Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1725 - Seizing Power, First Battle!

When the army of Carefree Village arrived, the counterattack from the celestial heavens was abnormally fierce.

Ever since the celestial heavens came to the Primordial Realm, it had always been the celestial heavens that occupied the offensive. Even though there were victories and defeats, the situation had never changed.

Yet now, Carefree Village and Eternal Peace had the guts to take the initiative to attack and try to reverse the situation. This was something that no soldier of the celestial heavens could tolerate.

When Carefree Village reached the front of the celestial heavens' main camp, the Heavenly King Huang Tianxi couldn't sit still anymore and led a huge army to attack. The army of the celestial heavens flooded over like a flood, blotting out the sun!

The strong practitioners of Carefree Village, who were carrying the coffin, stood at the front and looked at the tiger and wolf masters of the celestial heavens rushing towards them. All kinds of paths, skills, and divine arts surged towards them from the enemy camp like a tide of divine light. That scene was simply despairing!

Along with the divine arts of the soldiers of the celestial heavens, tens of thousands of divine weapons flooded over. Those treasures shuttled through the violent tide of divine arts, and the divine weapons changed continuously. Their divine might was immeasurable!

Beads of sweat hung on the foreheads of Carefree Village's celestial gods and strong practitioners, but they didn't move, waiting quietly for Woodcutter Wen Tiange's order.

They had an indescribable confidence in Woodcutter Wen Tiange. Even when facing such a terrifying sight, their confidence didn't decrease in the slightest.

The divine arts and divine weapons of the soldiers of the celestial heavens were extremely fast, and they were getting closer. However, Saint Woodcutter still didn't give the order.

The divine arts and the divine weapons came within a hundred miles of each other in a flash, and they were only three hundred yards away from each other. After the divine arts came the tiger and wolf masters of Heavenly King Dong Huang Tianxi!

Right at this moment, Saint Woodcutter's voice came from behind them. "Open the coffin! Fight!"

Those heavenly god strong practitioners pushed open the coffin with all their might. Suddenly, Dao might surged out, and the World Tree rose up!

Qin Mu sat upright in the coffin under the tree and didn't move. Suddenly, the divine treasure realm in his body exploded and expanded.

Huang Tianxi was the Eastern Heavenly King of the celestial heavens, an existence that could fight against the four-colored emperor. When Qin Mu fought with the three young masters and four young masters, he had also fallen into Qin Mu's realm, which had a deep shadow on Qin Mu's divine treasure realm. When he saw Qin Mu's realm erupt, he couldn't help but think to himself, "My life is over!"

However, even though Qin Mu's divine treasure had spread out and incorporated Huang Tianxi's army into his divine treasure, the divine treasure realm didn't activate. Instead, it enveloped the entire army of Carefree Village.

The soldiers of Carefree Village had experienced dozens of battles of all sizes, and they had even experienced the battle of Carefree Village's destruction, the battle of Eternal Peace's retreat, and the battle of Lan Feng's guards. Only two hundred thousand people were left.

Compared to the celestial heavens which had an army of ten million, this army wasn't even enough to fill the gaps between their teeth!

At this moment, when the two hundred thousand soldiers stood in Qin Mu's realm, it was as if they had eyes all over their bodies. They were able to see through all the divine arts of the celestial heavens like they could see through fire, and they were even clearer than that!

Every one of them could see all aspects of the divine arts of the gods and devils of the celestial heavens. They could even see the inside of every divine art and the composition of every divine art clearly.

Not only that, even the divine weapons raised by the celestial heavens were seen clearly by them. The runes in the divine weapons changed, the rules of operation, the internal structure of the divine weapons, and the formations hidden within were all vivid in their minds!

This was the marvel of Qin Mu's divine treasures.

The soldiers immediately used their own methods to break through the first wave of attacks before the divine arts and divine weapons of the celestial heavens' army reached the strongmen of Carefree Village and Qin Mu's coffin!

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The faces of the heavenly gods and strong practitioners that were carrying Qin Mu's coffin were sliced open by the divine arts and divine weapon fragments. However, they still carried the coffin without moving.

Some people even had their chests pierced by the sharp blade fragments, but they still stood there.

"Celestial Venerable Mu!"

In the camp of the celestial heavens, the leaders of the various armies were leading their troops out of the main camp. When they saw the situation, they stopped their charge and raised their heads to look around, bewildered.

Huang Tianxi immediately stopped the momentum of the army and looked at Qin Mu in fear.

As the first wave of Huang Tianxi's army was broken, the divine light dispersed, and Carefree Village's camp became clearer.

Even though Qin Mu's divine treasure realm was spread out, there were fifty huge pillars shining with cold light that pierced through his thirty-three layers!

Those were fifty Dao Slaughter Divine Crucifixion Stakes!

The Killer Dao God nailed Qin Mu's divine treasure realm, piercing not only Qin Mu's realm, but also the fifty wounds left by the third young master in his corporeal body.

Qin Mu's divine treasures were like an independent universe that was one with his corporeal body. The fifty nails that pierced through his corporeal body also passed through his divine treasures.

Not only that, the fifty wounds left behind by the seventh young master were also deeply imprinted in his divine treasures. However, they were pierced by the fifty huge nails and suppressed the Dao injuries in the wounds.

His injuries were far more serious than they looked!

This made everyone in the celestial heavens let out a sigh of relief. In the center of the celestial heavens' main camp, Celestial Emperor Hao let out a long sigh of relief and rushed forward two steps. A surprised and delighted expression appeared on his face, and he laughed loudly. "Old thief Mu, to think that you would have such a day! Soldiers, listen to my command, flatten this rebel! I will use the heads of these rebels to hang on my palace!"

The biggest shadow that Qin Mu had cast on the celestial heavens was his strange and unfathomable divine treasures. The battle between Qin Mu and the two young masters had almost shattered the confidence and belief of everyone in the celestial heavens. If Qin Mu could still utilize the power of his divine treasures, no one would be able to fight against him!

However, the current situation was that Qin Mu was no longer unfathomable. Now that Carefree Village had taken the initiative to attack, they had completely destroyed Qin Mu's mysterious side, making the soldiers of the celestial heavens no longer fear Qin Mu's divine treasure realm.

The armies of the celestial heavens immediately moved out. Huang Tianxi took the lead and led the army forward, shouting, "Destroy Carefree Village and capture Celestial Venerable Mu alive!"

The soldiers under him were so excited that their faces turned red. They shouted, "Capture Celestial Venerable Mu alive—"

Woodcutter Wen Tiange executed Primordial Spirit Guide and gave orders to all the armies of Carefree Village at the same time. The formations of Carefree Village changed, and they rose into the sky to land on Qin Mu's World Tree.

The branches and leaves of the World Tree swayed, and they were in different voids. Woodcutter laid down a formation and suddenly shouted, "Carry the coffin forward!"

The celestial gods and strong practitioners raised the coffins with all their might and walked towards Huang Tianxi's army. Before the two armies could engage in close combat with their corporeal bodies, the sky was already a battlefield where all kinds of divine arts collided. The divine arts of the celestial heavens and Carefree Village surged in the sky, and the divine weapons collided with each other. It was extremely dazzling!

The celestial gods and strong practitioners carried the coffins and moved forward with all their might. The aftermath of divine arts and the shattered pieces of divine weapons whooshed around them. Some passed through their bodies, some pierced through their primordial spirits, and there were strong practitioners that fell continuously.

Every time this happened, there would be giants of Carefree Village walking down the World Tree to replace the strong men that had died and carry the coffin forward.

The soldiers of Carefree Village had the advantage of the divine treasures realm, so they could break the divine arts and divine weapons of the other side. There were even divine arts and divine weapons of the various generals that killed the enemy's divine arts and killed the enemy generals, causing the soldiers of Heavenly King Dong's army to suffer heavy casualties!

However, the number of soldiers in Heavenly King Dong's army was simply too great. Furthermore, they had the advantage of cultivation realm, so there were still quite a number of divine arts attacking. In the thirty-three heavens of the World Tree, the corpses of Carefree Village's soldiers continuously fell.

The two armies got closer. On the leaf of the World Tree, Yan Yunxi's mount, Lü Zheng, the donkey devil king, transformed into a devil god with the head of a donkey and the body of a human. He smiled grandly and said, "Little black cat, fish, and old bull, you don't have to be afraid. With me around, I will definitely be able to protect all of you!"

One of his eyes was already blind. He had been injured by the enemy during the battle of Carefree Village.

The black tiger god grabbed two huge axes and gave a humph. There was a deep scar on his face that went from his right forehead to his left chin. This was also the injury left behind from the battle in Carefree Village.

The two little red fish transformed into a couple dressed in red, and there were many wounds on their bodies.

Niu Sanduo stood up, and smoke came out from his nostrils. "Lü Zheng, you should be careful of yourself. I was a Kingo Guard that was personally conferred by Tai Chu back then, an existence that caused havoc in the celestial river and fought the ancient gods!"


Carefree Village's army clashed with Heavenly King Dong's army, and the strong practitioners carrying the coffin bore the brunt of the impact. In an instant, more than half of them died. The strong practitioners in front were killed and fell to the ground. The strong practitioners behind immediately took all of the weight of the coffin, and they were pressed down until blood spurted out from their eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. Their shoulder bones were crushed, but they still held on and didn't fall.

However, the World Tree immediately tilted, and the path forward was blocked. All the soldiers on the World Tree became unstable.

Woodcutter's voice rang out. "Lü Zheng, Niu Sanduo, carry the coffin forward. You must guard the coffin and carry Celestial Venerable Mu to the main camp of the celestial heavens!"

The five of them immediately rushed down from the tree. Lü Zheng chuckled and said, "Brothers, I will protect you. Your cultivation is weak and inferior to mine. I will be at the front. You don't have to worry about me, I have radishes!"

The five of them raised the god burial coffin, and Lü Zheng roared furiously. His muscles bulged, and he arched his back to block the front, carrying the coffin forward.

Countless gods and devils of Heavenly King Dong came rushing over, and Di Yiyue immediately flew down to face Huang Tianxi. To catch bandits, one had to capture their leader first. She had to kill Huang Tianxi in the shortest time possible and destroy Heavenly King Dong's army. Only then could she protect the other soldiers of Carefree Village!

"Di Yiyue, are you even worthy of being Founding Emperor?"

Huang Tianxi laughed loudly and wasn't afraid at all. Celestial palaces appeared behind his head and formed a small celestial heavens. "You are three and a half realms lower than me, so you aren't my match! You are the most talented person in Founding Emperor Era, and you are also a half-god, so why are you helping the human race?"

"So you also know that I'm the most talented person in forty thousand years!"

Di Yiyue gave a shout, and both of their divine arts clashed with each other. When their bodies passed by each other, Di Yiyue's left arm fell off and was severed by Huang Tianxi.

At the same time, a vast ancestral court appeared behind Di Yiyue, and the four great heavenly gates stood facing each other. The Dao runes of the Jade Pool Platform were deep and long, and the murderous aura of the God Execution Stage was surging. The heavenly sea was like a mirror, and no waves appeared. The Nine Hells Stage was as deep as an abyss!

The apparition of the four great mines had already appeared in her ancestral court. Only the Taiyi Mine hadn't appeared yet. The four Great Daos of the four great mines rose up in a multicolored light. Di Yiyue's primordial spirit gathered the multicolored light and moved against her body. In an instant, she broke through Huang Tianxi's Small Celestial Heavens and passed through Huang Tianxi's Numinous Sky Hall!

In the Numinous Sky Hall, Huang Tianxi's primordial spirit exploded and turned into powder.

Huang Tianxi’s corpse fell to the ground, drowned out by the chaos.

Di Yiyue didn't pick up her broken left arm. She stopped the bleeding and rushed forward, killing her way into the enemy's formation.

When she broke through the army of Heavenly King Dong, she saw the army of the celestial heavens surging over.

'In this battle, I must break through the main camp of the celestial heavens and place Celestial Venerable Mu's coffin inside!'

Di Yiyue held her sword with one arm, and her primordial spirit floated in the four great mines. She looked at the armies of the celestial heavens that were surging over. "Only when the World Tree stands in the main camp of the celestial heavens can Carefree Village be considered a sharp knife that can break the sharpness of the celestial heavens!"


Another army from the celestial heavens flooded over and drowned her.

Di Yiyue's figure was like a small boat in a raging sea, faintly discernible in the raging waves. She was never swallowed by the huge waves.


Another huge army rushed over, followed by the third army. On the World Tree, Wen Tiange gave an order, and Yan Yunxi, Sakra Buddha, Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher, and the rest rushed down to assist Di Yiyue. Everyone broke through the waves of blood, and the corpses of countless enemies were sent flying.

"Sacrifice the Northern Heavenly Gate!" A loud shout came from the enemy camp.

A heavenly gate stood up, and a cold wind whistled as it blew towards the world, freezing everything.

Lü Zheng and the rest, who were carrying the coffin, couldn't help shivering. Their heads and faces were covered in ice shards. This Heavenly Gate was the sacred ground of the ancestral court, the Northern Heavenly Gate. It had been moved here by the celestial heavens and used as a divine weapon to fight against the World Tree, trying to use the Northern Heavenly Gate to crush Qin Mu's divine treasures and stop Carefree Village from advancing.

At the same time, the soldiers of the celestial heavens that had attacked the World Tree frantically climbed up the tree and had already reached the leaves of the World Tree.

On the other hand, Lü Zhengtuo, Niu Sanduo, and the rest who were carrying the coffin were in even more danger. Lü Zheng used his back to carry the god burial coffin and freed up his hands to fight. Niu Sanduo also used his shoulder to carry the god burial coffin and free up his hands. They felt that they were surrounded by enemies and divine weapons that were attacking from all directions. They couldn't kill them all and couldn't block them all. They didn't know when this battle would end.

Suddenly, the army of the celestial heavens around the Northern Heavenly Gate, and countless gods and devils collapsed in groups. Without any warning, the pillar of the celestial heavens held the heaven connecting pillar in his hand. He didn't know what had happened, but he seemed to have sensed something, and his expression changed drastically. He roared furiously, "Enemy attack! They are from Youdu, enter our Life and Death Divine Treasure! Be careful of the enemies trying to assassinate our primordial spirits!"

His celestial palace suddenly appeared, and an Imperial Gate Divine Knife swept past his Numinous Sky Hall, killing his primordial spirit!

Mingdu Heavenly King Tian Shu shook the Imperial Gate Divine Knife, and the knife light was dazzling. As the knife light vibrated, the stone tablet of the living realm of the dead appeared. King Yama of Fengdu led the ghost gods of Fengdu to attack the Life and Death Divine Treasures of the gods and devils of the celestial heavens from Youdu.

Tian Shu's body grew larger, and he spread out his legs. He stood on the peak of the two mountain ranges of the Northern Heavenly Gate and shouted, "Forward—"

Lü Zheng, Niu Sanduo, the red kun couple, and the black tiger god tried their best to carry the coffin and rush forward. Countless soldiers of the celestial heavens rushed over, and there were mountains of corpses and seas of blood.

There were countless battles along the way, and there were countless casualties among the soldiers of Carefree Village. Finally, they arrived in front of the main camp of the celestial heavens. Countless divine arts and divine weapons smashed down from above, and the soldiers of Carefree Village tried their best to defend. People were continuously killed and fell from the world tree.

The city walls of the camp were thick and heavy. Lü Zheng shouted, "I'll carry the coffin. Old Bull, go break the city gate!"

Niu Sanduo rushed out and roared continuously. His corporeal body grew larger, and his muscles bulged out sinisterly. His fists smashed onto the city gate, and the city gate tower trembled.

The soldiers of the celestial heavens jumped down from the city tower to fight, and their numbers grew. At the same time, countless soldiers of the celestial heavens rushed over from all directions.

Lü Zheng carried the coffin on his back and shouted sternly, "Kitten, fish, I'll block it, you guys protect the old bull!"

The black tiger god and the red kun couple immediately stopped raising the coffin and fought with all their might to protect Niu Sanduo.

Niu Sanduo smashed the city gate frantically, but the city gate never broke. Suddenly, he roared furiously and lowered his head to smash the city gate.

A world-shaking explosion rang out, and the city gate split into pieces. The city tower collapsed, and Niu Sanduo broke into two. His head was bleeding, but he revealed a smile and shouted, "Donkey, the city is broken, the city is broken! Carry the coffin into the city!"

Lü Zheng carried the God Burial Coffin on his back and remained motionless with his body hunched. All kinds of divine weapons were stabbed into his body.


The black tiger god forced back the soldiers of the celestial heavens that were rushing up and rushed forward. Lü Zheng's eyes were wide open, and he was already dead. The ginseng baby in his mouth was only left with a carrot head, and he was still breathing.

Carrot Head was Lü Zheng's good friend. Although he often ate Carrot Head and would always take a bite for no reason, he couldn't bear to eat it. That would take his good friend's life.

"Carry the coffin into the city!" The black tiger god wiped away his tears and shouted at Hong Kun and his wife.

Only the three of them were left carrying the coffin. The burial coffin was too heavy, and the three of them vomited blood from the pressure. Niu Sanduo opened up a path in front of them and used his corporeal body to block the attacks of countless gods and devils, creating a path of blood for the three of them.

Finally, they reached the city.

In the distance, on the god city of Eternal Peace, Ling Yuxiu saw the World Tree entering the main camp of the celestial heavens. Her raised arm finally fell down like a sword.

The armies of Eternal Peace suddenly moved out and attacked the main camp of the celestial heavens!

TL Note: A great chapter! I accidentally wrote four thousand five hundred words and couldn't bear to split them into two chapters.

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