Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1744 - A String Connected To The Past

When the light that burst forth from the Tai Yi Coffin dispersed, the starry sky was filled with severed roots that squirmed like huge snakes.

Hall Master Changfeng was very difficult to kill. Even so, his roots were still squirming and trying to gather together.

However, when the two roots collided, they immediately triggered the Dao injuries left behind by the god burial coffin. The remaining power of the god burial coffin's divine art burst forth and riddled the roots with holes.

Qin Mu saw the situation and let out a sigh of relief.

He relaxed, and his entire body was wracked with pain. He had been injured ever since his battle with Hall Master Chuge, so the correct decision was to recuperate for a period of time and return to his peak state before dealing with Hall Master Changfeng.

However, time was of the essence. If Hall Master Changfeng and Hall Master Huan Xi met up, he would not be their match.

Furthermore, these two hall masters had yet to completely descend. If they were to entrust themselves to the void, it was unknown if Qin Mu would be their match in a one-on-one battle.

Therefore, he could only fight with injuries. Luckily, he had scared Hall Master Huan Xi off on the way. If Hall Master Huan Xi had come to rendezvous with Hall Master Changfeng, he would have suffered a crushing defeat in this battle.

"Tai Yi will definitely not hate me, right?"

Qin Mu suppressed his injuries. The Dao injuries left behind by Hall Master Changfeng weren't troublesome, but the Dao injuries caused by the Dao burial coffin were much more troublesome. It was hard to heal in a short time.

He came to the front of the Tai Yi Coffin, and the fluctuations of the Dao burial coffin calmed down. Even though the divine coffin had gone through two trials, it was still undamaged and incomparably sturdy. It was a top-notch coffin.

Qin Mu gently touched the coffin and dragged it towards the World Crossing Gold Ship with difficulty.

"Tai Yi is so strong, a mere Dao Burial Divine Coffin can't do anything to him."

Qin Mu was full of confidence in Tai Yi and said with a hoarse voice, "Brother Yu, come out quickly. I'm exhausted."

Lan Yutian's voice came from somewhere in the World Crossing Gold Ship. "Brother, wait a while more."

Qin Mu couldn't drag the Tai Yi Coffin onto the ship, so he could only stop to rest. After a moment, Lan Yutian was still nowhere to be seen.

"Brother Yu, aren't you coming out?" He was bewildered.

"Give me a while more, I think I'm going to find it soon!"

Qin Mu waited for a moment more and grew impatient. He thought to himself, 'Could Lan Yutian have gotten lost again?'

Lan Yutian's comprehension of the Dao was extremely high, and he was a person born to be close to the Dao. However, there was a downside, which was that he got lost out of habit. In the past, he had lost his way and ran to West Earth to mingle with Xu Shenghua for a period of time. After leaving Xu Shenghua, he got lost all the way out of the Great Void and took in a bunch of disciples. Luckily, he met Qin Mu and picked him up.

There were numerous golden halls in the World Crossing Gold Ship. In order to find Founding Emperor's location, Qin Mu had used a huge and complicated calculation to calculate the number of golden halls and come up with a shocking number. Qin Fengqing had used Youdu's technique to transform into billions of people to search these golden halls.

If Lan Yutian wasn't a road idiot, he could also think of a way to find it. Unfortunately, he was.

He had borrowed the peculiarity of the golden ship to protect himself and trapped Hall Master Changfeng, but he didn't expect to lose himself.

"I'm afraid I won't be able to find him even after tens of thousands of years. I can't count on him."

Qin Mu exhausted all his strength and dragged the Tai Yi Coffin onto the ship. He laid on the deck and panted, exhausted. He then closed his eyes and slowly fell into his dream.

Countless dainty Qin Mus tunneled around the wounds on his body, talking noisily as they observed the wounds on his body and deduced the divine arts and the principles behind them.

Not long later, an even deeper layer of the dream realm spread out, and numerous small Qin Mus walked out with axes in their hands. What was different from the other Qin Mus was that these small Qin Mus had flesh and blood. They were actually formed from Qin Mu's Great Dao and primordial qi.

Every Qin Mu was like a worker bee that was the most hardworking. They surrounded Qin Mu's wound and knocked on it, using their paths, skills, and divine arts to refine and erase the Dao injuries.

The other dainty Qin Mus examined their new companions curiously and asked, "Mahamaha?"

"Guji guji?"

The new companions looked serious and ignored them. They only replied when they were impatient, "Aba, aba!"

The other dainty Qin Mus stared with their eyes wide open. They looked like they understood, but in reality, they didn't.

There were also some dainty Qin Mus that were dressed up as Apothecaries. They were either carrying medicine chests, herb baskets, or pill furnaces. They were cultivating and mending the wounds of the Dao injuries, looking very serious.

Those dainty Qin Mus swarmed over again and inquired about it. However, they were poisoned by these Apothecary Qin Mu. They all foamed at the mouth and twitched non-stop.

The other Qin Mus pointed at them and laughed loudly, taking delight in their misfortune. "Aba!"

When Qin Mu was about to wake up from his dream, these dainty Qin Mus hurriedly tunneled into his brain and vanished one after another.

Qin Mu stretched his body and felt refreshed after waking up. The Dao injuries on his body had already vanished.

He stood up and checked the Tai Yi Coffin again, but Lan Yutian still couldn't walk out of the golden hall.

"Brother Yu is probably really lost."

During the time he was recuperating in his dream, the golden ship had already traveled for over ten days and was floating towards the ancestral court. It was already very close.

Qin Mu frowned slightly. The golden ship was moving according to his will, moving far away from the Primordial Realm and close to the ancestral court. In his sleep, the world in his dream was peculiar and magnificent, and his thoughts were out of control. He spurred his horse forward and let it run, so the golden ship had chosen the idea that he had been thinking about the most.

"I wonder if those roots of Hall Master Changfeng will become a hidden danger."

He felt a little uneasy. He should have stayed behind and waited for his injuries to heal before wiping out all of Hall Master Changfeng's roots. Only then could he ensure that there would be no future trouble.

However, the golden ship was already here, so it was too late to rush back. It was indeed as the golden ship had said, so he was more worried about the ancestral court.

"Hall Master Changfeng's roots were severely injured by the Dao burial coffin. Every root had Dao injuries left behind by the Dao burial coffin. He doesn't have my knowledge and experience, so he can't erase these Dao injuries. There shouldn't be a big problem."

Qin Mu was still slightly weak. He had clashed with Hall Master level existences twice and had exhausted a lot of his cultivation. His cultivation couldn't be recovered by entering the dream.

He rested for a moment, and with a thought, the golden halls on the golden ship automatically vanished. The golden halls didn't disappear quickly, and Qin Mu gave Lan Yutian enough time to sprint from one golden hall to another.

After a long time, the ancestral court was in sight, and the allied army of Eternal Peace and the thousands of worlds could be seen in the distance. There was only one golden hall left on the golden ship.

Lan Yutian carefully pushed open the door of the hall and peeked his head out to take a look. He only let out a sigh of relief when he saw that the World Crossing Golden Ship had become about a hundred yards long. He then walked out of the golden hall.

"Brother Yu, do you see it?" Qin Mu stood at the bow of the ship and raised his hand to point at the distant ancestral court. Behind him was the Tai Yi Coffin.

Lan Yutian walked forward and took a look at the Tai Yi Coffin. He saw that the Tai Yi Coffin was once again placed on the ship. He hurriedly picked it up and flipped it upside down.

He walked forward and looked in the direction of Qin Mu's finger. He saw the wind and clouds surging in the ancestral court, creating a magnificent sight. The celestial heavens was floating in the sky above the center of the ancestral court. Its divine might was overflowing, and divine light formed clouds. The golden light shone brightly, and it was much more magnificent than the celestial heavens in the past!

The crown of the World Tree had already grown to the extent of covering the sky with a canopy. The Great Dao was like a multicolored glow that spewed out from the crown of the tree, causing the heaven and earth of the ancestral court to become wider.

Under the canopy of the World Tree, magnificent cities floated, and chains descended from the sky, piercing through the earth and connecting the mountains and rivers. They seemed to be locking down these cities to prevent them from flying out of the sky.

In the past few decades, the changes in the ancestral court had been extremely great. The strong practitioners of prehistory and those who had achieved the Dao had secretly crossed over and changed the world, bringing the ancestral court an abnormal beauty that shook the soul.

"Brother, what did you see?" Lan Yutian examined him for a long time, not knowing what Qin Mu was talking about.

The ancestral court was too big, and there were many places worth paying attention to. The World Tree, the ancestral court sacred ground, and the five Dao Trees above the celestial heavens were all very eye-catching.

"A string."

The direction Qin Mu was pointing at was the location of the Ancestral Court's Jade Capital City. He said solemnly, "A string that traveled through time and space from the sixteenth era. This string came from the chaotic river of the sixteenth era, and it was guided by Celestial Venerable Hao to pull this string out of the Ancestral Court Jade Capital City."

The eye power of the eye in the heart of his brows was astonishing. It could even see through time and space, through the chaos, and see the past.

What he saw was this string extending from the past universe. As Celestial Emperor Hao walked out of the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court, it grew longer, crossing the long passage of time. This universe had a history of six billion years, and now, it was following Celestial Venerable Hao towards the celestial heavens.

This string was almost undetectable, and only Qin Mu's eyes could see it. No one else could notice the existence of this string.

"Emperor Hao Tian no longer exists, only the lackeys of the Jade Capital City are left."

Qin Mu let out a shaky breath and said solemnly, "What Celestial Venerable Hao wants to do is to bring this string to the celestial heavens and subdue the five great Dao successors there, taking this power for his own use!"

In front of the golden ship, Celestial Venerable Yue, Celestial Venerable You, and the rest had already stabilized the army. They didn't take the initiative to attack the ancestral court, but lined up outside. These days, they had been constructing Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridges outside to create large-scale ones, making it convenient for them to interact with Eternal Peace.

The situation in the ancestral court was still unclear. Attacking the ancestral court now would only be asking for trouble.

The golden ship sailed over, and Jiang Baigui, Celestial Venerable Yue, Celestial Venerable You, Xu Shenghua, Lang Wo, the dragon qilin, the Black Tortoise, and the rest came to welcome them. Qin Mu put away the Tai Yi Coffin and got off the golden ship. Someone immediately came forward and secured the golden ship.

"Celestial Venerable Mu, the ancestral court has fallen into the hands of the strong practitioners of prehistory. The remnants of Celestial Emperor Hao's army have escaped into the ancestral court. With our strength, we are no match for both sides."

Lang Wo looked around and asked, "Does Celestial Venerable have any plans?"

Qin Mu's gaze landed on her, and his heart wavered. He felt that Lang Wo was different today. She was no longer as cold and cheerless as before. However, he wasn't sure where she had changed.

"There are naturally measures."

Qin Mu laughed and said, "I'm going to the celestial heavens to pay my respects to the five Dao achievements there. I'll also meet Celestial Venerable Hao, Hall Master Joyful, and that string behind him!"

Lang Wo smiled. "I'll go with you."

Not far away, Emperor Yanfeng was slightly astonished. He stroked his beard and turned his head to Jiang Baigui. "Imperial Preceptor, there's something wrong here. I feel that this master of creation is trying to steal our Ling Family's corner."

Jiang Baigui looked down and said, "Your Majesty is overthinking."

Emperor Yanfeng was skeptical.

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