Thousands of Heartbeats

Chapter 22.1

The two exchanged silent glances, and before Yan Qiuzhi could avert her gaze, Chen Lunan withdrew his eyes first.

The camera focused on the two, creating an inexplicable and somewhat eerie atmosphere.

As the cold winter wind blew, awakening their knotted minds, Mu Xin, oblivious to the tension between the two, shouted without much thought, "Oh my god! Sister Qiuzhi, you and Teacher Chen are wearing matching outfits!"


Great, now it's even more awkward.

Yan Qiuzhi remained silent.

Chen Lunan, on the other hand, smiled briefly. Though it was light and brief, the camera captured it.

In a low, amused voice, he said, "Quite a coincidence."

Mu Xin nodded enthusiastically, "Yes, yes."

Shao Yue coughed, breaking the awkward silence, "Teacher Chen, let's go inside. Teacher Xu Song is making noodles for us."

Chen Lunan nodded.

Yan Qiuzhi couldn't understand why this guy would come to record a show and not even drop a hint to her.

Thinking about her surprised and shocked expression just now, she wanted to go back a few minutes and adjust her smile. She shouldn't have lost focus; otherwise, she might be mocked by Chen Lunan in the future.

As Yan Qiuzhi was contemplating this, Mu Xin, probably unable to contain her excitement at seeing her idol, ran up from downstairs, panting, "Sister Qiuzhi, why aren't you coming down yet?"

Yan Qiuzhi casually glanced at the camera, "There's still something to tidy up."

She looked at Mu Xin, "Why did you come up?"

Mu Xin walked around in the room, excited and thrilled, "I'm a bit too excited; I need someone to share it with."

She looked at Yan Qiuzhi, "Sister Qiuzhi, Teacher Chen is participating in the variety show! And we're in the same episode."

Hearing this, Yan Qiuzhi couldn't help but laugh, "En."

She smiled at Mu Xin, "Do you really like him?"

"Very much!"

Mu Xin didn't hesitate, "He's been my idol for many years, even before I entered the entertainment industry."

Yan Qiuzhi wasn't surprised by her words.

Chen Lunan was an idol admired for many years by many people. His charisma was so great that even with few works, people remembered him all the time and couldn't forget him.

When Yan Qiuzhi and Mu Xin went downstairs, Chen Lunan and others were already engaged in conversation.

The scallion oil noodles were ready just in time. The fragrance made Yan Qiuzhi's empty stomach growl.

She just thought about getting up to serve, but the male artists took the lead.

Shao Yue and Chen Lunan each carried two bowls of noodles, one in front and one behind, walking towards them. It was already noon, so everyone decided to eat in the courtyard while basking in the sun.

"Finally here."

Mu Xin, lively and enthusiastic, said, "Thank you, Teacher Xu Song and Teacher's wife, for your hard work."

Xu Song smiled, looking at them kindly, "Try it and see if you like it."


Yan Qiuzhi nodded as well.

Shao Yue handed her a bowl and said, looking at her eyes, "No scallions, right? This was specially made by Teacher Xu Song."

Yan Qiuzhi was taken aback, looking at the non-authentic scallion oil noodles in front of her without any scallion toppings. She smiled lightly and said, "Thank you."

She didn't like scallions, but for the sake of the program, Yan Qiuzhi didn't want to make any special requests. Besides, she could pick them out herself, so it wasn't a big problem.

Mu Xin was surprised and turned to her, "Sister Qiuzhi, you don't eat scallions?"


Yan Qiuzhi said apologetically, "I'm a picky eater. Don't follow my example, everyone."

The staff nearby laughed along.

Chen Lunan walked behind and handed a bowl to Mu Xin.

Mu Xin's face turned red with excitement as she hurriedly said, "Thank you, Teacher Chen."

Chen Lunan nodded, his expression calm.

The other regular guests also followed out. Teacher Xu Song naturally sat down on the side, watching this group of young people eat noodles.

"How is it? Does it taste good?"

"Very good."

"Thanks, Teacher Xu Song."

Yan Qiuzhi had to admit the taste was indeed excellent. She loved scallion oil noodles, but she couldn't make them herself. The ones her family's housekeeper made were just average. The housekeeper often forgot that she didn't eat scallions and would chop them into tiny pieces and toss them in.

Yan Qiuzhi would basically have no room to take a bite.

After the meal, Xu Song arranged tasks for everyone.

For recording such programs, it's usually about experiencing life. The program team had bought and prepared land around the courtyard for planting vegetables and raising fish. There were quite a few self-grown edibles, such as large radishes and Chinese cabbage.

"What are we going to do later?"

Yu Wei said, "Ask Little Teacher Xu."

Because both Xu Song and Xu Kaishi had the surname Xu and were good friends, to distinguish between them, they were called Old Xu and Little Xu.

In no time, Xu Kaishi came out and looked at everyone, "Let's pull radishes later and then bring them home to cut into strips and dry them."

Everyone agreed in unison.

The clothes Yan Qiuzhi was wearing were quite suitable for working in the fields. She took off her down jacket and changed into a hoodie.

Others also dressed lightly.

The radish-pulling area was on a small hill quite far away, about half an hour's walk.

Mu Xin and Yan Qiuzhi casually talked with each other, occasionally cueing in Shao Yue and Chen Lunan. Other guests were treated the same way, considering everyone's feelings, not giving all the camera focus to Chen Lunan just because of his popularity.

This was also a reason many people liked this program.

Yan Qiuzhi wasn't talkative. She was a bit slow to warm up and found it a bit challenging to integrate into the environment.

This was something she had mentioned to Shen Muqing at the beginning; she wasn't actually suitable for variety shows.

After a while, Mu Xin started chatting with Yu Wei.

Yan Qiuzhi walked in the middle, with Chen Lunan in front and Shao Yue behind.

As they walked, they soon reached a spacious road.

Shao Yue took the initiative to talk to Yan Qiuzhi, "How do you feel?"

Yan Qiuzhi smiled faintly, "It's quite good, comfortable."

Shao Yue also expressed approval, "Indeed, the air here is too good. I feel like staying here."

Yan Qiuzhi chuckled, "You can apply with Teacher Xu."

Shao Yue shrugged and said jokingly, "Then the audience might say I'm disrupting the life of this family of four."

The four regular guests were jokingly referred to by netizens as the family of four.

Yan Qiuzhi couldn't help but laugh.

The group of people, lively and cheerful, created a particularly good atmosphere.

Chen Lunan was also chatting with Xu Kaishi, his deep and intermittent voice drifting over from the front sounded very soothing.

When they arrived at the radish field, Yu Wei enthusiastically taught everyone how to pull radishes.

Shao Yue walked with Yan Qiuzhi and smiled, "I know how to do this. Let me teach you."

As soon as he finished speaking, Yan Qiuzhi casually pulled out a radish.

Shao Yue's smile froze on his face.

Yan Qiuzhi smiled at the nearby camera and said cheerfully, "I did this when I was a kid."

After all, she came from a family with an orchard, so pulling radishes was a piece of cake.

Mu Xin and Yu Wei exchanged glances and chuckled. "Qiuzhi, you're really amazing."

Yan Qiuzhi nodded, "Just a little bit."

On the other side, Xu Kaishi and Chen Lunan, hearing the commotion, looked over and Xu Kaishi said with a smile, "Qiuzhi seems to be doing well."

Chen Lunan looked over in that direction, his eyes slightly squinting from the sunlight. He lowered his voice, "En."

Seeing Chen Lunan's lack of interest, Xu Kaishi didn't continue discussing female artists with him and turned to work.

"Do you have time after the New Year?"

The Chinese New Year was less than a week away.

Chen Lunan thought for a moment, "It depends on the timing."

He still respected Xu Kaishi and asked with a smile, "Is there something you want to talk to me about?"

Xu Kaishi nodded, "After the New Year, my variety show will start filming. I'd like to invite you as a guest, how about it?"

Xu Kaishi hosted his own variety, a weekly program recorded twice a month, where he invited artists from the entertainment industry to participate. It served as a platform for promoting movies, TV dramas, or just making appearances. The program had a good reputation and high viewership.

Chen Lunan nodded, "No problem."

Xu Kaishi nodded and chuckled softly, "We need to start strong, inviting you will make a big impact."

Chen Lunan smiled lightly.

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