The Deities of Hell

Chapter 16 - The Devil of Wrath Part 4

Inside the glass, Yua was thoroughly restricted from moving.

Mizuki immediately went to save her.

Untying the ribbon, then opening the glass box, he removed the painful blindfold and gag before untying the thread.

“A-are you okay?”


Yua said while crying.

Pain and happiness were mixed together, and she shed tears with a complicated feeling.

Troubled, Mizuki reached out to her but retracted his hand and took out the notepad and pen from the bag.

“Without the note… I won’t understand.”

The moment after Mizuki had said that and was handing over the notepad, Yua pulled him into a hug.

Mizuki became even more confused, and because of shyness, he hesitated about what to do with his hand.

He wondered if it was acceptable or not to hug her back.

“I didn’t save you. On the contrary, you bravely confessed your feelings for me and I dismissed them. Why did you save me despite that?”

While knowing Mizuki couldn’t hear her, Yua complained.

Mizuki’s heart beat loudly in his chest without knowing what she was saying.

Then, the angel and devil once again appeared inside him.

“Look! She’s happy you saved her! She’s hugging you! Nicely done, Mizuki!”

The angel happily high-fived Mizuki.

“I lost… It’s true that humans rather believe than doubt each other… So, Mizuki, don’t hug her so obediently. Go ahead and attack her,”

The devil said quietly.

“Mizuki is a shy boy, okay? He would never do something like that. Stupid devil!”

The angel said jokingly.

However, Mizuki’s hands were trembling on Yua’s waist.

“That’s right! Do it, Mizuki!”

“Wait, no way, Mizuki? Hugging is fine, but nothing more than that, right?”

“Shut up! That woman has nothing to do with us! Keep your mouth shut, stupid angel.”

“What!? Mizuki isn’t someone like you!”

The angel and devil started quarreling.

However, Mizuki tied the angel up with the handcuffs and joined hands with the devil.

“No way!?”

“You get it, don’t you, Mizuki?”

“Thank you, Devil.”

The angel became troubled while the devil grinned.

Then, they both went up in smoke and disappeared.

Determined, Mizuki circled Yua’s waist with his arms without knowing her feelings.

However, what Mizuki thought was her waist was actually her bottom.

“That’s my butt…”

Yua said with flushed cheeks and slowly put some distance between them.

However, Mizuki, having been tempted by the devil, continued.

Taking Yua’s hand, he hugged her while trembling.

Yua took the notepad in his embrace.

“I didn’t save you. I rejected you. Why did you still save me?”

The mood inside the glass had turned strangely soft.

It was a strange feeling, like the moment before falling asleep.

“Because I wanted to save you,”

Mizuki said with a gentle expression, making Yua smile a little.

“Then, when we get out of this hellish world… Let’s go out.”

“The notepad… Please.”

Yua said, and Mizuki answered.

Even though he understood from the movements of her mouth, he didn’t get the details.

In order to convey her words, Yua tried to take the notepad in her hand.

However, she heard Monkey approaching from the distance.

“It came! The monster came!”

Yua showed Mizuki the notepad, but the contents weren’t the same as what she had told him just a moment ago.

“Let’s hide underneath the bed.”

The two of them used the chair to go down from the desk and tried to hide under the bed.

Yet, Yua stopped to pick up a matchbox that had fallen to the ground.

“Hurry up.”

Mizuki said impatiently while watching her go slowly.

Yua set fire to the nearby chair and garbage with the matchbox.

“What are you doing!?”

Mizuki asked, and Yua took his hand and hid under the bed.

The chair, garbage, and paper burned, and the fire steadily grew closer.

“Why did you do that?”

Mizuki whispered.

Yua glanced at him and tilted her head.

“I’m burning the monster’s castle.”

Seeing those words on the notepad, Mizuki showed a troubled expression.

“Even if you didn’t do that…”

“Those things scared us to death. Isn’t it natural to want to reply in kind? Besides, if I set fire to the castle, it won’t have any time to look for me.”


Mizuki answered, then held his breath.

At that moment, Monkey came in through the door.

Noticing Yua’s disappearance and the fire in the room, it took a blanket and swung it on the fire to extinguish it.

Mizuki and Yua tried to escape through the gap in the door Monkey had left.

However, Monkey suddenly turned around.

Its eyes met Mizuki’s, and he stiffened for a moment.

“Oh no.”


Yua grabbed Mizuki’s hand and left through the door.

Monkey pondered for a moment whether to extinguish the fire or go after Mizuki, but soon decided to chase after them.


Monkey spread its feathers and ran after them on wolf-like paws.

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