Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1739 - Chuge Chang Feng

As the World Crossing Golden Ship flew, spots of light continuously shone around it, catching up to the golden ship at an extremely fast speed. Beside Lan Yutian, divine weapons appeared one after another, looking exactly like him.

These divine weapons, Lan Yutian, were originally controlled by Lan Yutian to search for the other sacrificial altars. Now that the sacrificial altars had been found, and a great battle was imminent, Lan Yutian took back these divine weapons to strengthen himself.

Among the three of them, his cultivation was the weakest and was far inferior to Shang Jun and Qin Mu.

However, his foundation was the most solid. It could be said that the few people with the strongest foundation in the world had the most stable Dao foundations. In addition to the World Crossing Gold Ship and the dozens of divine weapons, even though he would face danger in this battle, it wasn't as if he didn't have the power to fight.

The speed of the World Crossing Golden Ship became faster. Soon, it flew out of the territory of Eternal Peace and came to the border of the Primordial Realm. In front of it was a place called Flying Wheel Castle.

The Primordial Realm could be said to be the most flourishing heaven in the thousands of worlds. However, because of Eternal Peace, the people and resources of the Primordial Realm were all sucked away by Eternal Peace. The more remote a place was, the more it couldn't develop.

The Flying Wheel Castle was like this.

The reason why it was called Flying Wheel Castle was because there were six heavens here. They formed the shape of a wheel in the sky at the border of the Primordial Realm, and stars formed a radiation chain between the six heavens.

During the Dragon Han Era, Crimson Light Era, and High Emperor Era, there were ancient fortresses that were used by the celestial heavens to guard the Primordial Realm. They were used as the bridgehead for the army of the celestial heavens to descend when the Primordial Realm rebelled.

However, at the end of the High Emperor Era, it was abandoned. During the Founding Emperor Era, Yan Yunxi and Bai Yujing fought here once. Yan Yunxi disguised herself as a man and was Founding Emperor's Heavenly Teacher Zi Xi. She was proficient in all kinds of miscellaneous knowledge. The two women tested each other with the path of formations, and in the end, Heavenly Teacher Zi Xi lost by a hair's breadth. However, Bai Yujing also liked Yan Yunxi from then on, and the two of them exchanged "token of love".

At that time, the celestial heavens could be said to be the most enlightened celestial heavens. The strong practitioners of the Founding Emperor Era had many interactions with the strong practitioners of the celestial heavens, and the celestial heavens wasn't that against reforms.

However, after Yan Yunxi and Bai Yujing left, the Flying Wheel Castle was completely abandoned. There was no one there because the two heavenly teachers had left behind too many formations, big and small. This place was now filled with danger, so naturally, no one would come.

In the Flying Wheel Castle, all kinds of formations stood in great numbers, and the formation markings and chains of the formations crisscrossed. Twenty-four thousand years had passed since the battle between Yan and Bai, but the power of the formation still hadn't weakened.

At that moment, in Flying Wheel Castle, a huge formation was activated, turning the formation into a sea of trees. The trees here were dense, and every tree was a lifeform that was like a spirit. They could rise from the ground and use the tree branches and roots as swords to kill their opponents. The branches were like dragons and pythons, and they could even kill whoever entered the formation.

Among the ten thousand trees, a tree appeared to be extremely tall, far surpassing the other trees. That majestic old tree actually grew the shape of a human. The crown of the tree wasn't big, and it looked like the messy hair of an ugly person. His body was small, and the crown of the tree wasn't as thick as his body.

Around this strange tree were other trees and giants of all sizes.

Everything seemed normal here. Yan Yunxi and Bai Yujing had astonishing attainments in the path of formations. They used formations to evolve various sacred and devil gods to increase the power of the formations. There were many similar formations in the Flying Wheel Castle.

This formation contained the spirit summoning technique, and it wasn't a divine art unique to West Earth. West Earth's True Heaven Palace was actually from the celestial heavens.

The Spirit Summoning Spell didn't come from the celestial heavens, but from Founding Emperor Era. It was one of the results of Founding Emperor's reform.

That treant didn't look much different from the other treants, only slightly bigger. However, if one examined it carefully, they would be able to see that the corporeal body of this treant was completely different from the other treants.

The corporeal body of this tree man wasn't constructed by formation markings formed by formations. Instead, it was sculpted from incomparably fine runes. It was extremely fine, as though it had experienced the baptism and sharpening of countless years.

It was even possible to see traces left behind by the great calamity of the universe's destruction in his corporeal body. Those were traces left behind by the corrosion of the chaotic qi of the calamity's destruction, leaving irreparable scars on his Dao body.

The seventy-two halls of the Ancestral Court's Jade Capital City, the hall master of the Long Wind Hall, even though his corporeal body wasn't as ancient as the Hall Master of the Spirit Official Hall, which could allow one to give birth to an innate god, it was still extraordinary!

What was even more terrifying was that his Dao Tree fruit had descended at the same time.

His Dao fruit was different from the rest. It was actually hanging from the crown of his head.

Hall Master Chang Feng was an anomaly who had achieved the Dao. The divine tree had cultivated into a god and experienced all kinds of trials and tribulations. Finally, the Great Dao was entrusted to the void and he became a Daoist.

His path to the Dao could be said to be legendary. When he became a Daoist, even the master of Miro Palace was alarmed and personally appeared to guide him. He said to him, "Instead of entrusting the Great Dao to become a Dao Tree in the void, why don't you entrust yourself to the void?"

After receiving guidance from the master of Miro Palace, Hall Master Chang Feng gained great enlightenment. Hence, he used himself as a Dao Tree and entrusted himself to the void, becoming a unique Daoist.

His corporeal body was his Dao Tree, and his Dao fruit hung on his head. The danger he faced when facing the great calamity of destruction was also much smaller than other people who had achieved the Dao. His achievements made the young masters of Miro Palace very envious.

"My roots haven't completely descended."

Hall Master Chang Feng hid his abilities and bided his time, making himself look no different from the other treants. He thought to himself, 'However, it won't be long. At most two years, I will be able to descend completely. When I completely descend, this seventeenth era will be easy to handle…'


A golden light flew over, and its speed was even faster than the light. It directly broke through all the formations in the Flying Wheel Castle, and all the formations were crushed and shattered by that golden light!

The golden light was a ship that crashed into Hall Master Chang Feng's body and uprooted the huge tree. His roots had yet to completely descend, but quite a number of them had already appeared and were deeply embedded in the land at the border of the Primordial Realm.

At this moment, some of the roots were pulled out, while others were directly torn apart. The terrifying impact crushed him to the ground and dragged him along the bottom of the ship, leaving a deep ditch in the ground. Flames blazed in the ditch, and lightning shot in all directions!


That golden ship crushed him and rushed out of the Primordial Realm, breaking through the sky. On the golden ship, the divine weapons, Lan Yutian, landed on the ground and executed their divine arts. They were all the five great divine arts, and all kinds of divine arts poured down from the ship and blasted into the main body of Hall of the Wind!

At the same time, it was the moment when Shang Jun walked into the cloth manor and threw himself into the painting!

Lan Yutian had the upper hand, so he disregarded everything and used all kinds of divine arts to attack Hall Master Chang Feng who was being dragged under the ship. Even though his abilities were inferior to Qin Mu and Shang Jun, and his battle experience was also far inferior, because of his solid foundation, the exquisiteness of his divine arts, paths, and skills was even higher than Qin Mu and Shang Jun!

Hall Master Chang Feng was struck by countless divine arts in an instant. All kinds of divine arts contained different paths, skills, and attributes. They invaded his body at the same time and created different damages in his body, making him flustered.

What was even more terrifying was the pressure of the golden ship. The golden ship came crashing straight at him, almost shattering his body that was indestructible from the calamity!

"World Crossing Gold Ship? Is it the seventh young master?"

The World Crossing Golden Ship suddenly shook violently, and a Dao Fruit floated into the air. Light burst forth and actually formed thousands of phantoms that connected the layers of void, gradually slowing down the speed of the World Crossing Golden Ship.

"Seventh young master, your abilities are much weaker than I expected."

Hall Master Chang Feng's voice came from the bottom of the ship, and the speed of the World Crossing Gold Ship became slower. Finally, it stopped. "I originally thought that since you could kill a spirit official, your abilities must be extremely terrifying. I didn't expect that even with so many divine arts attacks, you only managed to injure my skin."

"If it was my brother, you would most likely be dead."

Hall Master Chang Feng was slightly stunned when he heard this. His body slowly rose and appeared in front of the World Crossing Golden Ship. He bent down to take a look and saw a bunch of youths who looked exactly the same as him forming the word 'human'.

"Not the seventh young master?"

Hall Master Chang Feng was astonished, and he examined Lan Yutian who was at the bow of the ship in detail. He praised, "Your cultivation isn't weak, and I can see your wisdom from the fluctuations in your brain. If Teacher was here, he would definitely admire you, and you might even become a member of the Miluo Palace. You and I can stop fighting and become friends. I can introduce you to the other young masters of the Miluo Palace, and we can work together in the future."

Lan Yutian shook his head. "I don't need you to introduce me. My brother is the seventh young master of your Miro Palace."

Hall Master Chang Feng didn't take it to heart and said, "Seventh young master is the scum of my Mi Luo Palace, this is a well-known fact. Young man, your path has gone astray. If you don't correct it, your life will be in danger. I won't argue with you about your sneak attack on me. Follow me, I'll bring you to the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court to seek an audience with the young masters."

Lan Yutian stood in formation and shook his head, "If I don't go, you can't leave either."

Hall Master Chang Feng shook his head and sighed. "I've met quite a number of geniuses like you in the past, and I've also sent away quite a number of them. I didn't expect to send another one away today."

In the Primordial Realm, in the forest of sword path formed by the ruins of Carefree Village, countless fragments of Carefree Village were like countless sharp swords stabbed into the ground. It was like a tomb of swords.

This forest of sword path was a sword graveyard formed by the worship of Di Yiyue and the rest, and under the control of Lan Yutian, it killed the Earth Masters of the three celestial heavens in one go.

The residual power of the sword path here was too strong, and very few people stepped into it. The army of Eternal Peace was mostly on the way to the ancestral court to chase after Emperor Hao Tian, so no one took care of this place.

In the forest of sword path, it was as if someone was singing a sorrowful song. The language was cryptic and hard to understand, and the song was sometimes sorrowful, sometimes wild, sometimes compassionate, and sometimes cynical.

The singing voice was strange, and it actually came from the huge swords that were scattered all over the place. It was erratic.

They saw a human figure walking on the surface of a divine weapon that was as bright as a mirror. He walked from one divine sword to another. He seemed to be walking in a mirror, singing as he walked, showing off his body.

At this moment, the figure walking in the mirror stopped and looked into the distance. He saw a youth with white hair walking over with his hands behind his back.

"Seventh young master!"

The man in the mirror was shocked, and he greeted Qin Mu who was walking over from the mirror. "Hall Master Chuge, Hall Master Chu Sheng, greetings to seventh young master!"

It was the middle of the month, and he had forgotten to beg again. He was tearing up. Was it too late to beg now?

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