Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1743 - Beating Him Up

"Seventh young master!"

Hall Master Changfeng stopped, and so did the World Crossing Golden Ship.

Hall Master Changfeng took in a deep breath, and the Dao Fruit in the small tree crown on his head started to glow. The Great Dao in the Dao Fruit revived, and it was like the vein lines in his brain.

The current situation was extremely disadvantageous to him. His roots were locked by the World Gold Ship, so it was clearly inconvenient for him to drag the ship to fight with Qin Mu.

Any carelessness could be fatal when fighting with the seventh young master, let alone dragging such a huge ship.

The most crucial point was that no one had been able to mobilize this golden ship. On the other hand, Qin Mu had kidnapped this ship the first time he had gone to Miro Palace. If this ship had moved under the control of the seventh young master during the confrontation, he would truly be consigned to eternal damnation!

Qin Mu had an indifferent expression and said, "Hall Master Changfeng, help me pass a message to the third and fourth young masters."

Hall Master Changfeng felt a chill down his spine.

When Hall Master Chuge had died in front of the people of Miro Palace, he’d said that the seventh young master had asked him to pass on a message. After that, he’d opened his skull in front of everyone, causing his Dao Fruit to split apart, and he’d died an unnatural death!

Now that Qin Mu asked him to pass a message to the two young masters, he could already see his end!

The best strategy was to attack the heart.

Qin Mu's attack on the heart was more powerful than any divine art!

Hall Master Changfeng was also decisive. He immediately sensed the roots he had left behind in the great calamity of the sixteenth era. He activated the roots and forcefully dragged his body towards the sixteenth era!

The main body of the tree wasn't a tree trunk, a tree crown, or a branch. Instead, it was a root. His root hadn't completely descended, and at this moment, countless roots were exerting force together to drag him back from the starry sky!

His abilities were tyrannical, and the path of cultivation was also extremely special. His Dao and body were one, and his abilities were outstanding. When his roots exerted force, even the apparition of the long river of chaos appeared in the starry sky, creating turbulent waves!

The World Crossing Golden Ship was also dragged by him towards the long river of chaos of the sixteenth era!

He knew that when his Dao heart wavered, it would be hard for him to defeat Qin Mu head-on, so he chose to give up on descending.

Descending to the 17th Era was very difficult. He needed a blood sacrifice and enough energy to sacrifice to the great calamity of destruction of the 16th Era. However, abandoning the descent and returning to the 16th Era was much simpler for him.

In the great calamity that destroyed the sixteenth era, what he lacked the least was energy. Furthermore, his roots were still in the Jade Capital City that was floating in the long river of chaos. As long as he forcefully pulled his body back, the energy in the long river of chaos would flow over endlessly and be replaced!

His body vanished into the long river of chaos of the sixteenth era, and surging primordial qi instantly overflowed from the void.

The power of the one who had achieved the Dao was simply too strong, and the energy converted into energy was also truly enormous. When he switched places, it was actually like a long river of chaos breaking through a dam. Chaotic energy surged out in all directions and soaked into numerous galaxies, crushing the stars in those galaxies until they couldn't be more shattered!

At this moment, Qin Mu raised his hand to execute Tai Yi's ax skill. The Dao of Tai Yi transformed into a divine ax and slashed towards the void!

When Hall Master Changfeng saw this ax technique, he couldn't help but feel despair. Experts in the sixteenth era, regardless of whether they had become Daoists or not, had seen the scene of the Tai Yi World Tree being destroyed!

As the first stowaway, the first thing Tai Yi did after entering the 17th Epoch was to swing his ax and cut down the medium World Tree that the stowaway had to rely on. He then burned it into ashes, cutting off everyone's way out!

And now, the divine art that Qin Mu had used was none other than Tai Yi cutting down trees!

It was this kind of divine art that had destroyed the Dao hearts of countless strong practitioners!

What was even more terrifying was that from ancient times until now, almost all those who had achieved the Dao had cultivated the Dao Tree, and the Dao Tree had imitated the World Tree. This move could destroy the World Tree, so naturally, it could also chop down the Dao Tree of those who had achieved the Dao!

Hall Master Changfeng was the divine tree that had achieved the Dao. His Dao Tree had already been refined into one with his body. Since his body was the Dao, the Dao Flower would bloom on its own and the Dao Tree itself would form.

The suppression of Qin Mu's move could be imagined!

Even though he was fast, he couldn't be faster than Qin Mu's divine ax!

"Seventh young master, if you don't give me a way out, I won't give you a way out either!"

Hall Master Changfeng knew that he couldn't escape this calamity, so he shouted angrily, "Follow me back to the past!"

Suddenly, in the apparition of the long river of chaos in the void, countless roots rushed out and coiled around Qin Mu!

He knew he couldn't escape this calamity, so he didn't dodge. Instead, he executed his Great Dao divine art as best as he could. Countless roots coiled around Qin Mu, locking him in place as they pulled him towards the sixteenth era's river of chaos.

His roots were formed from the Great Dao and were the embodiment of his own Great Dao. Every root represented his achievements and could be said to be a branch of his Great Dao. They were tough and contained supreme power!

What he cultivated wasn't just a kind of Great Dao. For a long time, even after experiencing three great calamities of destruction, the great calamities of destruction still couldn't obliterate him. Instead, his roots took root in the primal chaos and absorbed the power of the primal chaos, making his corporeal body incomparably stable and making his Dao techniques more mature.


Two Dao Fruits flew out from the crown of his head, and the Dao might contained in the Dao Fruits completely exploded. Great Dao imprints were projected and shone on the dancing roots!

This strike of his could definitely lock Qin Mu down and prevent him from escaping!

At this moment, the two of them executed their paths, skills, and divine arts to their limits. Qin Mu's Tai Yi Divine Axe sliced through Hall Master Changfeng's feet, and the roots that flew out from the long river of chaos pierced through Qin Mu's corporeal body, causing blood to splatter out!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Countless roots coiled around Qin Mu and pulled him into the long river of chaos!

During the battle between Qin Mu and Hall Master Chuge, his corporeal body had been damaged, and he had been injured by Hall Master Chuge. Hall Master Changfeng's roots had broken through Qin Mu's Dao injuries and tunneled into his body. Otherwise, with Qin Mu's primordial corporeal body's strength, it wouldn't have been easy for him to break through Qin Mu's corporeal body.

Suddenly, the World Crossing Golden Ship became incomparably huge and blocked in front of Qin Mu to block the dragging force from the long river of chaos!

After Hall Master Changfeng's feet were chopped off by Qin Mu's ax, his corporeal body immediately started to wither. The branches and leaves fell off, and his body started to wither. His limbs started to rapidly turn into wood.

The light in his eyes also dimmed, and his originally lively eyes immediately became wooden, unable to move anymore.

Two of his Dao fruits came off from the crown of the tree. One of them smashed into the back of Qin Mu's heart while the other landed on the World Crossing Gold Ship.

Boom! Boom!

The Dao might contained in the Dao Fruit completely exploded the moment it hit Qin Mu. Countless magnificent Dao markings spread out and instantly weaved into a net. It was like a heaven formed by countless tree roots!

The Dao fruits collided, and the second heaven, third heaven, and fourth heaven opened up!

In the blink of an eye, the thirty-six heavens burst forth from the Dao Fruit. Countless roots filled the air and even penetrated Qin Mu's divine treasures. The roots reached deep into the various territories of Qin Mu's divine treasures, the various heavens, and the 33 heavens!

The power of his Dao fruit could even penetrate Qin Mu's primordial spirit!

Even if the master of Miro Palace hadn't descended completely, the abilities he could display when he was fighting for his life were enough to shock the world!

At the same time, another Dao Fruit crashed into the World Crossing Gold Ship. The thirty-six layers of Dao Realm contained in the Dao Fruit exploded and transformed into the thirty-six heavens. They locked the golden ship and flew towards the long river of chaos!

"Seventh young master, I'm under the orders of third young master and fourth young master!"

Hall Master Changfeng's body quickly turned into wood, and the wood started to burn. However, he revealed a delighted expression. "I'll send you back!"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The surface of his body exploded in flames. Qin Mu's ax had not only used the divine art of the Tai Yi World Tree, but he had also used the Tempest of Silence to burn his body. Without the support of the roots, the Tempest of Silence had already started to swallow his body.

Both of them used all the methods they could use in this attack, and when they fought, it was actually abnormally tragic.

Qin Mu's body was dragged, and the Great Dao and vital qi in his body were instantly locked by the roots. He couldn't help sliding into the long river of chaos of the sixteenth era.

The World Crossing Golden Ship was also dragged, sliding towards the great calamity of destruction of the sixteenth era.

In terms of cultivation, Qin Mu was still inferior to an existence like Hall Master Changfeng. He was heavily bound by his roots and couldn't resist the power that came from the great calamity of the sixteenth era.

Suddenly, in Qin Mu's divine treasures, Tai Yi's coffin flew up.

Qin Mu used the last of his energy to activate the Tai Yi Coffin, activating the fifty Dao Killing Divine Nails. The power of the divine nails instantly exploded!

The God Burial Coffin was personally refined by Eldest Young Master, and it was specially made to restrain the mortal enemy of the Mi Luo Palace, Tai Yi. Qin Mu had long realized that if he forcefully pulled out the God Killing Nail, he would definitely activate the power of the God Burial Coffin. He wouldn't be able to severely injure the person who was trying to open the coffin, but he would also heavily injure Tai Yi who was suppressed in the coffin.

Touching the power of the Deity Burial Coffin would hurt one's self. Unless it was a crucial moment, he wouldn't do such a thing.

He hadn’t recovered from his battle with Hall Master Chuge, so he wasn’t confident in winning against Changfeng.

The power of the god burial coffin burst forth, and with a hum, light expanded in all directions. Everywhere it passed, the roots that filled Qin Mu's divine treasures and corporeal body were riddled with holes!

Qin Mu grunted. His primordial spirit, celestial palace, and the various heavens of his divine treasures seemed to have been pierced by countless nails, leaking air in an instant!

At the same time, the power of the God Burial Coffin penetrated his corporeal body and shot out from his body. Blood splattered everywhere, and his corporeal body instantly became a broken sieve that shone everywhere!

The power of the god burial coffin was truly terrifying!

When the power of the God Burial Coffin subsided, Qin Mu spat out blood all over his body. He stretched out his hand to grab hold of the roots that were about to shrink back into the long river of chaos.

"If I let you bring the message back, wouldn't I be letting the third and fourth young masters see through me and know that I'm strong on the outside but weak on the inside?"

Qin Mu tried his best to carry the roots and turned his body around to drag them with all his might. The long river of chaos trembled violently, and the primordial qi that was pouring out rapidly retracted back. The incomparably huge roots of Hall Master Changfeng were actually pulled out by him!

The roots suddenly shrunk into a ball and exploded in all directions. Countless roots spread out into the starry sky, trying to take root in the stars in the distant starry sky.

Qin Mu shook his hand and threw the Tai Yi Coffin out, smashing it into the center of the roots. He then flicked his fingers and tapped on the fifty divine nails of the Tai Yi Coffin.

Suddenly, eyes appeared on the roots, and the pupils of those eyes contracted. They all looked at the Tai Yi Coffin that was flying in front of them.

Light burst forth from the divine coffin!

These few days, the pig had a migraine. He could always see light ripples in his eyes which affected his vision. Sometimes, he would lose his sight for a short while. Maybe he was too tired…

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