Come To My Side

Chapter 11

The hotel's lunch arrived shortly, and Guan Xi finally managed to escape from Jiang Suizhou's unreasonable entanglement and got up from the bed.

Jiang Suizhou also sat down at the dining table leisurely, picked up his chopsticks, and started eating.

Guan Xi took a bite of the dish, glanced at him, and remembered that he had said he was very tired and wanted to sleep. He had forcibly held her and closed his eyes to rest for ten minutes. Maybe he had rested enough; he now seemed to be in a good mood.

Buzz, buzz...

The phone vibrated.

Guan Xi looked and found it was a WeChat message from her father, asking why she hadn't arrived yet.

Guan Xi picked up her phone and sent a voice message, "Something came up, I'll be there later. You don't need to wait for me."

Guan Xinghao, upon receiving her message, did not reply further. Guan Xi knew he understood her meaning.

She didn't want to face the scene of a tearful family reunion.

Jiang Suizhou: "Today, you going to your grandfather's place, is that to make that... public."

"Guan Ying."


Guan Xi said, "After the announcement, gradually, people outside will know too."

"Are you going later?"

"Otherwise, wouldn't it be strange not to go at a time like this?"

Jiang Suizhou: "I'll take you, it's on the way."

Guan Xi originally wanted to say that she had her own car and didn't need him to drive, but then she thought that Jiang Suizhou seemed to have not visited her family's elders with her for a long time. Moreover, in the current situation, she seemed to need him to show his face.

However, he... he never liked visiting her family's elders, but today he took the initiative?

Jiang Suizhou seemed to sense what she was thinking and said, "Not needed? I thought you needed it."

"Of course, I need it. Who said I don't need it."

Jiang Suizhou faintly hooked his lips.

Guan Xi slowly played the role of Lin Daiyu and said, "Ah, I happen to have a bit of a headache and don't want to drive. Since you insist on taking me, I'll let you be a free chauffeur"

Lin Daiyu (林黛玉) is a character in the 18th-century Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber by Cao Xueqin. She is a beautiful, intelligent, and well-educated young woman who is physically frail and prone to melancholy.

Jiang Suizhou ignored her theatricality, put down his chopsticks, and said, "Then eat quickly, set off early. I have something to do in the afternoon."


On the way to Guan Family's old villa, Guan Xi's phone kept receiving WeChat messages.

A group of siblings of the same generation bombarded her with messages. It seemed that each one of them was shocked by the sudden appearance of Guan Ying. Her youngest sister, Guan Zhiyi, even sent her a set of voice messages, each lasting 60 seconds, which gave her a headache.

She randomly opened a few.

"...How come there is another sister? I've never heard of this... Sister, what do you think of this? Why didn't you tell me... Why haven't you come yet? I'm still in the bathroom secretly sending you messages. I'm coming out soon... She looks too much like you..."

Guan Xi replied to her: 【Stop sending, it's too long, I won't listen.】

Guan Zhiyi sent her a pitiful emoticon.

Guan Xi chuckled, then softened and sent a message: 【Good girl, I'll be there soon.】

Ah, Guan Zhiyi!! She's the main character of the novel [I Am Rich], which was written by the same author, of course. In the previous chapter, there was a mention of Guan Yuanbai, who is Guan Zhiyi's older brother. Guan Yuanbai and Guan Zhiyi are Guan Xi's paternal uncle's children.

Half an hour later, the car drove into the Guan Family's old villa.

Jiang Suizhou's car stopped in the parking space, and he walked into the villa with Guan Xi. A housemaid was waiting at the entrance, and upon seeing the two, she greeted them and hurried inside to inform the people.

At this time, everyone had finished eating, and the highlight of the family reunion had just concluded. Guan Xi's arrival was perfectly timed.

Today, the Guan and Wei families gathered in this villa. The spacious living room accommodated grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins from both the Guan and Wei families.

"Sister, you're here!" Guan Zhiyi was the first to run over when she saw Guan Xi. After arriving beside Guan Xi, she politely greeted Jiang Suizhou.

With Guan Zhiyi approaching, the eyes of everyone in the room followed. Guan Xi calmly greeted everyone, then turned to Guan Zhiyi and said, "Little Five, you've been at home these two days. I thought you were filming outside."

Guan Zhiyi held her hand and replied, "Yes, I was filming. I happen to have a two-day break."

"Ah, I see."

"Suizhou is here too." Grandpa Guan, Guan Hong, looked at Guan Xi, his eyes filled with various thoughts. But he quickly restrained himself, waved his hand, and said, "Come over, sit. It's been a long time."

Jiang Suizhou nodded to everyone as he walked to Guan Hong's side, "Grandfather."

"How have you been lately? Busy with work, I suppose."

"It's manageable. How's your health lately?"

Guan Hong replied, "I'm doing well."

While Jiang Suizhou exchanged pleasantries with the elders, Guan Xi was pulled aside by Guan Zhiyi. At this moment, apart from Guan Ying, who was sitting with the elders, the other young people were gathered in another area.

"Guan Xi, why didn't you say anything about such a big matter all this time?" Guan Yuanbai saw Guan Xi coming over and immediately asked.

Guan Zhiyi added, "Exactly, why didn't you tell us?"

Guan Xi shrugged, "Don't you all know now?"

Wei Xiuyang looked at her with a strange expression, "At least you could have let us be prepared."

"What's there to be prepared?" Guan Xi's face was relaxed as she jokingly said, "Xiuyang, you've gained an extra sister."

"Do you think I'd be happy with an extra sister?" Wei Xiuyang glanced at her, "Having you is troublesome enough."

"Tsk, can't you say something nice."

The younger generation rarely gathers like this, especially during such a significant event. A few of them quickly started discussing in hushed tones. Guan Xi couldn't be bothered to listen and went to the kitchen to get a drink.

"Seems like you're not in a good mood." While she was pouring juice, a familiar voice came from behind.

Without turning around, Guan Xi knew it was Wei Xiuyang's sister, Wei Zihan, who was about to come over and nag her a bit. She was used to it; every time she met this cousin, it was either arguing or making a scene. They had never been on good terms since childhood.

Guan Xi turned to look at her, "Hmm? What do you mean?"

Wei Zihan chuckled, "I don't need to say it. A person like you, getting along peacefully with those who pose a threat to you is quite strange."

Guan Xi raised an eyebrow, "You worry too much. My sister is not like you at all. She's not sharp-tongued and is easy to get along with."

Wei Zihan sneered, "Easy to get along with? With Guan Jing here, she'll probably compete with you for family inheritance and affection. I find it hard to believe you can get along well. "

Guan Xi wouldn't let Wei Zihan gain the upper hand. Sipping her juice, she intentionally teased her, "Don't worry. Even if I lose my family inheritance, I can still live comfortably. After all, I still have Jiang Suizhou. It doesn't matter."

Wei Zihan's expression changed slightly. She had always been compared to Guan Xi by her family, so much so that she had started comparing herself to Guan Xi.

She refused to admit defeat in other aspects, but when it came to boyfriends, she had never been confident enough to say she won. Moreover, regarding the person Jiang Suizhou... In high school, she was in the same class as him and even pursued him, but she was rejected.

This was a thorn in her heart.

"Who are you showing off to? Do you really think Jiang Suizhou loves you so much? If you had nothing, would he be with you? It's really laughable."

"Don't bother worrying. We're doing well now, living a life happier than the gods." Guan Xi, infuriatingly, revealed a shy expression. "Oh, by the way, I heard your last boyfriend dumped you? He seamlessly transitioned to an eighteen-line minor celebrity with your help, didn't he? Oh dear sister, look at what you have now. How come no one wants to be with you?"


"Worry about yourself before worrying about me. After all, you're my sister; I find it heartbreaking to see you like this." After saying this, Guan Xi put down the juice, ignored Wei Zihan's disgruntled face, and walked straight out.

However, her smiling and proud face suddenly changed when she turned away from Wei Zihan, as if something had been abruptly taken away.

Guan Xi turned back with an indifferent face and glanced at her.

Really unfortunate.

On the other side, several elders were still sitting and chatting.

Jiang Suizhou's arrival disrupted the previously sticky atmosphere. The emotions of the two elders from the Wei family stabilized, and they also chatted with Jiang Suizhou, exchanging pleasantries about each other's families.

Guan Jing obediently sat next to the elders, her gaze falling on the young man in front of her.

Compared to her inadvertent restraint in this awkward situation, the young man's expression remained calm among the many elders. Polite but not overly enthusiastic, every move and gesture exuded a calm and composed demeanor, a sense of noble elegance befitting someone in a high position.

Since her arrival, she had encountered several impressive siblings, but Jiang Suizhou easily caught her attention.

It wasn't just because of his handsome and steady appearance and demeanor; it was also because the person who walked in with him was Guan Xi.

This person was Jiang Suizhou, frequently mentioned by her parents in the past few days.

"Suizhou, this is Guan Ying. I suppose Xi Xi already briefed you about the matters concerning our family." Guan Hong introduced.

Guan Xi saw him glance at her when he heard her name, his gaze indifferent.

He nodded in her direction as a form of greeting.

Guan Jing hesitated for a moment and quickly nodded in response.

"We've talked about it. Congratulations, Grandpa," Jiang Suizhou said without much emotion.

Guan Hong smiled, "Yes, everyone is very happy."

After a brief chat, most of the elders got up and left. The younger generation stayed behind, chatting in groups outside in the garden.

Guan Xinghao and Wei Shaomin hoped Guan Ying would get to know her brothers and sisters better, so they didn't rush to leave.

At this moment, Guan Ying was being pulled aside by Wei Zihan for a conversation. As a newcomer, she seemed unfamiliar to others, but Wei Zihan was overly familiar and enthusiastic.

"Suizhou, are you going back to your company later?" Guan Yuanbai's voice came from nearby.

Jiang Suizhou nodded, "Yes."

"And Guan Xi?"

Guan Xi replied, "I'm not going with him. Oh, my car is parked at Nan Jue. Later, ask someone to help me move it."

Wei Zihan was speaking fervently when she suddenly noticed Guan Ying's gaze drifting elsewhere. Following her line of sight, she saw Guan Xi, and Wei Zihan snorted, "Having a hard time getting along with her, right?"

Guan Ying turned to her, "What?"

Wei Zihan said, "Guan Xi, during this time at home, it must be challenging to get along with her."

Guan Ying fell silent for a moment and replied, "We haven't spent much time together during this period."

Wei Zihan sneered, "You're really lucky. Let me tell you, Guan Xi has been spoiled by everyone since childhood. With her temper, she does whatever she wants, and no one dares to stop her. And you... suddenly coming back like this, she must be unhappy. Oh, don't think she'll be happy about having another sister. She's very selfish and doesn't like others vying for your parents' attention with her."

Guan Jing remained silent.

Wei Zihan continued, "I'm not deliberately disparaging her. Anyone you ask will tell you the same about her personality. These past two years, being with Jiang Suizhou has made her even more unbridled. No one dares to provoke her anymore."

"Jiang Suizhou?"

"Yes, the man next to her." Wei Zihan glanced at her and suddenly said, "If you had been at home all this time, I guess he wouldn't have been involved with her."

Guan Jing: "......."

Seeing Guan Jing in a daze, Wei Zihan hurriedly added, "Oh, I was just joking. It's just a casual remark. But, you know, the marriage arrangement between the Jiang and Guan families was originally for business interests. Jiang Suizhou probably doesn't really care who the other person is."

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