The Deities of Hell

Chapter 31 - The Devil of Pride Part 3

Feeling euphoric after obtaining the Japanese sword, Ritsu continued to admire the objects decorating the museum.

The museum had various things decorating it, a lot of which excited him.

Because of that, the short rest he had intended turned into looking around the museum.

“This carpet! Ohh! This crown is good too! Alright, I’ll take everything.”

He picked up everything that interested him.

It turned into the mood of a pirate getting his hands on treasure.


Suddenly, a bellow pierced the silence outside the museum.

The ultrasonic waves of the voice hurt his ears.

“It’s the Bat Bastard’s voice. What the heck is it?”

Ritsu headed for the window with Pomkichi.

Pacing nervously, he saw the silhouette of the Bat Bastard outside the window.

Sitting on top of Tokyo Skyscraper appeared to be angry.

“What? Does it intend to gather people again?”

“That face! They’re drunk on themselves! It’s the same face you make, Ritsu!”

“I’ll make you into fodder for the Bat Bastard.”

Ritsu and Pomkichi sneaked glances at the Bat Bastard through the window.

The Bat Bastard spread its wings and let out its voice once again.

However, his voice wasn’t the bellow like before, but seemed like words this time.

“άσπρο παιδί Σύλληψη!άσπρο παιδί Σύλληψη!1

The Bat Bastard said.

It emitted ultrasonic waves that sounded like a mechanical sound speaking words that weren’t Japanese.

“What is it saying?”

“To capture the child in a white jersey and white hair… That’s what it’s saying.”

Pomkichi translated the devil’s words.

“Do you understand it?”

“Yeah. I get it somehow.”

“A child with a white jersey and white hair? Just who is that…”

“I wonder…”

Ritsu pondered together with Pomkichi for a few seconds.

“Oh! It’s me!”

“What!? So it’s after you!”

“To capture me… Then it seems like those people are its subordinates. Like the squirrels were for the Pig Bastard.”

Ritsu looked for the exit.

There wasn’t any space to walk on the ground here, so he looked for an exit to the rooftop.

“Hey! You!”

At that time, a man called out to Ritsu

It was a person who had been among the large crowd.

“Uh-oh, let me ask you a question first. Why are there humans here? Were you caught by the devil?”

Ritsu asked before the man started talking to him.

“Well, we were sort of caught. We entered into a contract with that devil,”

The man explained with a perplexed expression.


“The contents of the contracts are, in return for having our life guaranteed, we will forever live in this area. There were several people who died after breaching it.”

“What contract? Do you die when you breach it?”

“That’s right. That’s why we obediently humor the devil and live. It will provide us with water and food, so it’s pleasant to a certain extent. Most people accept the current circumstances.”

After hearing the man’s explanation, Ritsu became deeply worried.

He was annoyed at the contents of the contract guaranteeing them a certain standard of living but not allowing them to go beyond it.

“I see… I got the gist of it.”

“I see, I don’t get it at all.”

Ritsu understood, but Pomkichi couldn’t.

“The devil is after you right now. It noticed that you aren’t contracted to it and ordered us to catch you. Other people aren’t as composed as me, so be careful.”

“I got it. Thank you very much.”

“Take this with you.”

As soon as Ritsu was about to leave, the man handed him a key.

“What is it?”

“The key to the rooftop. If you exit it and go left, there’s a possibility of leaving this area. But still only a possibility.”

“Really… thank you.”

“Well, I’m praying for your safety.”

Ritsu took the key to the rooftop.

With complicated feelings, he left the man and hurried down the road the man had come from.

After walking for a while, they arrived at the staircase leading up to the rooftop.

“There are the stairs!”

“Boy, don’t you want to do something fun with me?”

A woman stood by the stairs.

She took off her clothes and called out to Ritsu.

“Huh? Something fun…”

“Adult play, I mean.”

“Adult!? Play!?”

“What a suspicious woman! She’s suspicious!”

Pomkichi warned him, but Ritsu couldn’t hear him.

His head was full of the woman in front of him.

“Come here, I will spoil you.”

Ritsu walked to the woman in her underwear, reaching out with both hands.

As a perverted child, he didn’t hesitate.


He threw away his katana on the spot, climbed the stairs to adulthood, and jumped into the woman’s embrace.

He didn’t need the treasured sword… not when he had another kind.

“Hehehe. Come on. To grow so big… Aren’t you embarrassed?”

“P-please have a rendezvous with me!”


Pomkichi watched Ritsu’s pitiful appearance from afar.

Showing his desire, he look even more shy than Pomkichi’s usual “You’re shy!”.

“Everyone! I caught the white child!!”


As soon as the woman spoke up, people who had been hiding in their surroundings came forward.

Surrounded, Pomkichi panicked next to the sword.

Ritsu showed on his face that he had no idea what was going on.

“This isn’t the kind of rendezvous I know…”

“What!? So it was a honey trap, after all!”

Because Ritsu gave in to his desire, the two of them were driven into a corner.

  1. Greek meaning ‘white child capture’.

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