Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1741 - The Seven Halls

Everyone in the Miluo Palace was shocked in their hearts. Hall Master Chuge was ranked in the top 10 amongst the 72 halls, and his attainments in the Dao were extremely ancient.

Among the three Hall Masters that Miluo Palace had sent this time, he was the strongest. He was the leader of the three Hall Masters and was in charge of the plan for Miluo Palace's descent.

Unexpectedly, he was already killed by the seventh young master before he even arrived!

The Jade Capital of the Ancestral Court was silent as numerous gazes descended onto Third Young Master Ling Xiao, and no one dared to speak. The master of the Miluo Palace was an outstanding figure amongst the Dao Successors of the universe, and Hall Master Chuge was even more outstanding. Even though he didn’t have the qualifications to become a Young Master, his ability was extraordinary.

His death in the 17th Epoch made everyone lose confidence.

The master of Miluo Palace had already lost three.

The Primordial Sage of the Hall of Fragrance, who was in charge of imparting the techniques, had made great contributions. He had spread the cultivation system of Jade Capital City and planted the Jade Capital Trap, the Numinous Sky Trap, and the Grand Emperor and the Grand Primordium Mudra in the wrong direction, thus misleading the founder of the cultivation system, Celestial Venerable Yu.

Jade Capital Trap, Numinous Sky Trap, gave Miluo Palace the possibility of controlling the high-level forces of the seventeenth era.

Yuan Sage of the Hall of Fragrance had died at the hands of the ten Celestial Venerables.

The Spirit Official Hall's Spirit Sage carried a heavy responsibility and descended to the seventeenth era. For the arrival of Miluo Palace, he was fearless and presided over the battle between the stowaways of the black mountain. In the end, he died in the hands of Xu Shenghua and Seventh Young Master Qin Mu.

However, under his leadership, the stowaways of Black Mountain could finally sneak into the 17th Epoch to pave the way for the descent of Miluo Palace.

Chu Sheng of Chuge Hall presided over the battle of descent. After he entered the seventeenth era, he joined forces with Hall Master Joyful and Hall Master Chang Feng to push the blood sacrifice, allowing the young masters of Miluo Palace and other Dao Successors to descend.

Although the Yuan Sages and the Martial Sages were dead, they had already achieved their goals. Only Chu Yang was killed by the seventh young master before he even reached the seventeenth era!

Third Young Master Ling Xiao walked forward and silently examined the wound that Qin Mu had inflicted on Hall Master Chuge.

Qin Mu wanted Hall Master Chuge to pass a message to Miluo Palace. There was no need for him to say anything, as the wound on Hall Master Chuge’s body was the best word.

Third Young Master had fought with Qin Mu before, and Qin Mu had used the red rope to seal a portion of his power and consciousness in the Numinous Sky Hall. He had only released the red rope not long ago.

He knew Qin Mu's power like the back of his hand seven years ago.

Seven years had passed.

From Hall Master Chuge’s wound, he saw Qin Mu’s astonishing improvement in just seven years!

Not only did Qin Mu grasp the principle of Miluo Palace in the Dao injury he had left behind for Qin Mu, but he had also innovated and combined the divine arts and paths, skills, and skills of Blasphemer of Heaven, achieving astonishing improvements!

Qin Mu's understanding and comprehension of Miluo Palace's paths, skills, and skills were already close to young master's standard. His attainments could even surpass most of the hall masters!

More importantly, on him, the Blasphemer's Dao technique had already begun to merge with the Dao technique of Miluo Palace. Furthermore, Third Young Master Ling Xiao could see that Qin Mu's path to attaining the Dao had reached a crucial point.

Qin Mu's Hall of Chaos was complete!

Furthermore, his primordial spirit had already entered the Hall of Chaos. On the path of becoming a Daoist, he was only a step away!

Becoming the young master of Miluo Palace wasn't as simple as achieving the Dao. One had to have astonishing achievements and achieve the pinnacle in a certain field. It was a pinnacle that others couldn't reach, and even the master of Miluo Palace couldn't reach.

The Dao of a person would condense into the main hall that supported Miluo Palace. The Eldest Young Master was like this, the Second Young Master was like this, and the other young masters were also like this.

The seven main halls of Miluo Palace—Grand Supreme, Limitless, Numinous Sky, Purple Clouds, War, and Chaotic—each represented an achievement that the master of Miluo Palace could not achieve.

And Qin Mu wasn't far from this kind of achievement.

Third Young Master Ling Xiao carefully inspected all of the injuries on Hall Master Chuge’s body. The best way to defeat his opponent was to understand his opponent as well as possible.

He was like this now.

Even though Qin Mu's current abilities weren't enough in front of him, he was still very cautious and serious.

"Although Fellow Daoist Chu Sheng is dead, three Dao fruits and a Dao flower are still around."

Third Young Master Ling Xiao raised his palm, and one Dao flower flew out from his three Dao fruits and floated in his palm. Young Master Ling Xiao's expression was calm as an ancient well as he said, "Even though Dao friend is dead and your soul is scattered, your consciousness and Great Dao still exist. You just need to find a suitable body and primordial spirit in the seventeenth era, and you can borrow the body and soul to be reborn."

The other hall masters' faces dimmed. Without a corporeal body and a soul, borrowing the consciousness from the Dao Fruit and Dao Flower to live, could it still be the original Chu Sheng?

However, since things had already come to this, they couldn't say much.

"Hao of the seventeenth era is already on his way here. When he reaches the sky above the calamity of the sixteenth era, the fourth young master will meet him and give him a zither string."

The third young master had a calm expression as he said, "The battle with the seventh young master has just begun. Everyone, there's no need to worry. The seventh young master wants to stop the Miluo Palace by himself, preventing it from descending. He's destined to be crushed until his head is bleeding. If the Miluo Palace can't descend to the seventeenth era, only death awaits us!"

When everyone heard his last sentence, their expressions turned grim.

Even though the Miluo Palace was incomparably stable, it was stuck in the great calamity of destruction. Sooner or later, it would collapse and disintegrate!

If they didn't enter the 17th Epoch, all of them who had achieved the Dao would probably be obliterated in the great calamity of destruction. After all, not everyone was a young master of Miluo Palace and had the ability and means to avoid the great calamity!

Qin Mu suppressed his injuries, but Hall Master Chuge was still strong. His last attack had injured him, and it had left him with quite a few injuries. However, these injuries weren’t fatal to him, and they would only cause him some trouble.

He needed to analyze the remaining paths, skills, and divine arts in these Dao injuries in order to solve them one by one and heal himself.

In front of him, Hall Master Chuge’s legs were still standing firmly on the ground. Hall Master Chuge had been sent back to the calamity of the sixteenth era by Qin Mu, but his legs were still there.

Qin Mu suppressed his injuries and walked forward to put away the legs of Hall Master Chuge.

He didn't have this habit, but Xing An did.

"Hall Master Chuge is an ancient Dao practitioner after all, and his corporeal body is extraordinary. I want to ask Xing An for help so that he can break the easy coffin and rescue Tai Yi. Hall Master Chuge's lower body is the most suitable."

Qin Mu let out a long sigh of relief. Xing An had a weird temper, so he had to pay the price for making him attack.

He liked to collect strange things, and the lower half of Hall Master Chuge’s body was enough to move him. Although Xing An was despicable, he was very principled in his actions. If he acted according to his principles, he wouldn’t be in any danger.

"I wonder how Brother Yu is doing."

As for Shang Jun, he wasn't worried at all.

Even though the master of Miluo Palace was strong, as long as he didn't descend completely, Shang Jun's abilities were enough to deal with him. Furthermore, Shang Jun had the mind to scheme but not the heart. He might not be a match for the master of Miluo Palace, but when it came to assassinations and sneak attacks, Shang Jun was definitely the fastest knife in the world!

If Shang Jun came to assassinate Qin Mu, even Qin Mu wouldn't be able to defend against him. He would definitely be hit and be severely injured in an instant!

Qin Mu walked out, and behind him, the forest of sword path that had been turned into fine powder instantly started to recover. The fine powder reformed and transformed into broken swords that stabbed back into the original place.

When Qin Mu walked out of the forest of sword path, the tomb of the divine sword returned to normal, as if nothing had changed.

Unchanging divine art.

To Qin Mu, executing unchanging divine art and restoring this memorable battlefield was of great significance, so he was willing to waste a portion of his magic power.

Suddenly, a knife light came out of nowhere and flew behind Qin Mu.

Qin Mu raised his hand, and the knife light landed in his hand, transforming into a book of knife path.

Qin Mu opened up the knife book, which was transformed from Shang Jun's divine art. When the knife book was opened, the book was as bright as a mirror, recording the process of Shang Jun and the other master of Miluo Palace. From the moment Shang Jun entered the painting to the moment the woman's legs were cut off from the Heavenly Feathers Hundred Weaving Painting, the entire process was clear.

Shang Jun's knife skills and the paths, skills, and divine arts that the woman had executed when she was attacked were incomparably clear.

"With Shang Jun's speed, he shouldn't be able to catch up to this person."

Qin Mu swept up the knife book, and it slowly dispersed into specks of light. He thought to himself, 'This female hall master's abilities are extremely strong. If she descends to fight head-on, Shang Jun won't be her match. If she wants to leave, Shang Jun won't be able to hold her back, so he sent me the book to let me know about this woman's technique and divine art in advance. Furthermore, he had executed the move that he had used to cause this woman's Dao injury so that I could find her based on the murderous Dao fluctuations of this Dao injury.'

He understood Shang Jun's killing path very well, and that woman's Dao injury was so severe. The ultimate killing intent from her Dao injury was undoubtedly a star in the night for Qin Mu!

'This woman should be Joyful Palace's Hall Master of the 72 halls of Miluo Palace. It's a little troublesome for her to escape. I hope her abilities aren't enough to erase the Dao injury in her wound.'

Qin Mu's expression became more solemn, and his speed became faster as he headed straight for Lan Yutian. "The one I met was Hall Master Chuge, and the one Shang Jun met was Hall Master Joyful. In that case, the one Lan Yutian is going to face is definitely the hall master of Miluo Palace! Brother Yu is in danger this time!"

The three of them attacked the three people of Miluo Palace who had achieved Dao at the same time. The weakest link was Lan Yutian!

If Hall Master Joyful was injured and Hall Master Chuge died, it would definitely alarm the person who had achieved the Dao in the battle with Lan Yutian!

If Lan Yutian wanted to keep that person, he would probably be killed instead!

Qin Mu originally thought that only one Hall Master level existence had descended this time, and the other two were just ordinary practitioners who had achieved the Dao. Never did he expect the three young masters and four young masters to send three Hall Masters at once!

A Hall Master level existence was not something Lan Yutian could deal with!

When Qin Mu had escaped the Jade Capital Trap, he had been surrounded by the 72 Hall Masters. He had met the Hall Master of Joy Hall Master Chuge.

"I forgot to tell Brother Yu to run if he can't win!"

Qin Mu couldn't care less about healing the Dao injuries on his body. His speed became faster as he sprinted with all his might. No matter if it was the Extreme Void Carrier, the teleportation divine art, or Cripple's Divine Traversing Dao, they were all executed to the extreme by him as he sprinted straight for Flying Wheel Castle at the border of the Primordial Realm!

His speed was raised to the extreme, and he was getting closer to Flying Wheel Castle. Suddenly, he sensed Shang Jun's ultimate killing intent coming from a place, and his heart stirred slightly. "Hall Master Joyful!"

After Hall Master Joyful was severely injured by Shang Jun's sneak attack, he must have rushed to Flying Wheel Castle immediately to meet up with the hall master who was dealing with Lan Yutian!


The vertical eye at the heart of Qin Mu's brows opened up, and a beam of primordial light shot out!

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