The Deities of Hell

Chapter 17 - The Devil of Wrath Part 5

Mizuki and Yua leaped out of the room, and as they went down to the library on the second floor, Monkey smashed the door open.

It blew the bookshelves in the library on the third floor in a fit of rage.

“Further in! There’s a staircase further in! We need to run!”

They ran past the library, but behind them, they heard Monkey spreading its wings and rushing after them furiously.

The two of them went down the stairs and headed for the exit.

However, there was no time for them to open the door and escape.

As a last resort, they hid themselves in the torture chamber.

The room was gloomy and there was a lot of rubbish scattered around to hide in.

If they stayed here, there was a chance Monkey would give up looking for them.


Arriving at the torture chamber, it used a small sun to illuminate the room and searched for Mizuki and Yua.

Kicking the trash lying around, it grew desperate.

“If it continues like this, it’ll find us.”

Having hidden in the trash, as Yua scanned her surroundings, her face lit up and she took out the notepad.

“I have an idea. Let’s take the guillotine and kill the monster.”

After writing that, she showed the note to Mizuki, who nodded in response.

“I’ll be the decoy, so you drop the blade on the guillotine.”

Seeing the note, Mizuki shook his head.

“I’ll be the decoy. You should drop the blade.”

“...I thought you’d say that.”

Yua gave him an apologetic smile and showed him a note with “Okay” written on it.

The two of them walked silently to the guillotine.

“I’m going.”

“Be careful!”

Getting out of the trash, Mizuki went to stand in front of the guillotine.

Monkey noticed Mizuki and headed for him like a lion hunting a zebra.

While Monkey got closer, Mizuki trusted Yua and stood still.

5m, 4m, 3m, 2m...It was close enough to the guillotine to drop the blade.


Monkey reached under the blade and reached out for Mizuki with both arms.

At that moment, the guillotine’s blade fell down on Monkey.

It fell down on its back and wings.

Just before its back and wings were cut off…


It moved away from Mizuki, writhed in agony, turned around and kicked the guillotine.

The plan to kill Monkey failed.


As if he had heard Yua’s shout, Mizuki hid himself, and ran out of the torture chamber to escape Monkey.

Having its wings cut, Monkey held onto its back and followed Mizuki with blood dripping down its body.


Mizuki ran up the stairs.

Behind him, Monkey was catching up while bleeding and holding onto its back and wings.

Having reached the second floor, he used the bookshelves to skirt around Monkey.

Since he moved back and forth, it was difficult for the injured Monkey to chase after him.

“It keeps coming after me.”

Forcing himself up the destroyed staircase to the third floor, he entered the burning room voluntarily.

Monkey also chased after him desperately.


The moment Monkey entered the room, Mizuki shut the door and sandwiched its wings with it.

Being further injured, Monkey rampaged like a true monkey and ended up falling forwards.

At the same time, the wings were torn off, and a large wing fell onto the floor.


Having reached its limits, Monkey held its shoulder while reaching for Mizuki who stood in front of it.

In the burning room, Mizuki paced back and forth on the still-intact floor.

To follow Mizuki further into the room, Monkey took a few steps forward.

However, the burning floor collapsed underneath the weight and dropped down all the way to the first floor.

There, sharpened and pointy tools of the torture chambers were placed, which pierced through Monkey’s chest.


Its body had been set on fire, and a large amount of blood poured out of its chest.

Monkey writhed in agony and reached for a polar bear stuffed toy lying nearby.

It was like it wanted the stuffed toy to save it.

However, having used up all its strength, it died without touching it.

“Yua! Run away before everything comes crashing down! I’ll run away from up here!”

Mizuki headed for Yua and shouted from the third floor.

Walking out from behind the trash, Yua nodded and walked out of the castle through a destroyed wall.

“What a… Relief.”

Mizuki looked at the lifeless monkey before leaving with an empty feeling.

“The handcuffs should restrict my freedom, but for it to help me obtain it instead… it’s somewhat ironic.”

Mizuki muttered, hooked the handcuff on the chair, then jumped down from the castle through a crumbling wall.

Thanks to the handcuffs and chain, he descended slowly without being bound by weight.

Like a spider lowering itself with a spider thread, he slowly went down to safety.



Having met up safely, they both smiled at each other in relief.

“Look, there’s the wall of this world.”

Yua pointed at a dim wall.

The wall wasn’t too far away and was rather close instead.

“Finally, we can finally leave this world.”

Mizuki said.

However, what Mizuki had considered hell had only just started.

What he didn’t know was that he had only had a taste of it.

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