Thousands of Heartbeats

Chapter 15

As it was nighttime, the hotel corridor was extremely quiet.

Of course, the fact that Yan Qiuzhi's crew had booked this floor was also a reason. At this moment, Chen Lunan stood tall not far away, and surprisingly, no one noticed him.

No one even knew when he arrived.

He wore a black windbreaker, blending seamlessly with the night.

At this moment, Yan Qiuzhi felt a sense of unease and dared not look at him.

Clearly, she hadn't done anything.

Chen Lunan looked at the two with a calm gaze and nodded, "En."

Lin Jing suddenly realized the situation, and thinking about what he had just said to Yan Qiuzhi, he felt a bit complicated.

However, he quickly adjusted himself.

He looked at Chen Lunan, furrowed his brows, and asked, "Why is Teacher Chen here?"

Chen Lunan paused, looked past Lin Jing to Yan Qiuzhi, and spoke in a low, steady voice, "Ask her."

Yan Qiuzhi: "......."

Facing the piercing gazes of the two, Yan Qiuzhi felt like a scumbag at this moment.

She cleared her throat, feeling annoyed that Chen Lunan threw the difficult question to her, but she could distinguish the urgency.

She remained silent for a moment and said in a low voice, "Teacher Chen came to find—" Before she could finish the sentence, the sound of the elevator door nearby rang, followed by someone coming out.

The noise was loud and disruptive.

Yan Qiuzhi looked up; it was the other crew members from their crew.

The crew members, upon seeing the three of them in the corridor, also froze.

"Director Lin?"

"Qiuzhi, why are you here?"

In the gap between their words, someone noticed Chen Lunan, "Teacher Chen is also here?"

Instantly, the atmosphere in the corridor became even more awkward.

Everyone looked at each other, and in retrospect, they realized something, especially after seeing the flowers in Lin Jing's hand. One male actor opened his mouth for a long time but couldn't utter a word.


Incredibly awkward.

If she could leave first, Yan Qiuzhi almost wanted to directly retreat into her room and close the door.

As for Lin Jing and Chen Lunan, she didn't want to pay attention to either of them.

Lin Jing had yet to speak when Chen Lunan glanced at Yan Qiuzhi's evasive eyes, "En, came to find Yan Qiuzhi for something."

Everyone was stunned, suddenly enlightened.

"Teacher Chen and Qiuzhi know each other?"

Chen Lunan nodded.

Although several people were curious about the relationship between the two, they were immediately chilled by Chen Lunan's cold gaze.

"Then Teacher Chen and Qiuzhi, you can talk. We'll go back to our rooms first."

Chen Lunan gave an En and added, "Rest early."

After those people went back, Yan Qiuzhi turned to Lin Jing, "Director Lin, do you still have something to discuss?"

Her attitude was neither warm nor cold, but Lin Jing, even if he were a fool, could sense something.

His gaze shifted between the two, and he smiled, "Rest early."

With that, he forcibly stuffed the flowers into Yan Qiuzhi's hands.

Unexpectedly, to prevent the flowers from falling to the ground, Yan Qiuzhi had to take them.

After Lin Jing left, Yan Qiuzhi exchanged a glance with the man leaning against the wall, feeling somewhat speechless.

Once inside the room, Yan Qiuzhi didn't pay attention to Chen Lunan. She placed the flowers and sobering tea on the table and went to blow-dry her hair in the bathroom.

When she came out again, Chen Lunan was sitting on the sofa, looking at his phone.

Yan Qiuzhi stared at him, and Chen Lunan raised his eyes, meeting her gaze.

The not-so-spacious room was silent, creating a tense atmosphere.

Feeling a bit guilty or perhaps regretful, Yan Qiuzhi walked over and kicked his toe, not knowing why.

Chen Lunan watched her actions but remained silent.

"Why are you here?" Yan Qiuzhi asked.

Chen Lunan put away his phone and said calmly, "Location scouting."

"Oh," Yan Qiuzhi pursed her lips, observing his expression. "Scouting for a movie?"

"Yes," Chen Lunan, who usually spoke little, gave no clue about what he thought regarding the scene he witnessed today.

But she had to admit that while she and Chen Lunan didn't have much emotional connection, there was absolutely no chance that she would ever engage in infidelity or anything like that.

Although Chen Lunan didn't care, after hesitating for two seconds, Yan Qiuzhi still explained, "I didn't expect Lin Jing to do this."

She truly hadn't sensed any interest from Lin Jing. While shooting on set, he still scolded her just like before, without any indication of a change.

So when he took out the flowers just now, Yan Qiuzhi was slow to react but still rejected them.

Chen Lunan gave an En and looked at her, "Did you drink?"

Yan Qiuzhi was momentarily surprised by how quickly he changed the subject, "Just had a glass."

Chen Lunan nodded, glanced at the sobering tea on the table, and casually said, "Then you probably won't need the sobering tea."


Following his gaze, Yan Qiuzhi finally became smarter, "Yes, you're right."

She nodded seriously, "Sobering tea doesn't taste good. I actually didn't plan on drinking it."

Even if they were a plastic couple, sometimes it was necessary to maintain certain things.

Chen Lunan was a man. He would definitely feel very unhappy if someone coveted his wife, even if there was no love; the two were still husband and wife, after all.

Men have their pride and possessiveness.

On this point, Yan Qiuzhi was particularly understanding.

Looking at Chen Lunan's gradually improving expression, Yan Qiuzhi walked over and sat down beside him, "Are you staying here tonight?"


Yan Qiuzhi gave an Oh sound. She didn't care whether he would stay overnight, but she was curious about why Chen Lunan came.

She was about to ask when Chen Lunan spoke first, "What time is your flight tomorrow?"

Yan Qiuzhi thought for a moment, "It should be at ten."

"That early?"

Yan Qiuzhi looked at him puzzled.

She couldn't understand the meaning behind Chen Lunan's question.

Chen Lunan paused and whispered, "If you're not in a hurry to go back, meet with Director Guan tomorrow."


Yan Qiuzhi widened her eyes, immediately realizing, "Are you trying to get me a backdoor opportunity?"

Chen Lunan looked at her with a slight tilt of his head.

From the look in his eyes, Yan Qiuzhi understood everything, but she wasn't sure if she was just being presumptuous.

She looked at Chen Lunan and asked, "Director Guan... wants to see me?"

"En," Chen Lunan replied.

Yan Qiuzhi continued, "Did you arrange this for me?"

Chen Lunan's gaze rested on the sobering tea on the table and said lightly, "No."

Seeing Yan Qiuzhi in her current state, Chen Lunan, who rarely spoke much, added, "Don't you have confidence in yourself?"

Yan Qiuzhi choked.

It wasn't that she lacked confidence. In fact, she had confidence in herself, but this was Director Guan, and the script was written by Bo Yu. Yan Qiuzhi wasn't sure if they would consider her.

The entertainment industry is full of talented actors. Besides having a good face and figure, her acting skills were better than average, but not to the extent of being astonishing.

"Not lacking confidence," Yan Qiuzhi retorted, "I'm just afraid I won't handle it well."

Chen Lunan took a bottle of mineral water from the side, opened it, and took a sip. "Give it a try."

"Okay." Yan Qiuzhi was genuinely interested. She blinked her big eyes and asked, "Then... is there no script for me?"

Chen Lunan glanced at her, "No."


Yan Qiuzhi was puzzled, "Why?"

Chen Lunan reluctantly explained, "Bo Yu hasn't written this character into the script yet."

Bo Yu had the habit of constantly changing the script.

Sometimes, just days before the movie goes into production, he still would not have decided what each character's setting would be.

He was just such a capricious scriptwriter.

Yan Qiuzhi was silent for a while and sighed, "Alright."

She looked at the standing figure and asked, "What time are we meeting?"

"Ten o'clock."

Yan Qiuzhi's eyes brightened, excitedly saying, "Great! I'll go tell Zhu Zhu and let her go back first."


Yan Qiuzhi lowered her head to send a message to Zhu Zhu, asking her to cancel the booked ticket.

After explaining briefly, she put down her phone. Chen Lunan had already gone into the bathroom to take a shower.

Yan Qiuzhi didn't know what she was thinking. She subconsciously turned her head to a cabinet in the room.

There were many things on it that required payment, including snacks, drinks, and... adult items.

She hesitated for a moment and walked over inexplicably.

When Chen Lunan came out of the bathroom, this was the scene he saw.

Hearing the sound, Yan Qiuzhi turned her head. Facing Chen Lunan's light-colored pupils, she opened her mouth as if wanting to explain something, but it seemed futile no matter what she said.

Yan Qiuzhi decided to be upfront, "I don't have any money on me."

That item required an immediate payment.

Chen Lunan paused, then walked over.

Without saying a word, he squinted, took out his phone, and asked, "What do you want to buy?"

Yan Qiuzhi replied, "I want preserved plums."

"En," Chen Lunan nodded, "Anything else?"

Hearing this, even if Yan Qiuzhi was slow to react, she knew that Chen Lunan was making things difficult for her.

Glancing at the most conspicuous item placed on the shelf, she tiptoed close to Chen Lunan's ear and blew a breath, "Teacher Chen, are you deliberately asking a question you already know the answer to?"

After that, Yan Qiuzhi didn't know how she got back to bed.

Only when Chen Lunan roughly entered her, causing a slight discomfort, did she come back to her senses.

Yan Qiuzhi vaguely felt that... tonight's Chen Lunan was a bit different from before.

He used to be relatively gentle. Yes, a cold and heartless man like him could be gentle in bed. But tonight, the tenderness seemed to have completely disappeared.

He was like a wolf that had shed its outer coat, feasting on the prey he brought back to the den, tossing her around vigorously, not letting up even when she begged for mercy.

The man's breath approached; the scorching sensation made Yan Qiuzhi breathless and a bit difficult to breathe.

Even her heartbeat seemed to have sped up with his vigorous thrusts.

His lips brushed against Yan Qiuzhi's cheek, leaving one kiss after another.

In a muddled state, Yan Qiuzhi seemed to see in his eyes the wild desire for her that had been suppressed in him all this time. However, in a flash, it disappeared completely.

If you start a fire, you have to put it out yourself.

Yan Qiuzhi deeply understood this principle.

After everything ended, Yan Qiuzhi, in hindsight, recalled something.

Did Chen Lunan torment her like this today because of Lin Jing?

This person was really a bit petty.

She yawned, intending to ask Chen Lunan about it after he came out of the bathroom. However, before he appeared, the drowsiness induced by the alcohol called her to sleep.

Tired, she lay down on the bed and drifted off.

Chen Lunan looked at her sleeping face, lifted the blanket, and got in.

As soon as he lay down, Yan Qiuzhi proactively snuggled up to him.

Chen Lunan paused slightly, turned off the bathroom light, and, when Yan Qiuzhi frowned, turned on the bedside lamp on his side.

The two then peacefully drifted off to sleep.

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