Come To My Side

Chapter 14

Guan Ying has been quite diligent during this period, and so has Guan Xi.

Guan Ying is diligent in learning and understanding, while Guan Xi is diligent in teaching and explaining.

Whether at home or in the company, Guan Xi spent a considerable amount of time explaining to Guan Ying why the project location is in that area, the target audience of the project, specific service methods, and so on.

If this were a regular day and someone came to her asking such basic questions, she would either scold them thoroughly or simply delegate the brainless tasks to subordinates. But, unfortunately, this person is Guan Ying, the sister who speaks kindly and affectionately, saying, I quite like you.

As Lang Ningyi described, Guan Ying is the standard female lead in The Overbearing CEO Falls in Love with Me, while Guan Xi, in her position, is equivalent to the malicious supporting character who hides a needle in her sleeve.

So, if she were to show even a slightly impatient expression now, it would be considered bullying.

She couldn't afford to be the villain openly.

One day, the entire work team of Guan Xi had a meeting at YouTravel to discuss the Nanshan Holiday Resort project.

YouTravel Business Co., Ltd. was a subsidiary of the Jiang Family Guangyi Group, managed by Jiang Suizhou. The Nanshan Holiday Resort project was developed jointly by YouTravel and the Guan family.

The meeting location had been decided a few days earlier, and today, the team set off for YouTravel.

Guan Xi arrived early. After sitting down in the meeting room, she casually flipped through the contents of the meeting.

At this time, there were already several YouTravel employees responsible for this project sitting in the meeting room. They all knew that their boss's girlfriend was the young lady from the Guan family.

Rumors had it that this young lady had a bad temper.

However, these were just rumors, as they were meeting her for the first time today. They had only seen her in photos before.

As for why they had seen her in photos, it was because Guan Xi was one of the popular bloggers on their YouTravel website. All the guides she had posted before were bestsellers, known to everyone in their company.

"Miss Guan, the travel guide you posted about your trip to France recently topped our website's popularity chart. You're really amazing." In the meeting room, a person in a gray shirt said with a smile.

He had finally seen the main character, the boss's girlfriend, and naturally wanted to flatter her.

Guan Xi took a sip of coffee, her brows slightly furrowed. It was really bitter... she didn't like it.

Seeing her frowning, the man in the gray shirt pursed his lips, suddenly feeling a bit nervous.

A colleague next to him pulled him and said, "Director Guan, I am Lin Hao, responsible for the entertainment facilities part of the Nanshan project. I sent over the proposal a few days ago. Do you have any modifications you'd like?"

The man in the gray shirt sweated a bit. He suddenly realized that he had subconsciously addressed her as Miss Guan instead of Director Guan.

This title here, if heard in this context, sounded like looking down on the other person's position... I wonder if this young lady will be unhappy...

However, Guan Xi, completely unaware of the complicated thoughts triggered by her single frown, turned her gaze and said, "Ah, it's you. I think it's pretty good. If there are specific areas to modify, we'll discuss them later in the meeting."

"Oh, sure."

"By the way, what were you saying just now? About the guide?"

The man in the gray shirt was taken aback, realizing that Guan Xi was talking to him. "Ah, I said your travel guide to France that you recently published was very popular among netizens. You wrote it very well."

"Oh, it's just so-so." Guan Xi smiled, "Thank you, though."

The person in the gray shirt felt like he was blossoming from the bottom of his heart by her smile.

Oh no, the rumors about Miss Guan having a bad temper are making him so nervous. But it's not entirely true. She speaks quite gently, actually.

Just as he thought about this, he suddenly heard Guan Xi's voice filled with disdain echoing in the meeting room: "Jiang Suizhou, what terrible taste you have! This coffee is so disgusting. Are you trying to torture your employees?!"

The man in the grey shirt raised his eyes in surprise, the words "Miss Guan is gentle" got stuck in his throat, unable to come out.


But fortunately, she was on the phone and not scolding him directly.

The person in the gray shirt sneaked a glance at her, realizing that the person on the phone was their boss. This was something new – it was the first time he saw someone talking to their formidable boss like this.

"So bitter, especially bitter. What? The coffee is supposed to be bitter? I know, but the bitterness here is undrinkable." Guan Xi rested her chin lazily on her hand and lazily pointed, "You're there, right? I see there's a place near your company that serves good coffee. Um... then get me a mocha. Iced, yes, iced... No, not allowed... You quickly go and buy... Huh, you're really..."

Very troublesome = Jiang Suizhou.

The employees were dead silent, silently imagining the boss's pressured expression.

On the other side, in the back seat of the car, Jiang Suizhou hung up the phone and told the driver to stop.

They were only two minutes away from the company now. Zhou Hao, sitting in the front passenger seat, turned around, somewhat puzzled, "President Jiang."

Jiang Suizhou glanced at the coffee shop not far from the car window, "Go buy a cup of mocha."

"Huh? Okay."

Zhou Hao opened the car door and got out. When he was about to close the door, he heard the person in the back seat add, "Hot."

"Got it."

The car stopped on the side of the road, and Jiang Suizhou waited in place, scrolling through his phone.

After waiting for a while, when he casually turned his head, he saw a familiar figure not far away.

He took a closer look and recognized the figure as Guan Ying. At this moment, she was standing opposite another man, both looking a bit agitated.

Jiang Suizhou wasn't particularly interested in this matter. After looking at it for a while, he was about to close the car window.

But at that moment, Guan Ying happened to look over, and when her gaze met his, she seemed to freeze for a moment.

Jiang Suizhou nodded slightly in greeting and was about to close the window.

"Mr. Jiang!"

As the car window was closing, Jiang Suizhou saw Guan Ying running over in a panic. The man next to her also followed behind her.

Guan Ying hadn't yet reached the side of Jiang Suizhou's car when her arm was grabbed.

The coffee she had in her hand slipped and spilled all over the ground.

"Let go!" Guan Ying stared at the person who grabbed, "What do you want!"

The man's eyes were bloodshot, "Come with me!"

"I won't—"

The man was strong. Her arm was pulled so hard that it hurt and she couldn't break free. By now, there were already onlookers nearby, and Guan Ying's face turned red, feeling both embarrassed and uncomfortable.

"Let go." Just then, a voice came from behind her.

A familiar, chilly feeling, like a shot of adrenaline.

Guan Ying turned around, looking at the newcomer hopefully, "Mr. Jiang, Mr. Jiang, please help me."

Jiang Suizhou glanced at her, then looked at the man, and said coldly, "Either I call the police, or you let go. Choose one."

His voice wasn't loud, but his gaze exuded immense pressure. Guan Ying noticed that this oppressive feeling, when not directed at her, was oddly reassuring.

The man stared at Jiang Suizhou, "Who the hell are you?"

Though he spoke like that, his grip loosened a bit due to the other's imposing aura and gaze. Guan Ying took advantage of this and pulled away, immediately hiding behind Jiang Suizhou, "Mr. Jiang, he's from my foster parents' side, but I'm not familiar with him. I don't know what he wants to do..."

The man shouted sternly, "Cheng Ying!"

"You get in the car first," Jiang Suizhou said.

Worriedly looking at him for a moment, Guan Ying thought that staying here would only cause more trouble, so she turned back and walked to his car, opening the door and getting in.

When the man saw her leave his sight, his anger increased, "Who are you? What, her new boyfriend?!"

Jiang Suizhou frowned, "You have quite an imagination."

"...then don't meddle, let her come out!"

Jiang Suizhou really didn't want to meddle, but given the situation just now and Guan Ying's relationship with Guan Xi, standing idly by didn't seem appropriate.

"You can snatch her if you want. I won't stop you," Jiang Suizhou said calmly, "But you might have to spend a few days in the police station."

The man: "......."

Seeing him not saying anything, Jiang Suizhou knew this person didn't dare to act recklessly, so he didn't say anything more and walked back.

The man stood still, not leaving, but also not daring to approach rashly, after all, the car in front of him seemed extraordinary.

"Thank you," Guan Ying said after Jiang Suizhou sat down.

Jiang Suizhou nodded slightly and casually asked, "Miss Guan, shouldn't you be in the conference room right now?"

Everyone involved in the project from the Guan Family should be at the meeting today. Since Guan Ying was also involved, she should be present.

Guan Ying explained, "On the way here, the driver stopped because I saw a coffee shop. I thought it was still early, and it was only a few steps away, so I asked the driver to go back first... But I didn't expect that person to follow me all the way. After I bought the coffee, he rushed over."

"You should tell your parents about this."

Guan Ying: "I don't want to tell..."

Jiang Suizhou glanced at her.

Guan Ying lowered her gaze and whispered, "The matter with my foster parents has already troubled them enough. I don't want to bother them with this. I'll be more careful next time and won't run into him again. Mr. Jiang... um, thank you for today, but could you not tell my parents?"

Jiang Suizhou paid no attention to this and simply said, "Understood."

Guan Ying's eyes brightened slightly, "Thank you!"

After a while, Zhou Hao returned. When he entered with the coffee, he noticed Guan Ying in the back seat and looked towards Jiang Suizhou.

Jiang Suizhou said, "Go to the company."

Since the boss didn't say anything, Zhou Hao didn't ask further, "Okay."

The car started and headed towards the company.

It was only a two-minute drive to the company from here, so the car soon came to a stop. After getting off, they entered the company lobby and took the elevator.

The elevator was spacious, with only her, Jiang Suizhou, and his assistant, Zhou Hao.

She thought he was quite tall, at least over 185 cm. When she lowered her eyes, she noticed the coffee in his hand. He seemed to like mocha. He didn't appear as indifferent as he seemed on the surface; he had helped her get rid of that man and promised to keep it a secret.


The time in the elevator was short, and they soon arrived.

When Guan Ying came to her senses, Jiang Suizhou and Zhou Hao had already walked out. She hesitated for a moment, then hurriedly caught up.

When the meeting room door opened, Guan Xi looked over.

Dressed in a suit, neat and tidy.

He's here—

Guan Xi propped up her head, glancing at her watch. Ordering him to buy coffee seemed to have perfectly satisfied the habit of this punctuality maniac entering the meeting room on the dot.

Just as she was silently laughing at this, she saw Guan Ying following behind Jiang Suizhou.


Why are these two together??

Probably influenced by Lang Ningyi, Guan Xi's brain instantly made a sound, as if hearing the emotionless mechanical voice announcing the slow initiation of the mainline romance in the novel.

Guan Xi: "…………"

Bah! What mainline? I am the mainline!

Guan Xi shook her head, throwing away those absurd thoughts!! And as she did that, she also silently scolded Lang Ningyi for having a head full of dog blood!

"Let's begin." Jiang Suizhou walked over, pulled the chair on Guan Xi's left side, and gave instructions to the entire room.

The sparse sound of flipping pages started.

Guan Xi also sat up straight. She retracted her gaze, tapped the spacebar on the computer. When the computer screen lit up, she saw Guan Ying sitting in the position on her right.

"Cough." Guan Xi's eyes fell slightly slanted on Jiang Suizhou.

Jiang Suizhou noticed and questioned her with his eyes.

Turning her head, Guan Xi lowered her voice to a level only the two of them could hear and said with a chilling tone, "So coincidental, you both came together."

Jiang Suizhou responded with an En, and added, "When buying coffee, she was there too, so I let her get in the car."

Guan Xi widened her eyes slightly: Dog man! You are at it again, aren't you?

Ignoring her murderous gaze, Jiang Suizhou calmly said, "It seems there was some dispute between her and a man who seemed to be from her foster parents' side. She got in my car to avoid that person. You don't need to look at me like that; I couldn't help it. I wanted to pretend I didn't see, but I failed."

Guan Xi quieted down for a moment and frowned, "What were they arguing about?"

Jiang Suizhou: "Don't know. She also asked me not to tell this matter to her parents. I think she probably doesn't want others to know about this."

Jiang Suizhou described it casually, almost as if he had forgotten that Guan Ying had asked him to keep the matter a secret.

Guan Xi was stunned for a moment, "And you still told me."

"She only mentioned parents, not you."


Fair point.

"Alright, let's start the meeting," Jiang Suizhou said and gestured for the employees to give a brief introduction and kick off the session.

Guan Xi didn't make a fuss. She thought that the relationship between Guan Ying and her foster parents was still tangled and hard to cut off. It made sense; after all, foster parents had nurtured her for so long, there must be emotional ties that couldn't be easily severed.

"Guan Xi," Guan Ying suddenly called her in a low voice.

Guan Xi looked at her, "What's up?"

"Um, is this meeting being recorded? If I can't keep up, I'd like to go over it again when I get home."

"No need to record. Someone will be making minutes of the entire meeting. Don't worry; you can get a copy later," Guan Xi reassured her.


"When everyone is talking later, if there's anything you don't understand, you can ask Yang Qing." Guan Xi pointed to the person next to Guan Ying. Yang Qing was her assistant; although she was called an assistant, she actually knew much more than Guan Ying.

Guan Ying nodded.

"Hey," Guan Xi suddenly spoke up again.

Guan Ying looked at her, "En?"

"Oh, nothing. I'm just talking to him," Guan Xi lightly tapped the table and said to the person on her left, "Coffee."

Jiang Suizhou glanced at her and pushed the coffee over from the other side.

Guan Xi reached out to take it, but as soon as she touched it, she glared at Jiang Suizhou and lowered her voice, "I said I wanted it iced!"

Jiang Suizhou lowered his gaze to the documents on the table, "Is that so? Zhou Hao must have gotten it wrong."

Zhou Hao, who was standing behind him: "........"

Caps-lock confusion.

Guan Xi didn't believe that Zhou Hao, a careful person, could have gotten the order wrong, "Jiang Suizhou—"

"Drink less cold things, okay?" Jiang Suizhou glanced at her displeasingly, "I don't want to hear you crying every month during those few days."

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