glanced over, she deliberately raised her bubble tea and playfully said, "Do you want to taste it?"

Chen Lunan withdrew his gaze.

Yan Qiuzhi had a quick temper, especially since she had the upper hand in the morning. Now, it seemed like she had completely put that matter behind her and was able to chat casually with Chen Lunan.

"Are you working with Bo Yu and Director Guan again?" she asked.


Yan Qiuzhi's eyes brightened as she changed her posture, leaning on the table, "Has the female lead been decided?"

Chen Lunan raised his eyes, "No."

Suppressing her inner exclamation, Yan Qiuzhi asked, "Then, is Director Guan considering any actress for the role?"

"Don't know."

Unhappy with his response, Yan Qiuzhi complained, "Aren't you close with Director Guan? How can you not know about this?"


Yan Qiuzhi gave him a disdainful look, "If Director Guan has other favored male actors, he probably won't tell you either."


Listening to her nonsensical talk, Chen Lunan felt a headache coming on. Barely refraining from making any sarcastic remarks, he explained calmly, "Never asked."

Yan Qiuzhi stared at him for a while and suddenly leaned her head closer to his face, "So, what kind of character is the female lead, and will the casting be made public?"

Looking at her face so close to his bowl, Chen Lunan, in response to Yan Qiuzhi's anticipation, said, "Move back a bit."


Yan Qiuzhi was puzzled.

Chen Lunan shifted the bowl a bit and lowered his head to eat, "You can have your manager inquire."

At this point, Yan Qiuzhi couldn't hear what he was saying at all. Her attention was entirely focused on how Chen Lunan asked her to move back and blocked the area above his noodles.

Thinking about Chen Lunan's actions just now, Yan Qiuzhi couldn't take it anymore. She directly retorted, "Why didn't you move back a bit in bed?"

Chen Lunan: "........"

Yan Qiuzhi was on the verge of being infuriated by him.

She glared at him fiercely and rushed upstairs in anger; before going upstairs, Yan Qiuzhi didn't forget to give him a kick.

Listening to the intentionally heavy footsteps, Chen Lunan rubbed his temples, feeling a headache.

In the evening, Yan Qiuzhi took a flight back to X City for filming. She arrived an hour earlier than expected, vexed by Chen Lunan's behavior.

Back in X City, Yan Qiuzhi immersed herself in shooting, cutting off most contact with the outside world. As for Chen Lunan, there was even less communication between them.

On this day, Yan Qiuzhi finally finished filming her scenes for the drama.

Even though she was just a supporting role, her role was not light.

During the wrap-up, the staff presented her with a bouquet, congratulating her on completing the shoot.

Yan Qiuzhi was still in her costume, revealing a slender waist and exuding exceptional temperament. A radiant smile adorned her face.

"Thank you."

She accepted the staff's blessings, held the flowers, changed clothes in the dressing room, and then went out with the crew to have a meal.

To celebrate Yan Qiuzhi's completion of the shoot, Lin Jing had intentionally given everyone the night off to gather for a dinner gathering.

Since it was the wrap-up celebration, Yan Qiuzhi, who rarely drank, had a glass of wine.

On the way back, Zhu Zhu accompanied her, "Sister Yan Yan, are you okay?"


Worried, Zhu Zhu looked at her, "One glass won't make you drunk, right?"

Yan Qiuzhi smiled at her, "Of course not, don't worry too much."

Once the two returned to the hotel, Zhu Zhu stayed by her side until Yan Qiuzhi entered her room.

Yan Qiuzhi didn't pay much attention and first charged her dead phone. Afterward, she went to the bathroom to take a shower and freshen up.

Just as she finished showering, Yan Qiuzhi heard the doorbell.

She peeked through the peephole and furrowed her brows.

It was Lin Jing.

After thinking about it a bit, Yan Qiuzhi casually put on a down jacket before opening the door.

"Director Lin, is there something you need from me?"

Yan Qiuzhi stood at the door.

Lin Jing's gaze went down, landing on her clean and bright face, "Are you okay?"

Yan Qiuzhi was taken aback but nodded, "I'm fine."

Lin Jing nodded and handed her a cup, "Hangover tea."

Yan Qiuzhi reacted slowly, only accepting it after Lin Jing urged for the second time.

"Thank you."

Listening to her gratitude, Lin Jing joked, "Why are you still so polite with me?"

Yan Qiuzhi smiled without saying a word.

The next moment, her eyes widened.

Lin Jing's other hand had been behind his back all this time. After Yan Qiuzhi took the hangover tea, that hand revealed itself, holding a bouquet of flowers.

She felt she must have been affected by the misty air in the bathroom after drinking and taking a shower, causing her not to immediately close the door and making the situation awkward.

"Director Lin, what are you trying to do?"

Lin Jing looked at her, "A wrap-up gift."

Yan Qiuzhi didn't take it. Her tone returned to its usual calmness as she reminded him, "The staff already gave me flowers."

Hearing this, Lin Jing stared at her for a while, then chuckled lightly, asking, "Are you truly clueless, or are you pretending to be ignorant?"

He didn't notice the change in Yan Qiuzhi's gaze, raised his eyebrows, and said, "Can't you see that I have feelings for you at all?"

After saying this, Yan Qiuzhi didn't react. Lin Jing furrowed his brows, raised his head to look at her, and turned around to see who she was looking at.

Upon seeing the person who had just arrived, he was surprised, "Teacher Chen?"

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