The Deities of Hell

Chapter 22 - Ritsu Saienji

T/N: The story will now continue from Ritsu Saienji’s pov, a descendant of Michelle Saienji.

On this day, Ritsu Saineji was on a school trip with his middle school.

He was having fun with his friends on the bus.

“Ritsu! What’s with that wooden sword!?”

“Ugh!? Teacher!?”

Ritsu was a member of the Kendo club.

Since he liked kendo, he liked anything resembling a sword.

Therefore, he would always carry around a wooden sword.

“Don’t ‘ugh’ me! Hand it over!”

“A sword is a man’s heart. Any man carries a sword with him. That’s why I will not separate from this wooden sword,”

Ritsu said with an earnest expression.

Seeing that look on his face, the teacher gave an exasperated look back.

“Where do the other boys have their swords then? No one here seems to hold something looking like a sword.”

“Here, right here. It’s a sword that will silent an obstinate woman like you.”

Ritsu pointed at his crotch.

He smirked as he ridiculed the teacher.

“Ahahaha! That was hilarious! Isn’t it Teacher’s favorite sword?”

“Hey! As expected of the exorcist’s grandchild!”

The other boys joined Ritsu and burst out in laughter.

The girls squinted their eyes at him while the teacher was completely dumbfounded.

“Since you can’t use it yet, I have no need for it. Look, give me that sword now.”

“No way no way! A man needs a sword!”

Exasperated, the teacher forcefully took the sword.

However, Ritsu wasn’t the kind of good boy who would obediently let her take it.



As they were fighting over it, the bus shook greatly.

Since the vehicle’s swaying was too big, a strange mood swept over the people bus.

“Hey! It’s like we’re floating! The bus is floating!”

“Exactly! What is this!? What happened!?”

Everyone looked out the window and screamed and yelled.

During that, one person opened the window to look down.

“Is that!?”

“No way!?”

Ritsu opened his window in a fluster as well and was about to look down.

However, in that moment, the bus shook again, and the bus flew forwards.


“It’s Lars! I’m sure I saw Lars right now!”

“Oh no! Look in front!”

All of them shook on the bus.

Those who weren’t wearing seatbelts flung through the windows and flew outside.

Furthermore, the inside of the bus was plunged into an ominous barrier—The Sanctuary of Hell.

“What is that!?”

When Ritsu entered the Sanctuary, he was sure he witnessed it.

The existence that had lifted the bus and thrown it.

A 180cm tall man.

Large wings sprouted from the man’s back and he wore a dark hood over his head.

The little he saw of his face was contorted in anger and sadness.

He seemed like a calm man with a well-featured face without any wrinkles.

Headphones hung around his neck and handcuffs hung from his wrist.

That was the deity who had recently plunged the world into fear—Lars.

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