The Deities of Hell

Chapter 19 - Love and Insanity Part 2

Mizuki fumed when he was separated from Yua.

Since he couldn’t hear anything, seeing Yua being handcuffed came as a surprise, and he wondered if they were manhandling her, which he couldn’t allow.

“Do you want to eat Gyudon?”

“I can’t hear anything. Can you write it down instead?”

Mizuki looked gloomy as he handed the young police officer the notepad.

“Do you want Gyudon?”

“Yeah. More importantly, why did that happen to Yua? Where is she?”

The police officer showed a troubled expression and took the notepad once again.

“She murdered your family.”

Seeing the notepad, chills went down Mizuki’s back.

“Y-you’re lying!! Don’t lie about that!”

Mizuki shouted, but seeing the police officer’s empty expression, he knew they told the truth.

“That world you were in is a place called Hell’s Sanctuary. 20 years ago, the devils that suddenly appeared are locked in there. The monsters you met are those devils.”

“W-why was I in that place?”

“It was Yua who brought you there.”

Mizuki shivered again.

It was the same as when people roll their eyes to deny the facts they don’t want to be aware of.

However, the police officer forced Mizuki to learn the truth to release him from Yua’s spell.

“The reason you lost your memories is that you held the SD card to a camera you had. I’ll show you.”

The police officer said and put in the SD card in Mizuki’s shoulder bag into the computer.

Then, the contents of the card appeared on the computer screen.

The camera was directed toward Mizuki and Yua.

Mizuki on the screen still had ears and wasn’t bound by handcuffs.

“How… cruel. Why did you kill my family!?”

Mizuki was crying at the beginning of the video.

“It’s Mizuki’s fault. We are the best couple, yet you choose your annoying little sister over your girlfriend. That’s why I massacred everyone so that I would be your most important person.”

Yua said and wiped Mizuki’s tears.

She looked lonely.

“You’re heartless. I didn’t think you were that kind of person. To escape from the police, you brought me to hell… are you satisfied now?”

“It’s okay, we can get out of here. We’re in the destroyed Tokyo, but we know the general structure of it, and we can keep on living here. The world will think we died, and we can lead a happy life together here.”

“This is the worst… I don’t love you anymore…”

Mizuki’s expression was a mix of anger and sadness as he shook off Yua’s hand.

Wiping his tears, Yua started looking at him with hate.

“What did you say?”

“I said I hate you! You killed my family without hesitation! You brought me along to hell! Did you really think I would still love you after all of this!?”

“...Mizuki what do you have left now? Family? A future? Dreams? You who lost everything only have me left now. Is there anyone else who can make you happy? There is no one.”

Yua shouted and took Mizuki’s hand, like a devil whispering sweetly in his ear.

However, her way of thinking and the words she said were too egoistic and didn’t meet Mizuki’s values.

Growing impatient, Mizuki slapped Yua’s cheek and held his hands over his ears.

“I don’t want to hear you anymore. I will die in this hell.”

“Right. I thought of this in the worst-case scenario, but… this is really the worst.”

Yua pulled out a knife from a shoulder bag.

Then she jumped on Mizuki’s back and grasped his head.

“Let go of me! Stop it, Yua!”

“You didn’t want to hear me, right?”

“Stop it! Let go of me! Ahhhh!”

Yua kissed Mizuki to stop his screaming.

While kissing him, she cut off his ears.

It was a truly hopeless situation filled with love and insanity.

“Mmm… It’s okay. You can still hear sounds without your ears. Only a little, though.”


Mizuki cowered while pressing down on his ears.

Yua swiftly put handcuffs on Mizuki while he cried in agony.

The handcuffs were linked to a chain.

“Your handcuffs can’t be removed. But mine has a key. You will spend eternity together with me now.”

Yua said, looking like a devilish seductress and putting on the other pair of handcuffs on herself.

Then she took out a box with three syringes out of the shoulder bag.

There was some sort of liquid in the syringes.

“Mizuki, I’ll ask you once more… You like me, right? You’re in love with me, right?”

Yua shouted near Mizuki’s ears.

When she did that, Mizuki struggled to clasp his hands around her neck.

“I told you I hate you!”

“T-too bad. I have no choice but to start over from zero to make you like me again.”

While having her neck squeezed by Mizuki, Yua stabbed his arm with a syringe.

Panicked, Mizuki extracted his hand from Yua, then pulled out the syringe.

“What did you… Inject me with?”

“Medicine to erase your memories. You will like me again… It’s okay, I’ll definitely protect you.”

The moment Yua said that and hugged him, Mizuki thrust the other syringe into her leg.

“W-what are you doing!?”

“I won't let you do what you want…anymore.”

After Mizuki had stabbed her with the syringe, he lost consciousness and fell onto the ground.

Yua’s consciousness grew blurry as well and was about to pass out any moment now.

“How mean… I don’t want to forget… you, Mizuki… Even though I don’t want to forget you…”

Yua fell down onto the ground while crying.

When she fell down, she broke the syringe and the camera with her weight.

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