Come To My Side

Chapter 4

Guan Xi had made these half-hearted confessions before. The first time was when her company's travel project required her to feature his company, [YouTravel], on their homepage for significant promotion.

The second time was when her favorite brand released a super limited edition product that needed his presence for socializing, mainly to make a financial contribution.

The third time was when she got drunk and insisted on painting his nails.

The fourth time was when she had her eyes on a car, but her father thought it was too dangerous and didn't allow her to buy it. The fifth time was...well, many times. Whenever she was in a good mood or wanted something, she would sweetly express her love for him.

However, it was all just empty words. Today was the first time she took actual action.

But Jiang Suizhou, looking at all these things in front of him, would rather she was just as usual, being affectionate one moment and happily going her own way the next.

Because all these things were giving him a headache.

"A limited-edition bag? What is that? Honey, can't you be less practical?" Guan Xi walked over to him. "Come here; I've prepared many gifts for you. Let's open them."

Although they were indoors now, Guan Xi was wearing a grand little black dress.

Attired in high heels, her footsteps echoed.

Jiang Suizhou's gaze grazed over her long, bare legs and felt a bit soothed. He relaxed a bit and let her lead him to sit down on the sofa.

"Do you know why there are twenty-eight of them?" Guan Xi asked enthusiastically.

Jiang Suizhou cooperatively threw the question back at her, "Why?"

"Because you're twenty-eight years old this year. Each gift here represents one of your past birthdays. It's a pity I couldn't be part of your past, so I'm making it up to you now."

Artistic and sentimental, every word filled with a strong sense of non-mainstream aesthetics.

Guan Xi felt deeply moved by herself once again.

Jiang Suizhou glanced at her, then took the nearest gift box.

The box had [Age 12] written on it, symbolizing his birthday gift when he was twelve.

He thought for a moment and said, "Is your memory not very good? You were there for my 12th birthday."

Guan Xi's smile froze, "Was I?"

"Yes, and that year, you accidentally knocked over my birthday cake."


Jiang Suizhou put it down and then reached for a gift box that had [Age 15] written on it, "You were there for my 15th birthday too. You gave me a box of dead spiders and claimed that it was a specimen."


He then picked up a gift box labeled [Age 18] and continued, "You were also present for my 18th birthday; well-fed and satisfied when you left. On the way back, you even scratched my first car after I became an adult, oh, and you didn't even compensate me."


Continuing, he picked up another box and began, "In this year—"

"Wait a minute."

Jiang Suizhou paused and turned to look at her. Guan Xi forced a smile, gritting her teeth, "You sure remember a lot about me."

Jiang Suizhou smiled faintly, "It's nothing, just a good memory."

Guan Xi wanted to roll her eyes at him.

Seeing that she didn't speak, Jiang Suizhou calmly and indifferently started unwrapping the gift box. "Guan Xi, if you have something to say, just say it."

Calm, composed, ruthless!

Jiang Suizhou was still Jiang Suizhou, unimpressed by her efforts.

Guan Xi restrained her smile and acted innocent, "What's there to say? I'm perfectly fine."

The gift box for his twenty-second birthday was opened, revealing a fountain pen with a finely engraved 'J' on the barrel. Jiang Suizhou picked it up and looked at it. He didn't seem very surprised or satisfied. His expression was plain, "It's average. What's the occasion?"

Guan Xi replied, "Well, I'm happy you're back."

Jiang Suizhou paused for a moment and said, "You didn't talk like this before."

"You don't understand. This is genuine affection."

Jiang Suizhou put down the pen and naturally pulled her waist closer, "If you're happy I'm back, that's enough. There's no need for all this mess."

His gaze was composed and serious, but his fingers were gently brushing against her waist.

"Is there anything wrong with these decorations? I even kissed the floor to create this scene and put in so much effort!" Guan Xi said, confidently, as if all the people she had called to help didn't exist just a while ago.

Of course, Jiang Suizhou would never believe that the lazy Guan Xi would personally do all this. But he didn't expose her. He simply let her go and loosened his tie, "Alright, I'm going to take a shower."

"You're not opening the gifts?"

"Help me open them. I'll check them out later when I get back."

Guan Xi: "???"

Jiang Suizhou left.

Guan Xi stared at his departing figure and then at the piles of gift boxes she had arranged with a lot of effort. Her face turned green.

Is going on a business trip equivalent to having your hands cut off? And he even asked me to open the gifts for him?

How can someone be this infuriating?!

Guan Xi was furious for a couple of minutes, but she calmed down and picked up her phone to call Lang Ningyi.

Lang Ningyi sounded a bit surprised when she answered the call, "What's going on? Has Jiang Suizhou not returned yet?"

"He's back," Guan Xi replied.

"And you have time to call me?"

Guan Xi said in a hushed tone, "Just talking about this makes me mad. I spent so much time on this, yet he's not moved at all. He only opened one gift; it's infuriating."

Lang Ningyi replied, "Oh... I guess he's just too materialistic. Our President Jiang is not easily impressed."

"I even said that I love him!"

"And then?"

Guan Xi said coldly, "Then he asked me if I wanted another bag."

"Ha, hahaha—" Lang Ningyi burst into laughter for a moment, but she quickly realized it wasn't appropriate and stifled her laughter. "Well, um, don't be discouraged. Keep trying."

"Who's discouraged? Why should I be discouraged? I'm just angry!"

Guan Xi might not be perfect, but she was determined and stubborn. Either she wouldn't do it, or she would do it exceptionally well. Since she had set a goal to become a five-star girlfriend, she believed she could achieve the best.

Moreover, what's more important, being mad at Jiang Suizhou or inheritance from parents? Of course, it's the latter!

Lang Ningyi said, "You should think about his other hobbies, my dear. You need to address the symptoms and make him deeply infatuated with you. Then there won't be any possibility of a breakup."

"Hobbies?" Guan Xi thought seriously about what Jiang Suizhou enjoyed doing with her the most.

After thinking for a while, all she could come up with were a bunch of indecent activities.


But those could be considered hobbies too, right?

So she hung up the phone, extinguished all the candles in the room and headed to the master bedroom.

Jiang Suizhou was still in the bathroom taking a shower. Guan Xi knew he never locked the bathroom door when she was at his place, so she walked in.

The bathroom was filled with steam; Guan Xi saw him turn his head to look her way. However, his vision was blurred by the water stains on the glass.

She approached, opened the glass door, and stood outside, still wearing her high heels.

The shower was still running; Jiang Suizhou looked at her, his gaze changing slightly.

Guan Xi examined him from head to toe with a suggestive tone, "Have you been working out recently? It seems like you've gained some muscles."

Her tone was flirtatious, and her hand was less than modest as it reached towards him.

After a few touches, her throat was a bit dry. Well, this man was indeed a dog, but his physique was truly impressive.

Guan Xi sighed in her heart, then extended her index finger to flick his abdominal muscles. When she looked up again, she gazed at him with a seductive smile, "Is it convenient for us to shower together?"

Jiang Suizhou's gaze darkened, "Are you looking for trouble today?"

"What's wrong? Not convenient?" Guan Xi withdrew her hand and took a small step back, "I'll come back later, then."

She pretended as if she were leaving, but just as she turned her head, her hand was grabbed by Jiang Suizhou.

Guan Xi secretly smiled in triumph.

His wet hand held onto hers as he effortlessly pulled her into the shower.

The bathroom was steamy, and it was hard to see clearly through the mist. Guan Xi was soaked through, but her black dress remained closely fitted to her body.

He held her waist and kissed her passionately, then lifted her up and placed her on the cold marble bench.

Her high heels crossed behind his waist, wrapping tightly.

The fine spray of water poured over them, creating a melodious sound in the bathroom. Halfway through, he carried her out and placed her on the bathroom sink. She clung to him, with her chin resting on his shoulder.

"Jiang Suizhou, um... marriage..."

"What?" He paused his movements, his breathing heavy, and desire still in his eyes.

"Lingfan said... married life isn't bad."

"Do you want kids?"

Guan Xi paused for a moment, then quickly shook her head, "I don't want kids."

After saying that, she realized why Jiang Suizhou had asked that question.

Regarding marriage, Guan Xi had been very reluctant before. She knew the attitudes of their respective parents. If they didn't get married, the parents would keep urging them to marry. If they did get married, then there would be a flood of people urging them to have children.

She had already told Jiang Suizhou that she wouldn't get married before the age of twenty-eight because she didn't want to have a child too soon. She had even jokingly said that if she got married before the age of twenty-eight, it would mean she had suddenly gone crazy and wanted a child.

He remembered that, so he assumed she wanted a child.

Jiang Suizhou asked, "Then you..."

"I was just asking, I don't want children!" Guan Xi looked nervous.

Jiang Suizhou hooked a finger into her hair, speaking in a business-like tone, "My schedule is packed this year. If you have this idea, consider it for next year. Find a suitable time."

"...Not sooner? Like in a few days or something?"

"Do you think getting married is as simple as buying groceries?"

Oh, she knew he wasn't willing.

But then again, the wedding ceremony and their schedules would be a logistical nightmare. Jiang Suizhou was a meticulous planner and probably despised disruptions to his well-organized schedule.

Guan Xi thought for a moment and said, "Don't you want to consider it at all? Are you sure you'll definitely marry me in the future? You won't change your mind, will you?"

At this moment, Jiang Suizhou had no time to engage in a discussion about their future. Being asked this question at such a critical moment was inexplicable and frustrating.

"Do you have to bring this up right now?"

"No, I just..."

A fierce thrust silenced her.

Guan Xi choked back her words as she whimpered, "Be gentle..."

Jiang Suizhou looked in the mirror, where her back appeared seductively captivating.

He took a deep breath and became even more relentless, "Then you better stay quiet."

In the end, Guan Xi lay sprawled out on the bed. It wasn't yet bedtime, so Jiang Suizhou had gone to the study to attend to his work.

Guan Xi snuggled under the covers and sent a message to Lang Ningyi: 【Marriage proposal rejected.】

Lang Ningyi: 【What? He doesn't want to marry you?】

Guan Xi: 【No, he does, but he wants it next year. He's too busy this year.】

Lang Ningyi: 【Next year is fine, as long as there are no variables.】

Guan Xi felt somewhat uneasy for no apparent reason, but after a closer thought, there was nothing to be worried about. Just as she was about to reply to Lang Ningyi, a new message came in on her phone. It was a voice message from her father, Guan Xinghao.

"Xi Xi, come home tomorrow. Ying Ying came home early, and I think it's better for you two to meet each other first."

Ying Ying? Who was that?

Guan Xi put her phone down and stared at the ceiling in a daze. After a few seconds, her eyes flashed as she realized.

Oh... it seemed to be the name of that girl.

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