Thousands of Heartbeats

Chapter 5

In just three seconds, Yan Qiuzhi understood the meaning behind Chen Lunan's words.

She choked, her expression especially intriguing.

What did he mean by eat first?

She didn't mean it the way he seemed to think, absolutely not. With this in mind, Yan Qiuzhi retorted, "Are you out of your mind?"

Chen Lunan remained silent.

After a brief pause, he lifted his eyelids to look at her and replied in a deep voice, "Want to find out?"

Yan Qiuzhi stared at Chen Lunan, shocked by his audacity. It had been over a year since they last met, and it seemed like he was quite eager.

She glared at Chen Lunan, her large, bright eyes devoid of any intimidation but instead laced with a seductive hint.

Chen Lunan averted his gaze and didn't say much.

After the meal, to avoid post-dinner exercise, Yan Qiuzhi assigned the dishwashing duty to Chen Lunan and quickly returned to her room.

She even locked the door.

Chen Lunan heard the sound of the doorknob and lightly pursed his lips.

Once in her room, Yan Qiuzhi realized that locking the door wouldn't deter Chen Lunan, especially after drinking the delicious homemade chicken soup he had prepared.

She stared at her bedroom door in frustration for a few seconds, then unlocked it and headed to the walk-in closet.

She needed to gather some things to take back, even though their villa was well-equipped with anything she might need.

Although Yan Qiuzhi hadn't stayed there for over a year, whenever she needed something, whether it was the latest clothes, accessories, skincare products, or other items, they would be sent over brand new.

She was not the kind of woman who would be frugal when it came to spending. This was the mutual exchange of courtesies in their plastic marriage.

However, there were a few things Yan Qiuzhi carried with her wherever she went, and she needed to ensure they were packed safely.

When Chen Lunan came out of the kitchen, he found the bedroom door wide open. He raised an eyebrow slightly and entered the room. However, when he discovered that Yan Qiuzhi wasn't in the bedroom, he looked around and found that the walk-in closet door was open.

When the apartment was being renovated, it had multiple rooms, but since Yan Qiuzhi had a vast collection of clothing and didn't need guest rooms, she had several of them converted into a walk-in closet and had it directly connected to her bedroom.

It was spacious, bright, and extremely luxurious.

When Chen Lunan reached the door, he saw Yan Qiuzhi crouched on the floor. She held an old-style mobile phone in her hands, her eyelashes drooping as she stared intently at the screen.

The phone screen was small, but the light illuminated her face, accentuating her delicate features.

From the side, Chen Lunan could see her eyelashes flutter and the silk nightgown that clung to her body. The nightgown was made of silky material and, with even the slightest movement, it highlighted her attractive figure.

Chen Lunan stared at her for a moment before shifting his gaze away and entering the bathroom.

When she came out of the dressing room after packing her luggage, the man was already sitting at the bedside, reading some documents.

She glanced over at him, feeling somewhat curious.

Yan Qiuzhi pulled back the covers and climbed into bed. Unable to hold back her curiosity, she asked, "What are you reading?"

"A script," Chen Lunan replied in a rare gentle tone.

Yan Qiuzhi's eyes lit up, and she turned to him, inquiring, "Who wrote it?"

"Bo Yu," Chen Lunan replied.

At this, Yan Qiuzhi's interest peaked even further, "Is it a new script he wrote?"

"Yes," Chen Lunan affirmed.

Bo Yu was considered one of the most talented screenwriters by many, and his scripts always had a unique style, fresh and original, yet intriguing. They had a special allure that captivated audiences. Yan Qiuzhi was a big fan of his work. Bo Yu had even published books, and as a devoted bookworm, Yan Qiuzhi naturally bought many of them. The only regret was that none of her books were signed.

Bo Yu rarely held book signings and seldom appeared in public, making him a relatively mysterious screenwriter.

After hearing Chen Lunan's confirmation, Yan Qiuzhi's initially restrained curiosity expanded even more.

She leaned her head next to Chen Lunan to take a look at the script.

She had just taken a shower and the fragrance of body lotion was still lingering on her skin. The scent was rich and sweet, not overpowering but particularly enticing.

However, she remained oblivious to this, but Chen Lunan was fully aware. He was already on the second page of the script. Yan Qiuzhi started to flip the script back to the beginning to read the story and character descriptions.

As she leaned in closer, her hair inadvertently brushed against Chen Lunan's neck, causing a slight tickling sensation. Unexpectedly, the script was abruptly closed.

Yan Qiuzhi blinked in surprise and looked at him, "What are you doing? I haven't finished reading it yet."

Chen Lunan simply placed the script on his side of the bedside table and, in a deep voice, declared, "Sleep."


Yan Qiuzhi watched him as he lay down, and after a moment of silence, she said, "You sleep, I'll read."

Saying this, she leaned over to pick up the script. However, just as her hand reached out, Chen Lunan grabbed it.

His palm was slightly hot, scorching her delicate skin on the wrist.

Yan Qiuzhi was on the verge of anger, but when she lowered her head, she met Chen Lunan's gaze. Her anger waned as she followed his gaze. Then she suddenly pulled her hand away from his grip, clutching her nightgown's collar tightly. Her face turned slightly red as she muttered, "Pervert."

Chen Lunan shifted his gaze away from that particular area and landed on her face. He surprisingly didn't address the pervert comment.

He wasn't sure which string he had struck, but suddenly he said, "You can read it tomorrow."

Yan Qiuzhi was bewildered for a few seconds. When she finally reacted, Chen Lunan had already turned off the light on his side.

She remained puzzled for a moment and slowly lay down. Even after turning off the light on her side, Yan Qiuzhi still couldn't make sense of it.

According to the normal flow of events, Chen Lunan would have told her there was no need for you to read the script because, after all, even if you read it, you couldn't act in it, right?

Yan Qiuzhi rubbed her tired eyes, contemplating slowly. Chen Lunan seemed to be acting differently today.

The following day, Yan Qiuzhi was awakened by a call on her phone. She reached for her phone under the covers and answered, her voice still a bit hoarse, "Hello?"

Sister Meng furrowed her brows and asked in a hushed tone, "Are you still sleeping?"

Yan Qiuzhi hesitated, then replied, "Yes. What's up?"

Sister Meng didn't dwell on the fact that it was already nine o'clock; she quickly said, "Hurry up and get ready. I'll have Zhu Zhu come pick you up; we need you to come to the company."

"What's going on?" Yan Qiuzhi inquired.

Sister Meng responded in a low voice, "We have a lunch gathering today; just come and show your face."

"What's the occasion?" Yan Qiuzhi asked curiously.

Sister Meng explained, "A brand is looking for a spokesperson, but they haven't decided yet. This lunch is just a casual gathering. It's a good opportunity to show your face."

Yan Qiuzhi didn't have any objections to that.

She acknowledged and asked, "Which brand is it?"

Sister Meng mentioned the brand's name, which surprised Yan Qiuzhi, causing her to raise her eyebrows, "I'll get ready right away."

After ending the call, Yan Qiuzhi quickly got herself ready. When she emerged from her room, dressed in a sophisticated, form-fitting black dress, she found Chen Lunan was still at home.

She was surprised for a couple of seconds but didn't ask any questions. She went to the kitchen to have a glass of water before turning to leave.

When Chen Lunan raised his head, he saw Yan Qiuzhi bending over to put on her shoes.

To meet the brand representatives and to better align with the brand's preferences, Yan Qiuzhi had applied light makeup today and donned an elegant black dress that accentuated her figure.

She also held a coat that she hadn't had time to put on yet.

As she bent over, her fantastic figure was on full display.

Curved in the front, raised in the back, with no excess flesh around her waist, her slender calves were evenly beautiful and bright white.

Chen Lunan furrowed his brow. Before he could speak, Yan Qiuzhi turned and glanced at him, "You're not going out today?"

"I'm going out late," Chen Lunan replied.

Yan Qiuzhi gave a casual Oh and said calmly, "I have something to do, so you can help me move my stuff back. I'll go directly to the villa tonight."

Chen Lunan was about to respond when the door slammed shut.

He reacted belatedly, staring at the closed door for a few seconds before rubbing his eyes.

When Yan Qiuzhi arrived at the company, she had some time to spare.

She discussed her future projects with Sister Meng before heading to the lunch gathering with her.

During the ride, Sister Meng, while glancing at her phone, mentioned, "You might run into a lot of familiar faces. Many female celebrities are interested in becoming the spokesperson for this brand."

Yan Qiuzhi acknowledged her with an En to indicate that she understood.

The sunlight outside was warm, casting a cozy glow through the car windows. Yan Qiuzhi, who had slept well the previous night, was in a good mood. She observed the pedestrians on the sidewalk, her lips curled up in a faint smile, her eyes filled with happiness.

Sister Meng casually turned her head and couldn't help but notice that after not seeing Yan Qiuzhi for a few days, she seemed even more beautiful and her complexion had improved.

"How was your rest these past few days?" Sister Meng inquired.

"Not bad," Yan Qiuzhi replied.

Sister Meng nodded and said, "That's good. I can see that your complexion has improved a lot."

Yan Qiuzhi stiffened for a moment and touched her own face, "Really?"

Sister Meng glanced at her, "You haven't noticed it yourself?"

Without hesitation, Yan Qiuzhi replied, "No."

Sister Meng: "......"

When Yan Qiuzhi and Sister Meng arrived at the lunch gathering, it was not surprising that they had indeed encountered some familiar faces.

Sitting in the center of the room, the person was engaged in a lively conversation with others. Yan Qiuzhi hadn't approached yet when Guan He greeted her with a gentle smile.

"Qiuzhi, it's been a while. How have you been recently?"

Yan Qiuzhi wore a fake smile on her face and lazily replied, "I'm doing fine."

Guan He continued, "You've been resting at home these past few days, right?" She playfully tousled her hair, revealing her fair collarbone. She added with a hint of regret, "Unlike me, who has been busy day and night."

Yan Qiuzhi replied with an Oh and didn't continue the conversation.

Guan He's expression stiffened for a moment, once again feeling the cold indifference from Yan Qiuzhi. Several other artists sitting around them observed the exchange without speaking.

Guan He wasn't discouraged and went on to ask, "Are you also interested in endorsing this brand?"

In response, Yan Qiuzhi couldn't be bothered to even give her a glance and said indifferently, "If I wasn't interested, why would I be here? Can you use your brain before asking questions?"

A sharp pallor crossed Guan He's face. What she hated the most was not Yan Qiuzhi's attitude but the last part of her response: Can you use your brain?

Those words had an extremely strong impact on Guan He. She loathed it when people spoke to her that way.

Guan He had entered the entertainment industry by chance after finishing high school, and her educational background was relatively low.

However, the main reason she had difficulty was her tendency to speak without thinking, leading to many embarrassing situations. On one important occasion, she used an idiom incorrectly and misled several people.

Afterward, the media labeled her as the dumbest celebrity.

In reality, if Guan He had just kept to herself, things would have been fine. However, she was the kind of person who pretended to know things she didn't, inevitably making a fool of herself in the end.

This was a story that many people in the entertainment industry, including fans, were aware of.

Guan He was provoked and her temper flared, "Using a brain makes you more noble? Aren't we all here to sell ourselves?"

As her words fell, the expressions of other artists turned sour.

"Guan He," someone called out, "What did you mean by that?"

"That's right, who said we're selling ourselves? This is our job; we're just having a meal as part of the normal process."

"We're artists; how can having a meal with a brand be considered selling ourselves?"

People around them mumbled, "Indeed, she's brainless."

Listening to the murmurs of those around her, Guan He clenched her clothing and bit her lip, her face turning even paler.

Yan Qiuzhi didn't pay any attention to Guan He's provocation. She kept her head down, playing with her phone while waiting.

The brand representatives hadn't arrived yet, so it wasn't surprising that the atmosphere inside the private room was chaotic.

Before long, a representative from the brand arrived. With that, the disputes in the room abruptly ceased, replaced by a sudden silence.

After exchanging greetings, Yan Qiuzhi sat down and began eating her meal earnestly.

Suddenly, the conversation somehow shifted to focus on Yan Qiuzhi.

She lifted her gaze; her exquisite features shimmered under the lighting, radiating her beauty.

After a few exchanges, when a glass of wine was offered to Yan Qiuzhi, she raised it and drank it all in one go.

Seeing this, the brand representative's eyes lit up with a hint of delight, "Miss Yan is a straightforward person."

Yan Qiuzhi smiled faintly. When the second glass was offered, she politely declined, "I'm sorry, my alcohol tolerance is just average."

The brand representative gazed at her beautiful face and suggested, "You should be able to handle it. Miss Yan, try another glass. Everyone else has been drinking quite a bit."

Guan He, who was nearby, added, "Yes, Qiuzhi, I'll raise a glass to you. I didn't have a chance to talk to you about the endorsement matter earlier."

In response to their suggestions, Yan Qiuzhi leaned back lazily in her chair, raising her eyelids to look at the brand representative and then at Guan He.

She didn't budge.

Guan He, who held her glass in the air, felt extremely embarrassed.

Pursing her lips, Guan He intentionally asked, "Qiuzhi, you wouldn't be unwilling to drink, would you?"

With that remark, people around them watched the situation like it was a show.

It was a tricky situation where most people would find it challenging to refuse. However, Yan Qiuzhi was not like most people. She raised her eyelids and let out a mocking chuckle, crossing her arms.

She replied coldly, "Who do you think you are? You offer a toast, and I have to drink?"

Guan He's face darkened, taken aback by her words. She said, "Qiuzhi, what do you mean by that? I genuinely wanted to toast you."

"Is that so?"

Yan Qiuzhi sipped her juice leisurely and continued, "In that case, I'll accept your toast by drinking juice. You can drink the alcohol."


The onlookers were taken aback, not expecting Yan Qiuzhi to be so unyielding.

Even the brand representative was flabbergasted by Yan Qiuzhi's response, and his face darkened with irritation. Her lack of cooperation provoked him.

"Miss Yan, it's customary not to refuse a toast," the brand representative insisted.

Yan Qiuzhi smiled faintly, "I'm not accepting. Why don't you drink on my behalf?"

The brand representative: "You—"

The others in the private room couldn't help but burst into laughter.

Yan Qiuzhi couldn't be bothered with these people. Initially, she was interested in the endorsement, but if the brand representative acted this way, she was better off without the endorsement.

With that in mind, she stood up and turned to leave.

But just as she opened the door to leave, she froze.

She stared at the person who had suddenly appeared here and couldn't control the tone of her question, "Why are you here?"

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