Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1742 - A Strong Warrior Breaks His Root

Hall Master Joyful was flying at full speed, and she only had her upper body left. When Shang Junhua attacked her, she suffered a setback and had no choice but to roll up her Dao fruit to escape.

However, she was still severely injured by Shang Jun. Both of her legs were severed by him.

She’d originally intended to find Hall Master Chuge nearby, but before she could arrive at the place where Hall Master Chuge had descended, Hall Master Chuge had already died.

Therefore, she made a prompt decision and immediately went to meet Hall Master Changfeng.

Suddenly, a beam of primordial light flew over. Hall Master Joyful was astonished. She was injured by Shang Jun and was like a bird startled by the twang of a bow. She hurriedly dodged, only to see the beam of primordial light turning in midair and actually chasing after her!

"Seventh young master!"

Joy Hall’s Hall Master felt a chill run down her spine. She had already heard about Qin Mu killing Hall Master Chuge, but she hadn’t completely descended to the seventeenth era. There was still a portion left in the Jade Capital City of the sixteenth era, so she knew that Hall Master Chuge had died at the hands of the seventh young master, Qin Mu.

Qin Mu's primordial light didn't seem to have much power, but she didn't dare to take it head-on. She had no choice but to give up on the idea of meeting Hall Master Changfeng and rush towards the ancestral court with all her might!

“Changfeng should have received news that the Seventh Young Master killed Hall Master Chuge, so he probably won’t stay here any longer. I don’t have to meet up with him, I’ll head straight to the Ancestral Court! It’ll be safe there!”

Her speed was extremely fast, and her magic power circulated. Suddenly, layers of space folded and broke through the sky.

Meanwhile, Qin Mu's primordial light had also vanished along with her.

Hall Master Joyful moved far away from the Primordial Realm, folding the starry sky as he moved faster.

The 72 Hall Masters each had their own divine arts. Hall Master Joyful cultivated the Dao of Space and could easily reach the boundless universe. However, the ancestral court was too far away. Even if her abilities were astonishing, it would still take her a few days to reach it.

However, to her surprise, that beam of light continued to follow her. No matter how fast she was, she couldn't shake it off.

Hall Master Joyful was secretly anxious. 'Seventh young master's divine art is so fast, I'm afraid I will be caught up by his divine art before I even reach the ancestral court! More importantly, I don't know how many divine arts he has executed! If I stop to deal with this attack of his, there are still a hundred divine arts behind, won't I die?'

Her speed was unmatched in this world. Otherwise, Shang Jun wouldn't have given up on chasing after her.

It was precisely because he saw her speed that he knew he couldn't catch up to her. That was why he returned to the manufacturing factory to continue working and earning money.

However, Qin Mu's Primordial Light of Dao actually had a speed that wasn't inferior to hers, and it even surpassed hers. This made Hall Master Joyful feel both terrified and puzzled.

'I used the art of space to achieve the path, but if I want to leave, no one can stop me. Seventh young master's divine art can't catch up to me. Could it be…'

With a thought, the Dao Tree appeared, and a leaf flew out from the tree. The leaf floated in the starry sky and suddenly transformed into the form of Hall Master Joyful to face that primordial light!


That beam of primordial light passed through the body of Hall Master Joyful, who was transformed from a leaf, as though it didn't touch anything!

"It's consciousness!"

Joy Hall's Hall Master was stunned and immediately stopped. She saw the Primordial Light of the Dao come to her body with a whoosh and pass through her body.

Hall Master Joyful saw that he was smashed into pieces by this strike, his primordial spirit was obliterated, his Dao Tree was severed, and everything was gone!

However, she felt that she was still alive and well.

This was the doing of consciousness.

In fact, Qin Mu's primordial light wasn't the primordial divine art of Miluo Palace. It could also be said to be a primordial divine art. However, it was a consciousness divine art that was formed by consciousness forming primordial runes!

When Hall Master Joyful Palace saw the Primordial Light of Dao, he was already hit.

However, this kind of divine art wasn't to injure or kill her. Instead, it was to create an incomparably terrifying illusion realm for her, forcing her to retreat and not meet up with Hall Master Changfeng!

"Seventh young master doesn't have enough confidence to deal with Changfeng and me at the same time, so he can use consciousness divine art to scare me away. He can then use the smallest price to kill Changfeng!"

Consciousness divine art was just a small trick to a Hall Master level existence like her. She was incomparably ancient. Not to mention the Great Dao of Consciousness, she had even seen the complete Great Dao of the Five Great Dao.

She shouldn’t have been hit so easily, but after being heavily injured by Shang Jun and hearing that a powerful existence like Hall Master Chuge had also died at Qin Mu’s hands, her first impression was that she wouldn’t be able to stop Qin Mu if he came to kill her.

Hall Master Joyful understood this point and immediately sensed his own Great Dao. He then executed his magic power to break Qin Mu's consciousness divine art!


A loud bang that could split heaven and earth rang out in her mind. Her consciousness divine art was broken, and the apparitions in front of her eyes immediately vanished. Her corporeal body, primordial spirit, and Dao Tree Dao Fruit were all there, and there was no damage at all.

"In that case, should we rush back to fight the seventh young master with Changfeng?"

Hall Master Joyful couldn't help but hesitate for a moment. She had already gone deep into the starry sky, and she didn't know how far she was from the Primordial Realm. If she rushed back now, it would probably be too late.

Even though she knew that Hall Master Changfeng might not be dead, and as long as she returned, she could still work together with him to defeat Qin Mu, what if?

If Hall Master Changfeng was already killed by Qin Mu, wouldn't he be walking into a trap if he rushed back?

"We three hall masters have received orders to descend for the seventeenth era, allowing the two young masters and the other hall masters of Miluo Palace to descend. This goal is of utmost importance!"

Hall Master Joyful flashed away and thought to himself, 'Daoist Changfeng, it's not that I'm afraid of death and don't want to save you, it's just that it's too risky to save you. For the grand plan of the descent of the Miluo Palace, I have to trouble you…'

Qin Mu came to the Flying Wheel Castle and looked around. He saw a mess around him. The World Crossing Golden Ship had shattered the ruins left behind by Yan Yunxi and Bai Yujing. It crushed the third hall master and rushed out of the Primordial Realm into the starry sky outside.

Qin Mu sensed the aura of the World Crossing Gold Ship, and he walked out of the sky following the traces left behind by the World Crossing Gold Ship. He thought to himself, 'The abilities of that Hall Master of Joy just now are indeed extremely high. Her speed is peerless in this world, and she's even faster than me. She's the same as Celestial Venerable Yue, cultivating the void of the void, forming the Dao through space. However, in terms of foundation, she's much stronger than Celestial Venerable Yue. Such an existence is extremely dangerous…'

In the starry sky, the World Crossing Gold Ship was tightly bound by countless roots. Those roots were like horned dragons that climbed onto the surface of the golden ship. Some of the roots even passed through the palaces on the golden ship, making it look extremely strange.

Hall Master Changfeng's power completely burst forth, and he transformed into a gargantuan giant. The roots under his feet danced in the air. A portion of the roots coiled around the golden ship, while another portion flew around in the starry sky, coiling around the planets and pulling his huge body towards the ancestral court.

The golden ship grew larger, severely slowing his footsteps.

However, he was unable to free his roots from the ship. When he fought with Lan Yutian, he felt aggrieved. That honest-looking youth was actually slippery. He killed Lan Yutian and discovered that it was a human-shaped divine weapon created by a creation divine weapon. He then killed another human-shaped divine weapon!

When he killed all of the dozens of Lan Yutian at the bow of the ship, he still couldn't find where Lan Yutian's true body was.

At that time, he’d just sensed the death of Hall Master Chuge, and he couldn’t help but become flustered. He immediately stopped fighting with this slippery fellow and left. Unexpectedly, the World Crossing Golden Ship actually sped up once more and smashed into him from behind, causing him to be dazed!

Hall Master Changfeng stopped to fight, but he couldn't find where Lan Yutian was hiding. He could only abandon the golden ship and continue on his way.

However, the golden ship crashed behind him again and crushed him under the ship. It was fine if it happened once or twice, but the crucial point was that the golden ship continued to pursue him relentlessly. Every collision was incomparably heavy and angered him, so countless roots flew out and stabbed into the palace on the golden ship to search for the whereabouts of the smiling little fatty.

The smiling little fatty couldn't find it, but he was astonished to discover that every time his roots entered a palace, the golden ship would grow bigger, and there would be a golden hall on the deck.

He continuously separated more roots and stabbed them into more golden halls. However, the number of golden halls seemed to be endless, and the golden ship also became larger!

What was even more infuriating was that the smiling little fatty actually appeared in one hall after another and used strange mudras to seal his roots in one hall after another, preventing him from pulling back his roots!

When he descended this time, there weren't many roots to begin with, and only a portion of them had descended. A tree without roots would die, and he couldn't give up on these roots. Thus, even though he knew he had fallen into a trap, there was nothing he could do. He could only delay the World Crossing Golden Ship and hurry on his way, hoping to reach the ancestral court before Qin Mu could find him.

However, dragging such a huge golden ship through the starry sky was truly strenuous. He couldn't help but complain in his heart.

As the hall master of the 72 halls of Jade Capital City, he had naturally seen a divine object like the World Crossing Gold Ship before. He had also heard rumors about the World Crossing Gold Ship from other Daoists.

However, the World Crossing Golden Ship was the treasure of the master of the Miluo Palace, and it was extremely damaged. No one dared to board the ship to investigate, so he didn't know much about the marvel of the World Crossing Golden Ship, which resulted in him being trapped by Lan Yutian.

'Where exactly did this little fellow come from? He's so sinister and vicious, using such a sinister move to trap me!'

Hall Master Changfeng's heart suddenly stirred. "Previously, he addressed Seventh Young Master as elder brother, could he be Seventh Young Master's younger brother? No wonder, they are of the same bloodline!"

He tried his best to drag the golden ship. The roots under his feet stretched out and reached into a sun in front of him. The other roots took root in the void and pierced through the thirty-six layers of void, pulling his huge body closer to the sun.

A person who had achieved the Dao had boundless power. Even though Hall Master Changfeng was a divine tree that had achieved the Dao, he wouldn't be in such a sorry state. Lan Yutian was too cunning. He was clearly not his opponent, yet he used such a strange method to trap him.

"You should be strong enough to break your roots."

Suddenly, a voice rang out and entered Hall Master Changfeng's ears clearly.

Hall Master Changfeng was astonished and hurriedly raised his head to take a look. He saw the thirty-six layers of void distorting and forming a ring. Even the sun in front of him flew up along with the void and landed in the ring!

The sunlight shone, and the thirty-six void rings gave off all kinds of light. They became smaller, and they stood behind the head of a youth with white hair.

"A strong man breaks his roots, you still have a way out."

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