The Deities of Hell

Chapter 33 - The Devil of Pride Part 5

Ritsu showed a scheming face.

He made his way to the edge of the rooftop without the Bat Bastard noticing, then stopped.

“We did it! All that’s left is using the Devil’s Eye to get out of this place and escape this decaying world!”

“Hey, bats have good hearing,”

Ritsu said and looked up at the Bat Bastard flying high up in the sky.

“I am the handsome Hero of Justice! Ritsu Saienji! You low-life devil! Come and fight me!”

“What are you doing Ritsu!? If you shout this loud…!”

From Pomkichi’s point of view, Ritsu was too playful.

He had called his name as loud as he could so the Bat Bastard would hear him.

Reacting to the voice, the Bat Bastard noticed Ritsu and flew towards him.

“It’s over! Then I will do it too! I am the dead from hell! Pomkichi!”

“That’s the spirit! I am the handsome Hero of Justice! Ritsu Saienji!”

“I am the dead from hell! Pomkichi!”

Since the Bat Bastard had already discovered them, Pomkichi called out his own name as well in a loud voice.

This was suicidal no matter how you looked at it.

“It’s coming! Is it fine to not run away?”

“Didn’t I say that I’m the Hero of Justice? How can I run away from this low-life devil? Devil’s Eye Balor!”

Both of Ritsu’s eyes had turned red.

Then, the Bat Bastard stopped moving right in front of Ritsu’s face.

“I will show you!”

Ritsu’s eyes changed to yellow.

At the same time, the sword lying nearby moved and was pulled out of its sheath, then thrust into the Bat Bastard’s eye.


Unable to move, the Bat Bastard screamed.

Also unable to move, Ritsu’s stomach let out a growl.

“Make a contract with me if you don’t want to die!”

“Να κάνω! Να κάνω1!

The Bat Bastard uttered.

The words were strangely transmitted to Ritsu.

“In exchange for sparing your life, pledge to what I am going to say.”

“Το έπιασα2.

Blood and tears ran down the Bat Bastard’s face, and it showed a pitiful expression.

“Cancel the contracts you made with the humans! Naturally! I don’t allow you to kill them because your contract is broken! And you have to let anyone who wants to leave this sanctuary go! Only those who still want to sign the contract can have the contract left!”

“Το έπιασα.”

“Also, I do not allow you to hurt any more humans! Do you understand?”

“Το έπιασα.”

After telling it about the details of the contract, Ritsu grinned as he came to think of something.

“Oops, I almost forgot. There is a person called Kaori who lives in the area of Gluttony. Find her and bring her out of this sanctuary. You can do it within three days, right? Do you understand, haughty devil?”

“Το έπιασα! Το έπιασα!”

“Good. You can leave now.”

After finishing the contract with the Bat Bastard, Ritsu ended the power of his Devil’s Eye.

His eye color returned to normal and shielded one of its eyes as it flew away.

“As expected of you, Ritsu! To think that you would turn the tables and make a contract yourself! Oh! You’re a genius among idiots!”

“How can be happy about being praised by an idiot among other idiots?”

Despite saying that, he didn’t look that dissatisfied.

“Shouldn’t we just use the Devil’s Eye on the devils from now on? There’s nothing to fear anymore!”

“Hehe. I’ll make each one of them kneel before me.”

Having nothing left to fear, Ritsu was invincible.

“Alright! Now that it’s turned like this, let’s escape this sanctuary!”

Ritsu pulled out the carpet he had stolen from the museum.

“Devil’s Eye Balor!”

Climbing on top of the carpet, he operated the Devil’s Eye to slowly descend from the building.

Although they were gradually descending, it looked like they moved in the air.

“A flying carpet! My dream became reality!”

“Woah! Amazing!”

“Let’s go to that light place over there!”

Riding on the carpet, they passed through an area lit up by the stars, then another decaying world.

After leaving the decaying world, they arrived at a new area.

There was a moon in the sky here.

Surrounded by forest, the decaying part of the world was in the middle of it.

And then, in the center, was a big castle.

“Look, that castle further ahead. The lights are on, so there must be a devil there.”

“I know of this. But, this is bigger than the castle I know, and it feels wrong somehow.”

The two of them saw the castle from the forest.

“At any rate, this is a dark and spooky forest. Let’s hurry and get out of here.”

“Ritsu, there’s a pitfall there. Be careful.”

“You’re right. You really know your way around here, huh?”

In the dim darkness, they avoided the hard-to-see pitfall and escaped the forest.

Walking through the decaying world, they passed the back of the castle to head toward the wall of the sanctuary they saw in the distance.”

“Hey, hey! I didn’t see it because it’s dark, but we can leave the sanctuary here!”


Delighted, they quickened their pace.

However, as they approached the wall, they became dumbfounded.

“No way!? You can’t get through the wall here!”

Houses and public property were lined up in front of the wall, making it impossible to get through to the wall.

“No way!? Do we have to turn back!?”

“No, look closer, Pomkichi, the wall is connected to the castle. I saw that you can leave the sanctuary from inside of the castle.”

“But isn’t the devil there?”

“There are devils even if we turn back. It’s the same no matter where we go. Besides, if I threaten the devil to make a contract, there won’t be any problems. Devils are no problem for me right now!”

“As expected of you, Ritsu! Let’s go to the castle then!”

The two of them decided to enter the moonlit castle.

They did it without knowing the Messenger from Hell was in that castle.

  1. Greek meaning “to do”.
  2. Greek meaning “I got it”.

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