The Deities of Hell

Chapter 20 - Love and Insanity Part 3

TW: Attempted sexual assault

After finishing watching the video, he panicked, not knowing what to think.

Trying to calm down, he wrote down the information on the notepad, but could not compose himself.

“So, the reason I was in that place was Yua? Yua killed my family, then brought me to hell against my will? And the one who cut off my ears and put handcuffs on me was Yua, too…”

Seeing the panicked state Mizuki was in, the police officer took the notepad from him.

“You in the video heard Yua even after she cut off your ears. So, isn’t it true that you can hear?”

Seeing the notepad, Mizuki removed the headphones on his head and listened carefully.

However, he couldn’t hear a single sound.

“No, I can’t hear anything.”

“I see.”

The police officer took the notepad back again.

“Was it you who filmed the video? Or was it Yua? Do you know? It looked like the two of you didn’t know that the camera was there.”

Mizuki shook his head at the police officer’s question.

“I don’t know.”

His eyes were hollow, and it seemed like he gazed at his handcuffs without thinking.

But, at the same time, it seemed like he was.

Yua was brought to another room to be interrogated.

While being handcuffed, she sat in front of a middle-aged police officer.

“I… killed Mizuki’s family… brought him to hell… and I am the reason he had no ears, is handcuffed, and has no memories.”

“Isn’t that what I’m telling you? You saw the video, right? It showed everything.”

“No way.”

The police officer looked down on Yua in a self-important way.

Then he grinned at her dejected expression.

“Still… You could use amnesia to reduce your guilt.”


“If that’s the case, you could return to living normally with Mizuki. You want to do that, don’t you?”

“Yes… I want to do that, but… Mizuki wouldn’t…”

Yua teared up because of her guilty conscience.

The police officer left his seat and slowly walked behind her.

“It’s okay. He doesn’t seem to worry about those things because of his amnesia. I overheard him saying that just now.”


“Of course.”

The police officer said and put a hand on Yua’s back, slipping it inside her clothing.

Shuddering, Yua shook the hand off of her.

“Hey! What are you doing!?”

“I told you I’d lessen your crimes. Keep your mouth shut.”

Having changed his attitude completely, the police officer held one hand over her mouth and pinned her down on the floor.

Sitting on her back, he dragged her handcuffed hands above her head.

“Don’t scream. If you do, I don’t think you’ll be able to return to your normal life. It’s best you stay obedient, for Mizuki’s sake.”


Since he was covering her mouth, Yua couldn’t scream.

It was another fear than what she had felt for the monsters in the Sanctuary.

The police officer stripped her of her clothes, then lowered his own pants.

“Don’t speak.”


The moment the police officer was about to go further, someone twisted chains around his neck.

“Ughh!! Le–...”


It was Mizuki who was wrapping the chains around his neck.

Using the chains from his handcuffs, he had the power to constrict the police officer.

“I’m sorr…y.”

The police officer’s eyes teared up and gazed at Mizuki with a repenting gaze as if he was begging for his life.

For a moment, Mizuki hesitated whether to let him go, but when he saw Yua in only her underwear, he lost his mind.

He strangled the police officer and twisted his neck.

“Hah‌… it’s fine now.”

After strangling the police officer to death, Mizuki picked up Yua’s clothes with trembling hands, then gave them to her.

Yua put the clothes on while shaking, then slowly hugged Mizuki.

“I was scared.”

“Let’s run. Let’s go back to the Sanctuary.”

Hearing Mizuki’s words, Yua took the notepad while still trembling, crying, and struggling to write.

“I killed your family, brought you to hell, cut off your ears, and put handcuffs on you.”

Reading the shakily written note, Mizuki showed an empty expression.

“I know. But, you are important to me. Although I don’t remember, I forgive you for everything. I want to be together with you, Yua.”

At Mizuki’s kind words, Yua cried and hugged him tighter.

Hugging each other close, the two of them looked to be deeply in love.

“After massacring the monsters in the Sanctuary, let’s create our own world. No one will come after us there.”

“I’m in favor of that.”

They continued hugging each other for a while.

They held one another close until neither of them was trembling anymore.

“It’s about time we go. The police will come after us.”


They left the police station and walked toward the wall of the Sanctuary.

However, as expected, a patrol car with two police officers came after them.

“Only a little more!”

They ran as fast as they could in loose-fitting shoes.

“This is bad! They’re about to enter the Sanctuary!”

“It can’t be helped! I allow the use of firearms! I allow firearms against Yua Kanzaki!”

“What!? What if we hit the boy?”

“It doesn’t matter! They’re both dead if they enter the Sanctuary, anyway. Besides, he killed someone, too.”

When they said the Sanctuary wasn’t too far, the police officers started shooting.

While running in the rain of bullets, the two of them reached for the Sanctuary.

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