Thousands of Heartbeats

Chapter 10

The next day, when Yan Qiuzhi woke up, Chen Lunan was nowhere to be found.

Yan Qiuzhi didn't pay much attention and, after getting ready, went to the film set with Zhu Zhu.

Upon arrival, she overheard the crew members gossiping, saying that there would be someone visiting the set today.

Yan Qiuzhi didn't think much of it as she sat in her designated spot and started reading the script.

Suddenly, the discussions around her grew louder.

Some idle crew members, probably unaware of her presence, started gossiping.

"I didn't expect Guan He to secure the Anjia endorsement. Impressive."

"I actually like Guan He. Didn't she film a movie with Director Lin before?"

"Keep it down. It seems like Guan He competed with Sister Qiuzhi for this endorsement."

"I saw some online rumors saying Guan He's next target might be Dijia."

Listening to these comments, Yan Qiuzhi narrowed her eyes and focused on the script.

Zhu Zhu, feeling angry, was about to confront them but was held back by Yan Qiuzhi.

"Don't make a scene," Yan Qiuzhi said.

Zhu Zhu was upset but seemingly had no choice. In the entertainment industry, competition among female celebrities for endorsements was normal. If it were someone else who won the endorsement through regular means, she wouldn't feel this way.

But it was Guan He.

Since Yan Qiuzhi began to gain recognition in the industry, Guan He had been setting obstacles for her, often using unconventional methods to snatch endorsements away from her.

What's more infuriating was that Guan He's team had to hype her up while belittling Yan Qiuzhi on Weibo every time.

"Sister Yan Yan, how can you not be angry?" Zhu Zhu asked in frustration.

Yan Qiuzhi raised her eyebrows and smiled, "I am angry. But we need to direct our anger toward the right target. Understand?"

Zhu Zhu didn't understand, nor did she want to.

Just as she was about to speak, Yan Qiuzhi's phone rang. She lowered her head and saw an unfamiliar number.

After contemplating for two seconds, she answered, "Hello, who's this?"

There was silence for two seconds, followed by a somewhat familiar yet unfamiliar laughter, "Guess who?"

Yan Qiuzhi was stunned.

Jiang Ding's tone rose, calling out, "Yan Yan?"

Yan Qiuzhi snapped back, dredging up memories associated with that voice. She exclaimed with joy, "Brother Jiang Ding?"

"It's me."

Yan Qiuzhi was extremely surprised and, suppressing her excited emotions, asked, "How did you—"

"I'm back."

Yan Qiuzhi was taken aback, "Really?"


Jiang Ding looked at the information in front of him, smiled, and said, "Don't you want to ask when I came back?"

Yan Qiuzhi raised her eyebrows and whispered, "If you want to tell me, you will naturally say it." Then, she remembered a key point, "How did you get my number?"

Jiang Ding looked at the spread-out photos in front of him, "I was just looking at your information. I almost thought I got the wrong person. I didn't expect that after a few years, our Yan Yan has become a big star."

Yan Qiuzhi detected the teasing tone in his words and couldn't help but laugh. "Don't tease me. I'm just making a living."

Jiang Ding chuckled, "Getting more and more beautiful."

Yan Qiuzhi blushed a bit and touched her nose, "Where did you see my information?"

Jiang Ding paused and gave her a hint, "I work at Dijia."

Yan Qiuzhi was momentarily stunned and instantly understood.

Some time ago, she received internal information that Dijia was selecting a spokesperson for their Chinese market. They didn't accept self-recommendations; instead, they would directly screen from female artists.

Yan Qiuzhi didn't take it seriously. Since she didn't even secure the endorsement for Anjia, she didn't hold much hope for Dijia, unless she took a backdoor approach.

But now, with Jiang Ding's revelation, Yan Qiuzhi suddenly had some expectations.

After arranging to meet Jiang Ding at a specific time, Yan Qiuzhi hung up.

Zhu Zhu stared at her intently, eyes full of curiosity, "Sister Yan Yan, who was that?"

Yan Qiuzhi glanced at her, "Curious, huh?"

Zhu Zhu nodded.

Yan Qiuzhi, in a good mood, deliberately teased her, "I won't tell you."

At her words, Zhu Zhu's smiling face instantly fell, "Sister Yan Yan..."

Yan Qiuzhi chuckled, patting her arm, "It's my brother."

"Huh?" Zhu Zhu looked at her in surprise, "You have a brother?"

Yan Qiuzhi replied with an En and added, "Cousin."

Zhu Zhu wanted to ask more, but Yan Qiuzhi was called by Director Lin to rehearse with other actors.

The whole morning, Yan Qiuzhi was busy filming and didn't bother to check the messy comments online.

She wasn't someone who would deliberately make herself feel uncomfortable.

In the afternoon, while Yan Qiuzhi was resting in the lounge, she heard a lively commotion outside. It seemed that a few stars had come to visit the set.

However, she didn't expect that the visitor would be someone with whom she had a bad history.

Guan He stood gracefully among the crowd, allowing her assistant to distribute hot drinks to everyone.

Guan He had previously acted in Lin Jing's drama, the one Yan Qiuzhi failed to secure. Since they were acquaintances, it wasn't unusual for her to visit the set.

Guan He's assistant announced, "This is the afternoon tea that Sister He is giving to everyone. It's winter, so it'll keep you all warm."

The crew quickly expressed their gratitude, "Thank you, Sister He."

"How come Sister He is here in X City?" someone asked.

Guan He smiled faintly, "I'm here for an endorsement and to visit Director Lin."

Lin Jing glanced over but remained silent.

Some crew members, upon hearing about the endorsement, instinctively looked at Yan Qiuzhi.

They had discussed the endorsement earlier in the morning. Didn't Yan Qiuzhi and Guan He compete for this very endorsement? Everyone tacitly understood and didn't ask further.

Of course, there were also those who were not interested in gossip and didn't follow hot topics.

"What endorsement is Sister He here for?"

Guan He smiled slightly, "It's for Anjia."

A few of them had their eyes lit up.

Anjia was considered a luxury brand, with bags and high heels in its lineup. Although online reviews were mixed, many people still bought their products.

Guan He securing an endorsement from a luxury brand was enough to prove her strength.

"Congratulations, Sister He."

"Sister He is amazing."

Listening to the flattering voices, Guan He casually said, "It's nothing. I still need to work harder."

Someone, trying to please her, said obsequiously, "Now it's Anjia; who knows, Sister He might endorse Dijia next."

Dijia was also one of the top luxury brands.

Guan He's eyes flashed with a hint of light, but she maintained humility on her face, "How is that possible? That might take a few more years."

Surrounded by the crowd's adoration, Guan He smiled. Upon turning her head, she noticed Yan Qiuzhi and walked straight toward her.


Yan Qiuzhi nodded indifferently and turned to sit on the side.

Guan He casually swept her hair back, glanced around, and said, "Filming Director Lin's drama must be tough."

Yan Qiuzhi didn't even bother giving her a glance.

Guan He felt angry just by seeing Yan Qiuzhi's indifferent attitude. Clearly... she should be the one flaunting her indifference. However, Yan Qiuzhi never paid any attention to her, whether she snatched her endorsements or mocked her in private. Yan Qiuzhi always remained proud.

"Qiuzhi, I'm talking to you."

Yan Qiuzhi flipped a page of the script, raised her eyelids to look at her, and said, "Ears are not deaf. Do you have something to say to me?"

A hint of frustration crossed Guan He's face, "Why are you like this?"

Yan Qiuzhi was unwilling to say much, "Oh, what am I like?"

Guan He opened her mouth and was about to say that Yan Qiuzhi lacked manners when shouts of surprise came from the other side again.

"Chen... Chen Lunan is here?"

"Director Guan is here too?"

"Ah ah ah ah, my God!"

Guan He's eyes lit up, and upon seeing the arrival of the person, she quickly walked over.

Yan Qiuzhi subconsciously turned her head to look. There were several people over there, all familiar faces, but she could spot Chen Lunan among them, the person surrounded by the crowd.

Even standing in a group, he was always the most eye-catching.

He was dressed casually today, a dark-colored windbreaker solving everything in this chilly weather. His face was handsome, and when he greeted people, there was a faint smile on his face. However, the smile didn't reach his eyes, and the emotion in his pupils was not clear, appearing calm and cool.

Yan Qiuzhi glanced at him for a moment. Their eyes met, and just as she was about to retract her gaze, Lin Jing turned to look at her and called, "Qiuzhi, come over and say hello."


After Lin Jing called her over, he smiled at Chen Lunan and others, "This is an actress in our crew, Yan Qiuzhi."

Director Guan glanced at Yan Qiuzhi and smiled, "I know her."

Lin Jing was surprised.

Director Guan smiled as he pointed at Chen Lunan and said, "Lunan, you may not know. This actress is equally famous as you."

Chen Lunan responded expressionlessly, "Famous in what way?"

A staff member on the side spoke up, "You are both famous as the actors everyone most wants to sleep with."

As soon as the words fell, the air seemed to freeze for a moment.

Yan Qiuzhi, who had just walked over, heard this, and as for Guan He standing nearby, her lips were almost bitten.

This equally famous was what she had aimed for before. However, when online voting took place, eighty percent of the people voted for Yan Qiuzhi.

Yan Qiuzhi smiled lightly, suppressing the anger in her eyes, and said, "It's just a joke from bored netizens, Teacher Chen, don't take it to heart."

Chen Lunan's gaze fell on Yan Qiuzhi beside him, paused for a moment, and said, "Quite interesting."


Everyone was bewildered, turning to look at Chen Lunan and then at Yan Qiuzhi.

Yan Qiuzhi smiled faintly, "It's nothing."

She continued, "Just a joke among everyone."

Director Guan laughed heartily, "It's a praise for both of your great charm." He looked Yan Qiuzhi up and down, nodding approvingly, "Indeed worthy of such a title."

Yan Qiuzhi smiled, and softly said, "Thank you, Director Guan."

Guan He, who was watching from the side, was so jealous that her eyes were about to burst.

After exchanging pleasantries, Lin Jing took the opportunity to consult Director Guan to seek his guidance.

Director Guan was a particularly famous film director; Chen Lunan's most famous movie was directed by him. The two shared a mentor-disciple relationship.

Yan Qiuzhi was curious why they came here. Just as she was thinking about it, Guan He had already walked up to Chen Lunan.

Yan Qiuzhi raised an eyebrow, hearing Guan He playfully call out, "Teacher Chen."

Yan Qiuzhi smiled.

Chen Lunan lifted his eyelids and responded indifferently.

Guan He, with a radiant smile, moved closer to Chen Lunan, "Why did Teacher Chen come here today?"

Chen Lunan took a step back and coldly asked, "Miss Guan, have you studied etiquette?"

Guan He was puzzled, "What do you mean by that, Teacher Chen?"

Suddenly, a man who had not spoken all this while laughed.

Guan He noticed the man standing beside Chen Lunan. After seeing his appearance, a hint of amazement flashed in her eyes.

Not only Guan He but even Yan Qiuzhi noticed him.

Apart from a few assistants who came with Director Guan and Chen Lunan, there was this man. He hadn't spoken or been introduced by Director Guan and others.

The man had a refined appearance, giving off a sense of sophistication, elegance, and charm.

Yan Qiuzhi stared at him for a moment before moving her gaze away when their eyes met.

Upon hearing his laughter, Guan He's face showed a hint of embarrassment, "What are you laughing at?"

The man looked at her and said, "Laughing at Miss Guan's deliberate question."

Guan He looked embarrassed, staring at him in confusion.

The man continued, "Lunan just asked if Miss Guan leans towards men habitually or if Miss Guan only leans towards Lunan?"

As soon as he finished speaking, Guan He's face turned crimson red. It was as if her most embarrassing secret had been exposed.

As for the staff who overheard their conversation, they couldn't help but burst into laughter.

Guan He's previous actions were obviously an attempt to be intimate with Chen Lunan, like a top-tier staged accident.

Listening to the laughter, Guan He's face burned. If it weren't for her small sense of rationality, she might have left in embarrassment.

She bit her lip and said, "Sorry, I just didn't stand steadily."

The man smiled meaningfully.

Guan He, feeling embarrassed, didn't want to stay there. After saying a few words, she went to the director's side.

The man turned his head and looked at Chen Lunan, "How are you going to thank me?"

Chen Lunan glanced at him, then turned to look at Yan Qiuzhi.

Yan Qiuzhi was a bit amused at the moment. The anger she felt when Guan He snatched away the endorsement seemed to have disappeared in an instant.

Just this short interaction, Yan Qiuzhi estimated that this would soon spread across the internet, and Guan He would be thoroughly embarrassed.

But when she met Chen Lunan's light-colored eyes, she immediately restrained her expression. When no one was paying attention, she even glared at him fiercely.

This dog-man; always attracting trouble.

Ignoring her glare, Chen Lunan walked straight over, asking in a low voice, "Miss Yan, do you still have scenes to shoot later?"

Yan Qiuzhi looked at him, "You—"

The surrounding staff were also surprised, Chen Lunan's attitude toward Yan Qiuzhi... seemed a bit unusual?

Chen Lunan showed little emotion, neither warm nor cold. It seemed polite, not particularly special. Just a courteous greeting.

Wang Kang added, "Miss Yan, if you're free, can you go over there?" pointing to a corner.

Yan Qiuzhi didn't ignore the surprise in the eyes of the staff. Just as she was about to refuse, Chen Lunan, who was passing by her, lowered his voice and said, "He is Bo Yu."

Instantly, Yan Qiuzhi swallowed the words that were about to come out of her mouth.

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