The Deities of Hell

Chapter 18 - Love and Insanity Part 1

Mizuki and Yua left the moonlit area where Monkey was.

After walking in the crumbling world for some time, they reached the base of the wall

“We finally… reached it.”

“What is this wall? It looks like an object, but also like it has a soul. Is it something Monkey and the others created?”

The two of them cautiously touched the ominous barrier with their hands.

At their touch, it became transparent and their hands went through it.

It seemed like they could move on to the next world through it.

“Let’s go.”


The two of them joined hands with each other and walked through the barrier while being on guard.


As they were about to go through the barrier, it immediately turned into concrete.

At first glance, it looked like a dead-end.

However, using a nearby hammer, Mizuki looked for a frailer part on the wall and smashed it in.

What they then saw gave them hope.

A shining sun, a townscape, and people.

The familiar world spread out further in the distance.

Although both of them were suffering from amnesia, they had seen this scene in front of them before.

“What… If this is the Earth we know, that over there should be…”

Yua suddenly turned around.

There, a large sphere was enveloped by the concrete wall.

The size was incomparable to humans.

One area seemed to be completely encircled by the concrete walls.

“Where’s the place we were in? Was it in this world… I-I don’t get it.”

“I don’t even know where home is. Let’s go to the police first.”

Mizuki and Yua walked around hungry.

After a short while, they found the police station.

“Excuse me. We need help.”

“What has happened?”

Yua started talking to a young police officer.

The police looked at both of them being barefoot, and as if understanding their situation, they showed a gentle expression.

“My name is Yua Kanzaki. He is Mizuki Yumeno. We have both lost out memories and… uh… we came from that big wall.”

Yua handed over her student ID and started to choke up on her words.

Naturally, the police showed a troubled expression as if not understanding what she meant.

“The wall? You mean the Sanctuary, right? You guys came out of there, and both of you lost your memories?”

“Sanctuary? Yeah, probably.”

“If you lost your memories, you want to know your identities, right?”


“One more question: you really came from the sanctuary?”

“Yes. From that concrete wall.”

“Impossible… To lie like that with a straight face… How am I supposed to react…”


The troubled expression of the police deepened.

Looking as if they gave up, they seemed to be examining Yua’s and Mizuki’s serious expressions.

“What happened?”

Another police officer came.

“Please help me. These children are saying they came from the Sanctuary. And not only that, they give such earnest looks. Because of that, I can’t even get angry.”

“I see. So, you guys came from the Sanctuary of Hell?”

The police officer said with a grin.

Reaching for a chair, they gave a refreshing smile and took a sip of the tea they had been given.


“Yua Kanzaki and next to me is Mizuki Yumeno. Since he doesn’t have any ears, he can’t hear.”

“I see, Yua and Mizuki… Wait!”

The police officer who had been smiling until now changed their expression after hearing their names.

Then, they scanned their faces.

“Yua Kanzaki and Mizuki Yumeno… I’ll ask you once more, did you come from the sanctuary?”

“Huh? Yes. We came through the wall.”

“Is it true you forgot your memories?”


“I see…”

The police officer muttered, then waved to the younger police officer standing further into the room.

It was like they had noticed something.

“Did something happen?”

“Well, we have that old man here, so there’s nothing to worry about.”

The young police officer said, but Mizuki had a bad feeling about this.

It was just a hunch, but he couldn’t help feeling that something bad was going to happen.

After a short while, the same police officer came back with another one.

“Hey, Tanaka, protect the boy.”

“Huh? O-okay.”

The young police officer put on a blanket on Mizuki and brought him further into the room.

Mizuki stopped walking and looked back at Yua.

When he did, the third person put handcuffs on her without warning.

“Yua Kanzaki, you are under arrest on suspicion of arson and murder.”

“What do you mean…”

Mizuki and Yua became puzzled.

They couldn’t understand what was happening.

Mizuki ran immediately to Yua but was pulled back by the young police officer.

“Let go!”


Being handcuffed, Yua struggled and tried to run back to Mizuki.

However, she was restrained by the police officer and pushed against the wall.


“Stop it!!”

“Hurry and take him away.”

Mizuki was taken away by the young police officer to another room.

The last thing he saw was Yua’s painful and teary expression.

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