Come To My Side

Chapter 13

Two women in professional attire took all the clothes to Guan Xi's dressing room. One by one, they hung them up and meticulously ironed out every wrinkle.

After they finished, Guan Xi and Jiang Suizhou also came upstairs. Guan Xi, concerned about her clothes, took one and examined it as soon as she entered.

"Sir, everything has been sorted out," one of the women said.

Jiang Suizhou replied, "Good."

"We'll take our leave then."


Seeing Jiang Suizhou nod, they gestured to Guan Xi and left the dressing room.

Jiang Suizhou sat on the sofa, watching as Guan Xi sifted through the row of clothes.

"Your family let Guan Ying join in on the Nanshan Holiday Resort project as well?" he asked.

Guan Xi took off coat she was wearing and tried on the new one, "How did you know?"

"I saw her looking at it in the living room."

"Oh, my mom hopes she can learn something."

Jiang Suizhou: "They are letting her learn this project on her first attempt? Are you willing?"

Guan Xi hesitated for a moment, then looked at him, "What do you mean?"

"I initially developed this project, and later, you mentioned your father's interest, so I let go of a quarter. Your father knew about these details, and that's why he originally put this project under your name, letting you be a leader and make some gains." Jiang Suizhou placed one hand on the sofa armrest, tapping his index finger, appearing somewhat puzzled. "So, you don't have to agree completely to let her join, do you?"

Jiang Suizhou made it very clear. Ultimately, the reason this project existed with the involvement of the Guan family was because of Guan Xi. She had the right to say no, but she didn't.

After listening to him, Guan Xi was momentarily lost in thought. She looked at herself in the mirror, somewhat absent-mindedly, "Oh, so that's what you mean. She doesn't know anything. She's just here to learn. Besides, everyone has agreed. Do you think it's appropriate if I say no? My parents will think I'm petty and narrow-minded. I have to be more magnanimous, not malicious."

"It's always about whether you want it or not. When did you start caring about whether it's appropriate or not?" Jiang Suizhou was quite sincere when saying this. Hearing it, Guan Xi felt like rolling her eyes and casually threw a small bag on the cabinet at him, "Get lost."

Jiang Suizhou caught it, "Guan Xi, after your sister came back, you've become much more accommodating."


"Anyway, it's up to you. If you're willing, I have nothing to say."

Jiang Suizhou wore an indifferent expression, as if saying: If you want to have deep sisterly affection, go ahead.

Indeed, compared to the harmony among Guan family siblings, Jiang Suizhou's extended family was like a chaotic battlefield. For him, blood ties were what needed to be guarded against the most.

At this point, Guan Xi understood his meaning and even felt a little touched.

She smiled, raised her eyebrows slightly, and asked, "What? Are you worried about me?"

Jiang Suizhou stood up and walked over. He stood behind her, looking at the full-length mirror.

In the mirror, the woman had long and well-proportioned legs, a slender waist, and the small-sized coat on her exuded a graceful charm.

She looked stunning just standing there.

"En, afraid you've lost your momentum."

Jiang Suizhou turned his head and lightly sniffed behind Guan Xi's ear. It was his familiar scent, whether it was perfume or her natural fragrance, it was very pleasant.

Guan Xi's heart skipped a beat, and she bumped her elbow backward, "Stop jinxing me."

"I'm not jinxing you; I'm reminding you."


Jiang Suizhou's lips curled slightly, and his finger moved to the front, lightly pinching her chin, forcing her to turn back.

Then he seized her lips.

The two hadn't seen each other for two weeks. He had been busy with work, and she, surrounded by various rumors, had been reluctant to go anywhere.

So, after a long time apart, their suppressed desires had reached a critical point.

At this moment, he seemed to be kissing her slowly and methodically, but in reality, he was finding it hard to control himself.

Amidst the entanglement of lips and teeth, there was a boldly restrained passion. After a while, he turned her around, deepening the kiss, teasing her more easily.


The two were deeply entwined.

Jiang Suizhou pulled her closer, holding her against the dressing table and advancing towards her.

The dressing table behind Guan Xi was full of skincare products. When he lifted her up and sat her on it, there was a clinking sound from the glass behind her.

"Don't mess around," Guan Xi leaned backward, covering his lips with her hand.

But when her gaze met the pair of eyes over her palm, a familiar sensation surged in her heart. His gaze was direct, with a strong sense of invasion, as if he wanted to devour her alive.

They had always been open about their desires and had never hidden them.

However, not here.

"Let's go out for dinner later," Jiang Suizhou also knew this place wasn't suitable. He lowered his gaze and calmed down.

"What do you want to eat?"

"What do you want?"

Guan Xi lifted her leg, teasingly rubbing against his side, "I want to eat you."

Jiang Suizhou gritted his teeth, "Try tempting me again."

Guan Xi promptly stopped, "Then let me down."

Jiang Suizhou glanced at her, took a step back.

Guan Xi jumped down from the dressing table, changed the jacket she was wearing, and said, "Ningyi mentioned a restaurant last time that's supposed to be good. Let's try it later."


Having decided on where to eat, Guan Xi continued to inspect her new clothes, "These two don't seem as good as they looked on the runway, but this one is okay..."

Ding ding—

Just then, her phone vibrated with a few message notifications.

Guan Xi picked it up; it was the Crocodile Center staff sending her close-up pictures of her beloved sons. She had instructed them to take better pictures because the ones taken earlier were not good.

Seeing her smile while looking at her phone, Jiang Suizhou asked, "What are you looking at?"

"My precious sons," proudly showed off, "Look, handsome and majestic."

Jiang Suizhou took her phone, scrolled through the photos, and casually said, "Oh, not bad."

After looking, he tapped the screen, and the photo view shrank back into the message box.

Jiang Suizhou was about to return the phone to her when it vibrated again; the other party sent another text.

[Miss Guan, we were only able to take photos of Jiang Jiang and Little Sui. Unfortunately, Zhou Zhou is in the water, so we can't capture him for now. We'll send it to you later.]

Jiang Jiang? Little Sui?

Zhou Zhou is in the water?

The word sons suddenly popped into his mind.

Jiang Suizhou's mouth twitched slightly, "Guan Xi."

"What's up?"

"What are your sons' names?"

"They are called Jiang—" Guan Xi paused abruptly.

She looked at Jiang Suizhou's expressionless face and immediately snatched her phone back. After glancing at the screen, she understood.

She blinked, chuckled awkwardly, and said, "Darling, why are you snooping on others' messages? It's very unethical, you know?"

"Becoming bolder, aren't you?"

"Oh, I'm just expressing my love for you." Guan Xi lied without changing her expression. "Because I love you, I wish everything around me could be you. Do you understand?"

Jiang Suizhou sneered, completely ignoring her emotionless confession, and walked straight out.

Guan Xi quickly grabbed her bag and caught up, "Hey—what's with that attitude? Don't be angry, okay? Hey, don't walk so fast... Where are you going?"

The sound of high heels on the stairs was a bit fast. Jiang Suizhou knew that she walked in high heels as comfortably as barefoot, but he still stopped, lest she accidentally sprained her foot and blamed him for not waiting.

"Let's go out now for dinner."

"So early?"

"Not early. We can eat first and go home early." Jiang Suizhou's expression was cold, but Guan Xi felt that the meaning in his eyes was quite obvious.

So she smiled, hooked her arm around his and walked down, "Okay, let's go to your place early. Um... can I still call my darlings Jiang Jiang, Zhou Zhou, and Little Sui from now on?"


"If you don't speak, I'll take it as your approval."

Jiang Suizhou glanced at her, "You feel uncomfortable when you don't have the upper hand, don't you?"

"That's true."

"Fine, keep it up."

"I will."

When they went downstairs, Guan Ying was not there, so Guan Xi just informed Aunt Zhen and went out directly.

After having dinner at the restaurant, they drove back to Jiang Suizhou's villa.

They had two glasses of red wine at the restaurant, and by the time they got home, they were slightly tipsy, creating a perfect atmosphere.

Jiang Suizhou put down the car keys and casually placed his coat on the sofa, "Do you need me to drive you home tonight?"

"Will you have the energy to take me home later?" Guan Xi walked behind him, put her hand on his shoulder, and very naturally followed the curve of his back all the way down.

After taking off her coat, Jiang Suizhou was only wearing a thin undershirt. It wasn't thick; Guan Xi could feel the vigorous and enticing texture underneath. Guan Xi stared directly at him, touching and thinking randomly, Er Gou indeed had a great physique...

Being touched by her, Jiang Suizhou felt restless. "You can try."


The slightly tipsy woman in front of him had a charm that could take lives in her eyes and eyebrows. Jiang Suizhou's gaze deepened. He turned around, picked her up directly, and headed straight to the bedroom.

The entire villa was occupied only by the two of them. After entering the bedroom, there was no need to hurry to close the door. Jiang Suizhou directly pressed her onto the bed. His hand reached behind her neck, kissing her fiercely.

Guan Xi tilted her head slightly to endure it. Both her hands rested on his abdomen, slowly moving upwards, tucking the hem of the shirt inside his pants.

Her hands were a bit cold. When they touched his skin, he reached down and held them.

"Feeling cold?" He stopped, his voice deep, and the breath on the side of her face was scorching.

Guan Xi breathed lightly, completely feeling the sensations from his kisses, "Yes, it's cold... Can you warm me up?"

Jiang Suizhou frowned, thinking of getting up to turn on the air conditioner. However, before he could move, her hands below had already indecently slipped into his pants.

"......." Jiang Suizhou groaned as if his throat had been grabbed.

Her method of keeping warm was bold and unparalleled.

Jiang Suizhou took a deep breath, his eyes turning scarlet red. At this point, he couldn't care less about whether she was cold or not. He removed the obstructive clothes and got straight to the point.

In the latter half of the night, Guan Xi felt like she had barely slept. In a daze, she was tossed around repeatedly. She pleaded for mercy, saying many things, like admitting that she wasn't gaining an advantage, not naming her sons after him anymore, and even vowing never to doubt his strength again, among other things.

But in the end, amidst tears and moans and whimpers, she was thoroughly dismantled and devoured.

The next day, it was raining.

Outside the window, the rain fell steadily, occasionally accompanied by thunder.

Guan Xi sat in the dining room, eating lunch and replying to messages from Zhong Lingfan. Since marrying Jin Kaicheng, this person had been playing the role of a peaceful and virtuous lady at home, showcasing the desserts and delicacies she made in her circle of friends.

However, judging by the current momentum of opening a bar, she probably couldn't endure the life of being virtuous anymore and was about to come out to squander and show off.

"Lingfan said she's going to have a party for the bar she's about to open next weekend. Do you know?" Guan Xi asked.

Jiang Suizhou nodded, "Heard it from Kaicheng."

Guan Xi continued, "Are you going?"

Jiang Suizhou replied, "Don't know, might not have the time."


Jiang Suizhou finished eating and put down his chopsticks, "I'm going out first. What about you?"

"I'm going to the company, but you don't need to send me. I'll drive myself." Guan Xi stood up, holding her phone, but as soon as she took a step, her legs suddenly went weak, almost causing her to kneel down.

Luckily, she managed to hold onto the table in time.

Jiang Suizhou: "?"

Guan Xi: "............"

Jiang Suizhou extended his hand, "Is something wrong?"

Guan Xi's face blushed slightly.

She managed to stand up and felt embarrassed about the situation just now.

"Something wrong? What do you think?" Guan Xi gave him a resentful look and then muttered as she walked to the living room, "Had to be so ruthless as if he had been unsatiated for a lifetime."

Jiang Suizhou: “……”

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