Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1740 - Intruders Die

Qin Mu walked into the forest of sword path, and his body actually passed through the broken swords as though he had no form. He said indifferently, "Go back. Return to Miluo Palace, and I'll give you a way out."

The change in the nature of Tai Shi was vividly reflected in him.

The man in the mirror laughed loudly. Suddenly, his wild and unrestrained figure appeared on the mirror surfaces of all the divine swords in the forest of the sword path. He said with a smile, "Seventh young master, I'm already here, so I won't go back. This is my only chance of survival, and I can't give it up no matter what. You haven't achieved the path yet, so you still aren't seventh young master. You might not be my opponent."

Qin Mu raised his hand, and all of the divine swords in the sword forest shattered!

The fragments of the divine sword numbered in the hundreds of millions, yet the figure of Hall Master Chuge appeared on every single mirror-like surface. Countless Hall Masters Chuge said in unison, “Seventh Young Master, you haven’t attained the Dao yet, so you don’t know how vast my Dao, techniques, and divine arts are. My inheritance is extremely ancient, and I’ve attained the Dao since the eleventh era. It was during the time of the Hell Emperor, yet even someone as invincible as the Hell Emperor died in the Obliteration Calamity while I survived. There are five Dao Fruits and a Dao Flower hanging on my Dao Tree. Even though I’m not the Young Master of Miluo Palace, my ability isn’t inferior to Young Master.”

Qin Mu looked at the countless mirrors on the ground and said with a smile, "Looks like you have achieved your Dao by escaping for your life. If my old friend was still alive, he would definitely be very happy to see you and treat you as his Dao friend."

In the countless mirrors, Hall Master Chuge’s figure vanished, and only his last figure remained. He walked from one mirror to another and said, “Seventh Young Master must be joking. My ability isn’t for fleeing, and it’s because you don’t understand my ability. After all, you haven’t attained the Dao yet. Of course, once Young Master attains the Dao, even Teacher will praise you greatly. At that time, I’ll be far inferior to you.”

His figure suddenly split into two, and he appeared in the two mirrors. Each of them had a different action, and he said with a smile, "In that case, why doesn't young master return to the past and become the seventh young master in the past? There are too many worries in the seventeenth era, and it will interfere with young master's intelligence and wisdom. When you return to the past, everything will have nothing to do with young master, and young master will be able to achieve the path in peace."

Qin Mu laughed, and his figure suddenly vanished. He appeared in a mirror and faced Hall Master Chuge. He said with a smile, "I will return to the past and become the seventh young master of Miluo Palace. However, before that, I need to deal with Miluo Palace first."

Hall Master Chuge’s expression changed slightly, and his figure suddenly flashed as he walked out of the mirror and vanished.

He came to another mirror and saw a Qin Mu waiting for him inside.

"I always thought I achieved the Dao in the seventeenth era."

Qin Mu said to him, "However, I discovered not long ago that teacher was right. I didn't experience the great calamities of destruction one after another, so my path would definitely not be perfect. If I want to achieve the path, I have to return to the past and experience the great calamities of the destruction of the primal chaos."

Hall Master Chuge’s figure flashed through the countless mirrors. To his surprise, there was a Qin Mu standing calmly in each mirror, waiting for him to arrive.

"Therefore, I've made a decision, and that is to take advantage of the fact that I'm not the seventh young master of the Miluo Palace and destroy it!"

Cold sweat broke out on Hall Master Chuge’s forehead, and he suddenly transformed into countless clones that simultaneously appeared in all of the mirrors. However, to his surprise, there was a Qin Mu in all of the mirrors!

"Destroy Miluo Palace?"

Hall Master Chuge stabilized his mind and roared with laughter. “Seventh Young Master, you’re the young master of the Mi Luo Palace, yet you actually intend to crush the Mi Luo Palace? How can you face your teacher?”

"I'm still not the young master of Miluo Palace. Defeating Miluo Palace has no moral burden on me."

Qin Mu had a serious expression as he said, "Attacking my Dao heart from the bottom of my heart has no effect on me. Furthermore, when Teacher established Miluo Palace, he didn't want to see it become like this. He must be very happy that I helped him destroy Miluo Palace. When I destroy Miluo Palace and return to the past, Teacher will accept me as his disciple and will definitely take care of me."

The corners of Hall Master Chuge’s eyes twitched. It was just as Qin Mu had said. The master of Miluo Palace had indeed taken good care of this Seventh Young Master, and it could even be said that he doted on him!

In his eyes, Qin Mu's actions in the past few universe cycles wasn't just embarrassing Miluo Palace. It could even be said that he had committed a heinous crime. Even the other young masters had a lot of grievances and grudges against Qin Mu.

The other people in Miluo Palace were also full of resentment towards Qin Mu!

Even so, the master of Miluo Palace still trusted Qin Mu too much. He didn't reprimand him and allowed him to do whatever he wanted!

"Could he be right? My Miluo Palace has really been completely destroyed by him… Crap! My heart has been attacked by him!"

Hall Master Chuge suddenly came to a realization. He hadn’t been able to attack Qin Mu’s heart, but had instead been attacked by Qin Mu’s heart. Now that he had cultivated to this step, the slight wavering of his Dao heart was enough for him to be captured by his opponent!

Just as his Dao heart wavered, all of the Qin Mus in the mirror attacked at the same time!

In all of the mirrors, countless Hall Masters of Chuge roared with laughter in unison. “Seventh Young Master, it’s utterly useless to shake my Dao Heart! My cultivation technique’s Grand Dao is extremely profound. If you were to fight with my true body, then I would have to reconsider, but if you fight me in the mirror, then Young Master will definitely lose!”

Within the countless mirrors, countless Hall Masters Chuge’s Divine Abilities erupted, and every single one of them executed different Divine Abilities. None of them repeated themselves!

This was his ultimate skill!

He could transform into countless people, countless of himself that had different abilities and thoughts at the same time. He could fight countless enemies at the same time!

To achieve this step, not only did one need to have powerful strength, an incomparably strong Dao heart, but also a powerful primordial spirit and an incomparably vigorous Great Dao insight.

Not only that, the consciousness also had to be strong to the extreme, and the calculation ability had to reach the peak!

The reason why he could become a hall master in the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court was because he had accomplished all of this!

He could transform into countless clones and execute countless different techniques on his own, master different Great Dao divine arts, and fight with countless enemies at the same time. Furthermore, he didn't mess up at all!

He firmly believed that even in the future 17th Era universe, no one could do what he did!

"Celestial Venerable You's abilities?"

Qin Mu's astonished voice rang out. "It looks like not only are your abilities similar to that old friend of mine, your abilities are also similar to Celestial Venerable You. However, why do I need to dance with you and be led by you?"

Within the countless mirrors, Hall Master Chuge’s paths, skills, and divine arts were ever-changing. There was no repetition, but countless Qin Mus had only executed one move!

His vital qi transformed into Tai Yi vital qi, and he only executed an ax skill that Tai Yi had taught him to break the 6400 Great Dao of Supreme Hall!

When Tai Yi imparted this ax skill to him, he couldn't tell him the name of this move, so Qin Mu gave it the easiest name to remember.

It was easy to cut down trees!

He was like the beginning of the Universe in the 17th Epoch. He had transformed into a peerless giant and chopped down the World Tree with his axe. No matter how Temple Master Chuge changed his divine art, he ignored him and chopped down with his axe!

As the axe light fell, a bloody light appeared in all the mirrors. Countless Hall Masters Chuge were killed by Qin Mu!

Blood flowed out from the mirror.

Qin Mu dispersed his divine ax and walked out of the mirror. When he came out, all the Qin Mus in the mirror had transformed back into one person.


The mirrors shattered into powder.

These mirrors were the fragments of Carefree Village's divine sword. Even though every broken sword was extraordinary, how could they withstand his divine art?

Amidst the powder, Hall Master Chuge lay on the ground, and his waist was split into two. He’d been chopped in half by Chen Xi’s axe.

The Great Dao in his body was also severed at the waist by Qin Mu!

"You are also a disciple of Miluo Palace. Even though your paths, skills, and divine arts are peculiar, you can't escape from the framework of Miluo Palace's paths, skills, and divine arts."

Qin Mu stood in front of him and looked behind him. With a calm expression, he said, "And before I came here, I had already met big young master. Big young master's Grand Supreme Hall was also chopped by my ax. After cutting his Grand Supreme Hall, I saw that your paths, skills, and divine arts were as clear as fire."

Behind Hall Master Chuge, a Dao Tree slowly rose into the sky. This Dao Tree was unique, and every leaf was like a mirror. It was like countless mirrors hanging on the tree, and they reflected different colored lights.

Hall Master Chuge supported himself with his hands, and his upper body flew up before landing on the tree.

His lower body moved as though he was flying, and he ran to stand under the tree.

Hall Master Chuge’s expression was solemn. The injuries on his upper and lower body had been left behind by Qin Mu’s axe. The Dao injuries were continuously destroying the functions of his corporeal body, causing his wounds to be unable to heal or regrow.

"Back then, Tai Yi used this ax to chop down the World Tree. Later on, he was captured by Eldest Young Master and suppressed in a coffin. Thus, he improved this ax and used it to break Eldest Young Master's technique."

Qin Mu walked forward, and the Dao of Tai Yi in his hand transformed back into the Tai Yi Divine Axe. He said, "If Tai Yi escapes and meets big young master Supreme Grandmaster again, I'm afraid I'll be chopped by his ax."

Hall Master Chuge was no longer as arrogant and carefree as before. He quickly executed his Dao Fruit in an attempt to resolve the Dao injury on his wound.

"All Dao Trees in the world are born from imitating the World Tree. No matter how many Dao fruits you have, you will still face the same fate when facing my ax. When the ax falls, the tree breaks, you will die, and your Dao will vanish."

Qin Mu came to the Dao Tree of Hall Master Chuge and raised his head to look at him. "Previously, you hid in the mirror and didn't use your full strength. Now that you have the Dao Tree, your Dao Tree hasn't descended completely. Only two Dao Fruits came, and you were heavily injured because of Tuo Da. You're no longer my match."

Qin Mu's gaze landed on the two Dao Fruits behind him, and he said slowly, "After you return to Miluo Palace, help me pass a message."

Just as he finished his words, Qin Mu attacked!

The lower half of Hall Master Chuge’s body flew into the air as he kicked towards Qin Mu. At the same time, the Dao Tree behind him unleashed its power, and thousands of branches danced in the air as it executed different divine arts to attack Qin Mu from all directions!

Every strike of his was perfect!

The leaves on his Dao Tree were like mirrors, and every mirror was erected at the same time, reflecting the figure of Hall Master Chuge.

The two Dao Fruits of Hall Master Chuge floated to the sides of his head and revolved around him furiously. The Dao Pattern Realm and the Dao Chain Realm erupted at the same time, and the two 36 levels of the Heavenly Dao Realm overlapped!

The Dao markings and Dao Realms were reflected by countless mirror leaves and instantly transformed into countless kinds of great divine arts to attack Qin Mu!

Just as Qin Mu had said, Hall Master Chuge was an incomparably powerful existence at his peak. If he had all five Dao Fruits and one Dao Flower, just a strike from the leaf on the Dao Tree would be enough to heavily injure anyone who had achieved the Dao!

Qin Mu's body suddenly became incomparably tall. With a misstep, a huge sacrificial altar appeared under his feet!

He swung his ax with all his strength and slashed at all divine arts!

The ax light fell, and the remaining divine arts passed through the divine ax and struck Qin Mu's body at the same time!

At the same time, the Tai Yi Divine Axe sliced through the forehead of Hall Master Chuge, and it sliced through two Dao Fruits and the Dao Tree behind him!

Bang! Bang!

Hall Master Chuge repeatedly kicked Qin Mu's chest, forcing him to take a few steps back.

“Seventh Young Master, what message do you want me to bring back?” The Hall Master, Chuge, stood motionlessly on a tree as he spoke with a ghastly expression.

Blood leaked out from the corner of Qin Mu's mouth as he dispersed his huge ax. He said indifferently, "You have already brought my words with you."

Hall Master Chuge nodded, and then his figure vanished along with the Dao Tree.

During the great calamity of the sixteenth era, the Jade Capital of the ancestral court floated above the great calamity. Suddenly, the Dao Tree of Hall Master Chuge appeared, and it caused an uproar.

The numerous Dao successors of the Miluo Palace hurried over. Hall Master Chuge, Hall Master Joyful, and Hall Master Chang Feng had headed to the 17th Era, and they were about to enter the 17th Era. They hadn’t expected that they would return, so they couldn’t help but be shocked.

"Third young master, fourth young master!"

Hall Master Chuge’s expression was solemn, and there was no expression on his face. He stood on the crown of the tree and said in a deep voice, “Seventh Young Master wants me to bring a message to Miluo Palace.”

Third Young Master Ling Xiao frowned slightly. "What words?"


Hall Master Chuge’s skull cracked open, and his upper skull flew up. The two Dao Fruits cracked open, and the Grand Dao shattered!

The crown of the Dao Tree beneath him flew back with a whoosh, and the canopy flew out of the Miluo Palace and landed in the great calamity of destruction.

Hall Master Chuge’s corpse swayed and fell to the ground.

This was what Qin Mu wanted him to bring back.

Those who entered the seventeenth era would die!

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