Come To My Side

Chapter 12

Guan Xi came in Jiang Suizhou's car; he had some business matters at his company and left early. And so, Guan Xi left together with her parents and Guan Ying.

With the driver at the wheel and Guan Xinghao in the front passenger seat, the back seat was left for his wife and daughters.

"Ying Ying, didn't you feel nervous today?" Wei Shaomin asked in the car.

Guan Xi looked out the window, her mind empty, gazing at the passing cars, one, two, three...

Shaking her head, Guan Ying said, "Everyone is fine. Maternal Grandpa and Maternal Grandma said I should visit their home next time."

Wei Shaomin nodded, "Yes, visit more often. Maternal Grandpa and Maternal Grandma have been concerned about you all these years."

The two elderly members of the Wei family were well aware of the past events. Over the years, they had been uneasy about their daughter not having biological offspring.

However, Wei Shaomin realized that saying this now might not be appropriate, as the Wei family's elderly members visibly distanced themselves from Guan Xi over the years, yet now they were expressing concern for Guan Ying.

Guan Xinghao in the front seat also sensed that this might not be a good thing for Guan Xi and gave Wei Shaomin a glance.

Wei Shaomin cleared her throat and looked at Guan Xi, "Xi Xi, how has it been at the company recently?"

Wei Shaomin suddenly realized that she hadn't been in contact with Guan Xi much lately.

Counting the passing cars up to sixty, Guan Xi was stunned for a moment, and her eyes slightly lit up.

She turned to look at Wei Shaomin, a hint of joy evident in her eyes, "Me? It's going well. I've been working on the project with Nanshan Holiday Resort recently, and it's going smoothly."

Wei Shaomin nodded, "That's good. Take some time to stay at home during this period. Don't always run around."


"You two sisters are about the same age. You should have a lot to talk about. Spend more time cultivating your relationship."

Guan Xi's gaze crossed Wei Shaomin and met Guan Ying's. She smiled, seemingly relaxed, "Oh, sure."

Wei Shaomin continued, "Ying Ying, you've been involved in the tourism sector before, and in the future, you can learn more about it by joining the company team with Xi Xi."

Guan Ying was a bit nervous, "But I was just a tour guide before; I don't know much about these things."

"Don't worry; it's not difficult. Just listen and observe more."


Wei Shaomin continued, "There's a lot to learn about the company's affairs, and it's quite complicated. You have a lot to learn, so don't rush. Take it slowly."


Inside the car, Wei Shaomin offered sincere advice to Guan Ying, while Guan Xi slowly looked out the window and counted the passing cars.

One car, two cars, three cars...

En, boring.

Guan Ying's room was opposite to Guan Xi's. After returning home, the two went upstairs.

"Guan Xi." Just as she was about to push the door, the person behind her called out.

Guan Xi turned back, somewhat surprised, considering their previous unfamiliarity at home.

"What do you think of me?" Guan Ying suddenly asked.

Guan Xi raised an eyebrow, "Why ask such a question?"

Guan Ying smiled, a bit shyly, "You are my sister, and I'm worried you might not like me."

Guan Xi was someone who liked to be straightforward. Once faced with something soft, she didn't know how to handle it. Just like now, when Guan Ying said this, she didn't know how to respond.

After a brief pause, she said, "No need to worry."

"I quite like you. Um... you are really beautiful."

Guan Xi was 168 cm tall, and with high heels, Guan Ying, who was only 163 cm, appeared quite small in front of her.

Guan Xi had to look down at her, and it felt like she was bullying someone without saying a word.


"In the future, let's get along well. I might have a lot of things I don't understand and need to ask you. I hope you won't find it troublesome then."

Guan Xi hugged her arms, feeling uneasy, "Maybe Mom didn't tell you, but I'm also half-hearted; there isn't much you can ask me."

"Then we can learn together," Guan Ying said, "Well, I don't have anything else to do. I'll go back to my room."


After returning to her room, Guan Xi locked the door and walked into her walk-in closet.

Her room, along with the walk-in closet, was extremely spacious and filled with treasures. Of course, a large portion of these treasures was scraped from Jiang Suizhou's wallet.

Guan Xi tossed her bag aside, flopped onto the soft sofa, and, while taking off her high heels, called Lang Ningyi.

The call was quickly connected, and Lang Ningyi's somewhat groggy voice came from the receiver, "What's up, darling?"

Guan Xi said, "Where are you?"

"At the beauty salon. Do you want to come over?"

"No need, next time." Guan Xi said, "Let me tell you something serious; Guan Ying talked to me today."

Long Ningyi: "Huh? What did she say?"

"She asked me what I think of her, and she said she quite likes me. Isn't that amazing?" Guan Xi looked at the full-length mirror not far away, stretching her long legs, "She spoke so softly, I feel like if I responded just a bit louder, it would sound like scolding."

Long Ningyi: "Do you feel like she's weak, and you don't want to use your usual tricks?"

Guan Xi rolled her eyes, "You guessed it right. I can't make a move, and I don't have a reason to make a move. I'm currently being threatened by her identity, but thinking carefully, she's quite pitiful. You know, she has been..."

"Damn, Guan Xi, are you sympathizing with her now? She's a real phoenix."

Guan Xi: "..."

"Cough, of course, you are too. You, everywhere, soaring like a phoenix—"

"Shut up, read fewer historical novels."

"Oh... well, let me say something serious." Long Ningyi said, "She quite likes you, probably because she thinks you're her real sister. Your dad didn't tell her you were adopted for your sake. What do you think her reaction would be when she finds out one day that you're not blood-related?"

Guan Xi was momentarily speechless.

She also wondered, what would Guan Ying's reaction be? Would she still speak softly and say she quite likes her?

"Anyway, see for yourself." Lang Ningyi thought for a moment, then started fantasizing again, "Xi Xi, if it follows the plot of a novel, she will definitely be loved by those around her; parents, brothers, the male lead... they will all like her, and then—"

"What? Male lead? Where did the male lead come from?"

Lang Ningyi: "The male lead in your script should be... Jiang Suizhou?"

Guan Xi: "......."

"The delicate and pitiful always attract men. The male lead will gradually discover the protagonist's sorrow and bleakness, sympathize with her, and fall in love with her. As for the arrogant and evil supporting female character, she will definitely be abandoned—"

"Lang Ningyi!!"

Lang Ningyi suddenly came to her senses, "Ah? I was joking! Just kidding! I mean, most novels, not about you—"

"Get lost! Hang up!"

Guan Xi stayed at home for two weeks. During these two weeks, Guan Ying accompanied her to the company. So, slowly, this bizarre news spread.

Guan Xinghao's eldest daughter, the one who died before reaching one year old, came back alive.

For a while, Guan Xi's entire social circle was discussing it, and each one of her friends sent her messages to inquire.

Guan Xi was annoyed by the questions, and in the end, she simply didn't reply to any of them. She didn't even attend gatherings or parties.

Going to work and coming back home, she seemed like a virtuous young lady.

On this day, it was the weekend, and Guan Xi, having some free time, went to the Crocodile Center tourist area on the outskirts.

Guan Xi had unique interests since she was a child. While others raised cats and dogs, she specifically adopted animals that couldn't find companions, such as peacocks, Northeast tigers... and crocodiles nearby.

She adopted three rare types of crocodiles, and this was her fourth visit here.

At this moment, she sat on a high platform at a safe distance, watching the chubby giant pets crawl slowly below.

"Has Jiang Jiang's appetite been good lately?"

The staff member beside her nodded, "The problem from last time has been treated. You can rest assured."

"And the other two?"

"Little Sui and Zhou Zhou have been quite healthy, especially Zhou Zhou; he can eat a lot."

Quite creative of her to name her pets Jiang Jiang, Little Sui, and Zhou Zhou. Jiang Suizhou.

Guan Xi smiled, "Good, if there are any problems later, contact my assistant promptly."

The staff member explained more about the crocodiles' recent minor details. Guan Xi listened attentively, as if the creatures below were her own sons.

In the middle of the conversation, her phone rang. Guan Xi signaled to pause and answered.

"What's wrong."

"Miss Guan, the Chanel clothes have arrived. Are you at home? Can we deliver them to your house now?" The voice on the phone was Jiang Suizhou's assistant, Zhou Hao.

When Guan Xi heard him mention this batch of runway outfits that Jiang Suizhou had mentioned before, she remembered, "Ah, you can deliver it. I'll be back soon."


Guan Xi hung up, and her mood, which had been somewhat depressed these past few days, improved significantly.

She stood up, "Alright, that's it for today. I'll leave now; I'll come back to visit next time."

The park's staff member eagerly followed this gold master out, "Let me escort you out."

Guan Xinghao and Wei Shaomin had something to attend to today, so besides the housekeeper, only Guan Ying was at home for the time being.

Recently, Guan Ying has been understanding the project of the Nanshan Holiday Resort. It's her first time dealing with such matters, and there's a lot to learn. However, her abilities couldn't keep up, so she could only ponder repeatedly.

A pile of documents was scattered on the living room coffee table; she had been reading them all day.

"Go upstairs, yes, just put Miss's things in the dressing room directly," Aunt Zhen's voice came.

Guan Ying looked up and saw two unfamiliar women in professional attire entering from outside. They were carrying many delicate bags and skillfully heading upstairs.

"It's usually Zhou Hao who comes over. Why did you come personally today?" Aunt Zhen asked.

"Just passing by, picking up Guan Xi," a male voice replied.

"I just received a call from Miss saying she'll be home in ten minutes."

"Where did she go?"

"She said she went to see her sons. Oh, that will be the crocodiles she adopted before. Miss said they are her real sons."

The man paused, seemingly a bit speechless, "Alright, I'll wait a bit."

"Please come in and have a seat."

The voices got closer, and then Guan Ying saw Jiang Suizhou coming in. Unlike the day she first saw him, today he wasn't wearing a suit and didn't have that heavy sense of majesty and oppression.

Today, he wore a long windbreaker with a round-necked white shirt and black trousers inside—simple yet exquisite.

"Mr. Jiang," she stood up.

Jiang Suizhou nodded when he saw her, "Miss Guan."

With no one else at home, Guan Ying felt that she should act as the hostess. So, she asked the housekeeper to make tea and invited Jiang Suizhou to sit on the sofa.

After Aunt Zhen made the tea, she went to the kitchen to prepare some simple snacks, leaving only the two of them in the spacious living room.

Now that it's just the two of them, Guan Ying felt that her initial impression of Jiang Suizhou today was still somewhat off. Jiang Suizhou wasn't affected by clothing; regardless of what he wore, his gaze still carried pressure, making her inexplicably nervous.

Guan Ying didn't know what to say and felt a bit awkward. But the man in front of her looked composed as he took a sip of tea, his expression calm, seemingly polite, but actually exuding a sense of keeping people at a distance.

Guan Ying, in her peripheral vision, saw him put down the teacup. She glanced at him and found his gaze on the documents on the coffee table. She slightly froze and awkwardly organized the papers.

"Nanshan Holiday Resort?" he suddenly spoke.

Guan Ying's heart tightened, nodding, "Yes, I've been trying to understand it recently..."

"Previously, it was Guan Xi who was handling it, right?"

Guan Ying raised her gaze to look at him.

Seeing her somewhat surprised, Jiang Suizhou said, "This project is developed jointly by our two families."

Guan Ying: "Oh, I see... My parents asked me to learn, so they want me to work together with Guan Xi now."

Jiang Suizhou nodded without saying anything further.

Guan Ying tidied up the documents and placed them in the study. When she came out, she saw Jiang Suizhou standing in front of the living room's floor-to-ceiling window, with a steaming teacup in his hand.

She took a light breath, thinking of approaching him and saying something. At that moment, she saw a figure rushing in from the entrance.

Click, click—

High heels clicked, creating a gust of wind.

"Jiang Suizhou." The newcomer walked straight to Jiang Suizhou.

Jiang Suizhou turned around, "Done looking at your sons?"

"Who told you they are my sons?"

"Aren't they?"

Guan Xi gave him a meaningful look, "Yes, they are my sons."

After saying that, she took the cup from his hand, took a sip, and then asked, "But why did you come today? Where's Zhou Hao?"

Jiang Suizhou reached out, placing his hand on her waist, embracing her. He tilted his head slightly, "What? Isn't it better that I came?"

As he spoke, there was a hint of a smile at the corner of his mouth. It was different from his serious and solemn look earlier; now, a charming air exuded, and his eyes seemed to be enticing.

In the distance, Guan Ying took a step back and closed the study door.

Their voices could still be heard from outside. Guan Ying leaned against the door, silent for a while.

Buzz buzz buzz...

Five or six minutes later, her phone suddenly vibrated.

Guan Ying lowered her gaze to the screen but didn't move.

However, the phone kept ringing. After struggling for a moment, she finally answered.

The person on the other end sounded choked with excitement as the call connected, "Ying Ying? Ying Ying! Why don't you answer my calls? How are you in your new family? How are they treating you? You—"

"I've told you, don't call me anymore." Guan Ying lowered her voice.

"But Mom misses you..."

"You are not my mom."

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