The Deities of Hell

Chapter 21 - Beginning of Hell

The police officer fired after Mizuki and Yua when they ran.

Mizuki’s arm was grazed several times as they headed straight for the Sanctuary.

“There’s the wall we broke!”

Right in front of them was the broken wall that allowed people to enter.

They could see an ominous barrier inside.

Reaching the wall, the two of them entered without hesitation.

The moment Mizuki and Yua entered, they were teleported somewhere in the sanctuary.


Holding hands, they both appeared in the same place.

Out of breath, Yua collapsed face up.

The place they were in looked like the scorched remnants of a fire, and black wings lay fallen on both sides of Mizuki.

Looking down, a monster’s corpse burnt to crips lay fallen on the ground.

The moon hung in a strange position in the sky, illuminating the two.

This place was Monkey’s castle.

“We managed to escape, Yua.”

Mizuki said happily while out of breath.

Then, he turned his gaze on Yua laying on the ground.


However, she was bleeding heavily while holding her chest with a painful expression.

“Sorry, I was shot.”

“A–... Ahhhh!!”

Mizuki cried out when he realized Yua was dying in front of him.

He pressed clothes on her wounds in panic, but the bleeding didn’t stop.

“Sorry. I’m only causing you pain… Although I did a lot of terrible things, I can’t remember them.”

“Don’t die! I’ll forgive you for everything you don’t remember. So don’t die!!”

Mizuki shouted desperately, and Yua mustered the last of her strength to sit up.

Then, she extended a trembling hand and gave him a tender kiss.

“Live strong.”


After kissing him, Yua collapsed in Mizuki’s embrace and lost consciousness forever.

It was a too-quick and fleeting death.

“No way. You finally told me you loved me… Why are you leaving somewhere without me? You made me love you so deeply… I can’t believe you won’t stay with me. I beg of you… Love me.”

He hugged her corpse tight to his chest and shed tears of grief.

Six deities in the sanctuary were staring long and hard at him as he grieved.

Among the deities he had never seen before were Snakey and Spidey.

They surrounded him and gazed at him as he broke down in tears.

Neither attacking nor screaming, they simply looked at him.

Finally, Mizuki noticed them.


The deities said something.

“Wha–... What do you want?”

Mizuki said with teary eyes.

“ο άνθρωπος Πιάσ'τους2

The deities uttered again.

“...That sounds good.”

“Δώσε δύναμη3

The deities spoke.

When they did, Monkey’s wings on each side of Mizuki attached to his back as if they had fused with him.

The wings moved as if they were alive, covering Yua in Mizuki’s arms.

It was as if the wings were hugging her closely.

“I will try to live strong.”

Mizuki wiped his tears and told Yua.

Then he touched the headphones and pulled the hood over his head.

The expression he hid underneath the hood was of rage.

  1. Meaning ‘symphony’ in Greek
  2. ’Take the human’ in Greek
  3. ’Give you strength’ in Greek

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