Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1726 - Seizing Power, Second Battle!

At the same time, in Youdu, paper boats also came to the camp of the celestial heavens. Celestial Venerable You executed the Life and Death Book, and the army of the celestial heavens instantly felt muddle-headed. Their vision turned black, and they saw themselves appearing in Youdu.

They didn't really fall into Youdu. Instead, they were stripped of their lifespans by Celestial Venerable You's Life and Death Book, pulling their primordial spirits into Youdu.

The lifespan of the gods was built on the Life and Death Divine Treasure. Celestial Venerable You was the founder of the Life and Death Divine Treasure, but the abilities of the gods and devils were too high. Taking away their lifespans wasn't enough to take away their lives. As long as their primordial spirits returned to their corporeal bodies, they could live again.

What Celestial Venerable You wanted to do was rely on his billions of clones to kill the primordial spirits of the gods and devils of the celestial heavens!

He alone was an army of a hundred million gods and devils!

Just as he pulled the million gods and devils of the celestial heavens into Youdu, two more armies suddenly entered Youdu. They were the left and right dragon warriors of the ten guards of the celestial heavens!

The two armies entered Youdu with their powerful corporeal bodies to hunt Celestial Venerable You. The two guards of the Dragon and Martial Guards were extremely strong, and they formed two Youdu devil summoning formations.

Youdu Devil Summoning Formation was also designed by Heavenly Teacher Meng Yungui. However, it wasn't imitating Celestial Venerable Xu, but Earth Count!

The formation was activated, and the primordial spirits of the hundred thousand gods and devils of the Dragon and Martial Guards gathered together. They transformed into two primordial spirits in the form of Earth Count and shattered countless Celestial Venerable You clones!

Celestial Venerable You had too many clones, and each one of them wasn't strong. They were caught off guard and destroyed a million clones.

The two guards acted fiercely and activated the formation again. Suddenly, a huge object descended from the sky and appeared in the center of the two guards. It was the six heavenly wheels that Eternal Peace had spent countless treasures to forge.

The six heavenly wheels separated the Dragon and Martial Guards from Celestial Venerable You. Qin Fengqing stood in front of the six heavenly wheels, and the power of the heavenly wheels was activated. The gods and devils of the Dragon and Martial Guards on the Jade Capital Realm and Numinous Sky Realm couldn't help but change their corporeal bodies and primordial spirits.

Originally, the Dragon and Martial Guards were mostly the dragon race and tiger race among the half-gods, therefore, they were called dragon martial. However, with the six heavenly wheels spinning, even their race had changed!

Not only were the corporeal body races changed, even their primordial spirits had transformed into primordial spirits of other races.

The two guards were thrown into chaos, and their formations were scattered. However, there were existences on Emperor's Throne Realm among the two guards, so they weren't affected. They immediately activated their formation diagrams. Even if their formations were scattered, as long as the two guards were still in the formation diagrams, they could maintain the formation.

As long as the formation was still there, he could still fight Qin Fengqing!

The instant they executed the formation diagram, Qin Fengqing's three faces suddenly became incomparably gloomy. "You guys don't deserve to become big guys!"


The vertical eye at the heart of his brows opened up, and it was the eye of Youdu. Wherever his gaze passed by, the primordial spirits of the gods and devils that formed the form of Earth Count in the two formations instantly turned into ashes!

Three heads and three vertical eyes. Wherever they passed, the two formations were sliced apart!

Qin Fengqing executed the six heavenly wheels, and they spun with a whistle, sweeping up the primordial spirits of the scattered Dragon and Martial Guards and sending them into the heavenly wheels.

His six arms opened up and stretched out to grab the two huge formation diagrams.

Right at this moment, Youdu suddenly trembled violently. A celestial river crashed into Youdu and transformed into the Nether River. Enormous fleets the size of land appeared on the Nether River, and countless divine arts flew up densely to attack Celestial Venerable You and Qin Fengqing at the same time!

It was the Celestial River Navy's ship!

The Celestial River Navy was one of the three masters. Even though they had been defeated by the army of Carefree Village led by Woodcutter Wen Tiange, their main force was still around.

When the celestial river entered Youdu, it was because the two guards were in danger that they came to assist.

The battlefield was in the Youdu space that overlapped with the main camp of the celestial heavens. Thus, the Celestial River Navy didn't need to hurry and could descend here directly.

Youdu was extraordinary. After entering Youdu, the flesh and blood of the soldiers of the Celestial River Navy immediately shed and turned into white bones.

Their cultivation couldn't be compared to the Dragon and Martial Guards, but they had the advantage in numbers. The navy's participation in the battle added many variables to the battle.

The portion of the celestial river pouring into Youdu grew longer, and more Celestial River Navy ships appeared on the river surface. Suddenly, the river water of the celestial river stopped abruptly and quickly retreated back into the world of the living. It was as if a giant was pulling the huge river back!

Celestial Venerable You and Qin Fengqing's dangerous situation was immediately resolved, and they both attacked ruthlessly.

Outside the main camp of the celestial heavens, another celestial river suddenly appeared and connected with the celestial river. That was the missing part of the celestial river, which was once sealed in the ruins of the High Emperor Celestial Heavens by Celestial Venerable Ling.

At this moment, the section of the celestial river reappeared and connected with the celestial river. The black tortoise and flying snake that Black Tortoise and Deity Xuan Wu had transformed into dragged the Celestial River Navy out of Youdu!

The cultivation of these two ancient gods' great emperors was astonishing. They were existences at the Celestial Venerable level, and at this moment, they were in the sacred ground. The power of the ancient gods was pushed to the extreme!

Not only did they drag the Celestial River and the Celestial River Navy out of Youdu, they also dragged the Celestial River Navy out of the celestial heavens' main camp!

The celestial river crushed the city walls, and gaps appeared. The navy fleet was also dragged out of the camp. Deity Xuan laughed and said, "The sons of the North Pole are ready to fight! Fallen Emperor, are you ready?"

Wei Suifeng snorted coldly and led the Feathered Forest Guards forward.

At the same time, the ground army led by Granny Si rushed out of the main camp of the celestial heavens. In front of them were the armies of the celestial heavens that flooded towards Carefree Village and the World Tree.

"Four Extremities Division! Sacrifice!"

Granny Si gave the order, and Jiang Yunjian immediately led his soldiers to rush out first. They each took out the four deities divine weapons of the ancient gods and activated the Five Thunder Pot. Instantly, the five great thunderclouds filled the sky, covering it completely. Countless thunderbolts struck down from the sky, and the gods and devils of the celestial heavens below were thrown into chaos!

The White Tiger Divine Weapon, Vermillion Bird War Chariot, and Green Dragon Saber were also executed by Jiang Yunjian and the rest. They all burst forth with the divine arts of the four deities and rushed towards the various armies!

At the same time, in the formation of flying cars in the sky, Village Chief had a solemn expression as he executed his sword. On the flying cars behind him, Sword Tower was pushed out, and countless sword pellets flew out, disintegrating as they fell.

As the sword pellet was disassembled, it landed in the clouds of the five great thunderclouds that the army had laid down. Lightning crackled down, lighting up the divine swords in the clouds.

Village Chief clutched his sword skill and said solemnly, "Stab Sword Form!"

On the flying carriage behind him, the gods of Eternal Peace that cultivated sword skills and sword path all formed hand seals to execute Sword Thrust Stance. In the clouds, flying swords rained down like a storm, stabbing down from the sky!

There were numerous experts in Eternal Peace's sword path, and what Village Chief taught was the basic sword form. How could he unleash the power of the most basic sword moves?

Therefore, no matter if the experts of Eternal Peace had reached the sword path, they all had outstanding attainments in the basic sword skills!

As this rain of swords descended, countless gods and devils of the celestial heavens were pierced through by the swords in the sky!

"Wave Sword Form!"

Village Chief's sword skill changed, and the expert of Eternal Peace's sword skill, the expert of the sword path, also changed his sword skill with him, transforming into Wave Sword Form. Countless divine swords fell from the sky, and with the place they landed as the center, the clouds swirled!

These flying swords were usually stabbed into the ground, and when Wave Sword Form was circulating, countless feet appeared on the ground in an instant!

These sword lights specialized in chopping the legs of gods and devils!

"Sword Pick!"

Village Chief raised his sword skill upwards, and the experts of Eternal Peace behind him followed suit. After those flying swords severed the legs of the gods and devils, the tip of the sword went up, the hilt went down, and the tip of the sword went up!

This sword move was either to raise the yin, or to cut open the belly!

"Spiral Sword Form!"

"Drill Sword Form!"

"Eighteenth sword form!"

The basic sword forms were executed one after another, and the land below was filled with cries of sorrow. The gods and devils of the celestial heavens that weren't dead were howling in the lightning and sword rain. It was a tragic sight!

"Retract your sword!"

Village Chief pulled back his sword technique and put his hands behind his back. The experts of Eternal Peace followed him and put away their sword techniques. With their hands behind their backs, they saw countless sword lights rising from the bottom up and colliding continuously in midair, transforming into sword pellets that returned to the flying carriage's Sword Tower.

Granny Si saw the sword light rise up and gave a roar. The ground troops immediately mobilized the primordial behemoth to roar and sprint forward.

"Dao Sacrifice Wheel!"

Granny Si shouted loudly, and the Myriad Dharma Wheel flew out from her hand. Behind her, the gods and devils of Eternal Peace's ground forces activated their Dao Wheels and followed Granny Si's divine weapons forward.


Granny Si's Myriad Dharma Dao Wheel flew into the enemy formation and landed on the ground. The divine power of magnetism suddenly burst forth, and the ground trembled violently. It was as though planets were pressing down on the gods and devils of the celestial heavens below, causing them to spew blood.

Next, more Myriad Dharma Dao Wheels flew over and landed continuously. In front of the main camp of the celestial heavens, the ground sank violently and a deep ravine was soon formed!

At this moment, the Jade Pool Platform appeared in front of them. The Jade Pool was filled with soldiers of the celestial heavens, waiting quietly.

Granny Si gritted her teeth and led the army of Eternal Peace to rush forward on the huge beast. At the same time, Butcher and the rest sped up and rode the phoenix of the phoenix race to attack from the sky!

"We have to break through them to save Carefree Village!" Butcher shouted.

In the main camp of the celestial heavens, the various army marquises all moved out. Celestial Empress frowned slightly and raised her hand to summon the abysses of the Ruins of End. They flew out of the main camp of the celestial heavens and flew towards the armies of Eternal Peace!

Celestial Empress' figure vanished, and in the next moment, she appeared above a Ruins of End and attacked ruthlessly!

Just as she used a divine art to swallow a huge ship of Eternal Peace, a familiar figure appeared in front of her. Xu Shenghua and Lan Yutian walked over together.

The corners of Celestial Empress' eyes twitched.

Suddenly, a commotion came from the back of the celestial heavens' camp, and the sound of a bugle horn rang out. Countless primordial behemoths galloped towards the rear of the celestial heavens' camp.

The dragon qilin and West Deity White Tiger had finally arrived!

The two ancient gods of Tai Chi looked at each other and immediately ran back to face West Deity and the dragon qilin, blocking the beast army.

The two of them had just rushed out of the camp when they suddenly saw the chubby Taishi sitting on a rock with his cheeks propped up. The other hand was holding onto the Green Destiny Mirror as he looked at the mirror with a worried frown.

"Fellow Daoists, you should surrender," Taishi said with a sigh.

"Those of different paths cannot work together!" Celestial Venerable Yin and Celestial Venerable Yang rushed forward together!

"All traitors must die."

Emperor Hao Tian's gaze flickered. He raised his palm and moved his index and middle finger. Grand Primordium understood and walked towards the World Tree. Emperor Hao Tian also followed behind Grand Primordium.

Grand Primordium was incomparably cautious. His gaze swept past the shadows of the gods and devils in the battle, trying to find the shadow that was wrong. At this moment, he suddenly saw a youth bending down in the chaotic battle and picking up an arm from the ground. That arm held a broken divine knife.

The youth took down his knife and gently shook the knife light, causing flesh and blood to fly everywhere.

He walked among the flying flesh, stepping on the blood as he walked towards the Grand Primordium.

"Shang Jun, are you not going to hide in your shadow?" Grand Primordium sneered.

"No need."

Shang Jun walked forward with his knife and said indifferently, "The killing aura of countless gods and devils is enough for me to execute my strongest killing move!"

Grand Primordium's figure rose into the sky and landed on his Overarching Heaven Net. He shouted, "Come over and fight!"

Shang Jun leaped up and appeared in his Grand Overarching Qi Celestial Heavens.

Emperor Hao Tian stepped forward and walked towards the World Tree. The Great Simplicity Dao transformed into a Taiyi Divine Axe.

Emperor Hao Tian shook the muscles on his body, and his gaze locked onto the World Tree.

At this moment, the God Burial Coffin suddenly gave off an unbearable sound and split into pieces, revealing Qin Mu who was sitting in the coffin!

The muscles on Qin Mu's body twitched, and the Killer Dao Divine Nails that were stabbed into all parts of his body trembled non-stop. "Teacher, I can't lend my divine treasure realm to you guys anymore. Stay alive."

Wen Tiange and the rest were still fighting on the World Tree and facing the enemies from all sides. They said with a hoarse voice, "Go ahead!"

Qin Mu stood up, and the muscles in his corporeal body jumped even faster. Suddenly, swooshing sounds came from the air as the Killing Dao Divine Nails flew out from his body!

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