Come To My Side

Come To My Side

Translated by: krish728

Guan Xi, 26 years old, was suddenly informed that she’s not a biological child.

The real Miss Guan will soon be picked up from a corner of some small town.

In a flash, her world was turned upside down, her parents were going to divide their love, the property would have to be split, and even her current fiance might marry another person.

After pondering overnight, Guan Xi decided to pull herself together and, against her conscience, confess her love to win her fiance’s favour: “Jiang Suizhou, I love you! I love you so much that I can’t live without you!”

Jiang Suizhou, who just came back from a business trip, slightly raised his eyebrows as he saw the flower petals on the floor, “Guan Xi, which limited edition bag did you fancy this time?”


The eldest daughter of the Guan family, Guan Xi, has a handsome and wealthy fiance, however, everyone is well aware that Guan Xi and her fiance were just in a ‘speak money not love’ plastic relationship.

Following the return of the real young lady, a lot of people insinuate that Guan Xi will lose everything. Until at a particular auction, everyone witnessed her fiance, Jiang Suizhou, spending lavishly to buy sets of luxury jewelry for Guan Xi.

A friend hurriedly dissuaded him: “Are you insane, Guan Xi is not your fiance anymore.”

He found Jiang Suizhou smiling calmly, “She’s my spoiled fiance, who’s to say I should change.”

Latest Release: Chapter 14

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