The Deities of Hell

Chapter 32 - The Devil of Pride Part 4

Ritsu had easily been caught in the woman’s honey trap.

Pomkichi trembled next to the sword.

Surrounded by the people contracted to the devil, Ritsu showed a troubled expression as he touched the woman’s chest.

“Won’t you battle with me?”

“I’ll tell you about the current circumstances, so listen properly.”

Even the woman was taken aback by Ritsu’s serious expression.

Pomkichi was at a loss, too, and ended up acting like a plushie.

Thanks to that, he didn’t become a target.

“Restrain him!”

Holding a rope and handcuffs in their hands, they approached Ritsu to catch and restrain him.

“I’m sorry, Lady!”


Ritsu kicked the woman between her legs, and as she loosened her hold on him, he escaped.

Then, he ran toward the door leading up to the rooftop.

However, the people rushed after him, and he didn’t have the time to unlock the door with the key.

“It’s this!”

Ritsu turned around.

A crowd of people were chasing after him up the stairs.

He stepped on their shoulders and backs and jumped down the stairs to escape from them.

“Pomkichi! Sword!”


Pomkichi came back to his senses after Ritsu called out to him and threw his sword at him.

Ritsu caught the sword, then ran toward another set of stairs together with Pomkichi.


However, people were standing by that staircase, too.

Ritsu was knocked off his feet by the people in the room and leaned to the wall for support as he stood up.

“Accept it, boy.”

The other people who had been chasing after Ritsu entered the room behind him, cornering him against the wall.

“Why don’t you try to fight the devil? If it’s this many people, there’s a chance of defeating it, right? Is it fine to live under its rule like this!?”

Having exhausted all of his other options, Ritsu tried to persuade the people instead.

“Stop saying such arrogant things! Could you do that if you were in our position? And what’s so bad about our life right now? There’s food! We even get baths! It’s so much better than a world of poverty!”

“If it was me, I would rebel for a better life than this. I don’t accept weakness like you. I pursue strength and freedom. Well, if you are satisfied with continuing to be ruled like this, I won’t say anything else.”

“Is that so? Then you’ll be eaten by the devil.”

The man said and pointed a gun at Ritsu.

He was planning on killing Ritsu and offering him to the devil.

“Hehe, my name is Ritsu Saienji! The grandchild of the great Michelle Saienji, the person who kept battling evil! Are you prepared for death now that you’re pointing your gun at the great me? Fine then! Go for it!”

Ritsu clenched his trembling hands and laughed out loud while talking big.

At the same time, bullets were fired at him.


Pomkichi shouted.

However, the bullets stopped right in front of Ritsu’s forehead.

They dropped down to the ground, and the people took a step back in fear.


Ritsu’s eyes had turned yellow.

“You bastard!?”

“I will give you another chance… The next time you fire, I will take your life.”


The man who had fired the bullets became shocked and fired another bullet.

However, because his aim was off, the bullet only grazed Ritsu’s cheek and hit the wall behind him.

“Was your aim off?”


The man with the gun fired three more times in panic.

However, Ritsu swiftly pulled out the sword and closed the gap to the man in an instant before he slashed the pistol with the sword.



“Run away!”

Frightened by Ritsu and his Devil Eye, the people left the room.

Ritsu slid down to the ground, unable to stand up.

“That was seriously scary… My legs are trembling…”

“As expected of you, Ritsu! That was so cool!”

“W-well… Hehe…”

Ritsu slowly walked up the stairs to the rooftop on trembling legs, using the sword as a walking stick.

“H-hey, I just kicked a woman between her legs. There must be many people who have touched her there, but I should be the only one who kicked her. Aren’t I amazing?”

“Yeah. You’re amazingly horrible.”

Reaching the door to the rooftop, Ritsu unlocked it.

A dark and eerie world unfolded before them.

“Exit then to the left… The left should be here.”

Turning to the left from the door, he could see the edge of the area illuminated by the stars.

There was a little left until they left this area.

“Let’s leave before the Bat Bastard finds us.”

“It isn’t anywhere near us right now.”

When they walked to where the bridge of the building was, there was none they could cross.

It was a dead end.

“Hold on to me.”


Using his Devil’s eye, Ritsu tried to head to the building ahead.

Throwing the sword as high as he could, he then grabbed a hold of it.

“Devil’s Eye Balor!”

The sword moved to the next building.

There was just a little left, but they were descending little by little.

The word flew like a paper airplane and carried Ritsu to the building ahead.

“My hands are tired…”

“Ritsu, look at that.”

As they passed from building to building, Pomkichi pointed toward the sky.

The Bat Bastard was flying high up in the sky.

It was flying at a height it didn’t seem like it would discover them.

“I thought of a good idea.”

Looking up, Ritsu grinned as an idea flashed in his mind.

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