Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1727 - Going To The Primordial Realm To Be A Righteous Person

"Celestial Venerable Mu, your injuries are very serious."

Emperor Hao Tian held the Tai Yi Divine Axe and stared at the wounds on Qin Mu's body. More than a year had passed since Qin Mu was injured, and the wounds on his body were still bleeding.

The wounds that Third Young Master Ling Xiao had inflicted on him still had Dao injuries. Even though they had lessened, these Dao injuries were still connected to his divine treasures, and there were also fifty holes in them.

When the Dao Killing Divine Nail was still around, it could still suppress these Dao injuries. However, the Dao Killing Divine Nail would restrict the movement of his corporeal body. In order to fight against Emperor Hao Tian, Qin Mu had no choice but to pull out the Dao Killing Divine Nail, causing these Dao injuries to destroy his corporeal body again.

As long as he used his divine arts and his magic power, the Dao injuries hidden in his divine treasures would intensify!

"You were supposed to be recuperating."

Emperor Hao Tian said with a smile, "After you recuperate, your power is gone. Third Young Master broke the red knot, and I also invited quite a number of practitioners of Miluo Palace to become Daoists. Eternal Peace was razed to the ground by me. At that time, you would be all alone and sent to the previous universe by me. However, if you don't recuperate and take the initiative to attack, you will worsen your injuries, and your recovery will be far from complete. In the future, you will lose even more miserably. As long as I defend this battle, you will perish in no time!"

When Qin Mu heard this, he let out a sigh of relief and revealed a smile.

Three armies could seize the leadership, but an ordinary man could not seize the will.

If even an ordinary man was like that, what more the celestial emperor of the celestial heavens?

Celestial Emperor Hao had lost his ambition, and he only had the thought of defending. This was fatal to Celestial Emperor!

Without the ambition to improve, they would fall into a passive state of being beaten. The initiative would fall to Eternal Peace's side, and if they continued fighting, the morale of the celestial heavens would become lower, while the morale of Eternal Peace would rise higher!

In this battle, even though the celestial heavens still had a huge advantage in terms of military strength, the outcome of the battle was gradually turning around!

Emperor Hao Tian rushed over with his ax, and the Dao of the Great Simplicity had its wishes fulfilled. He transformed it into the Tai Yi Divine Axe, and it could slice the World Tree apart. Qin Mu's World Tree had once been severed by him.

This time, he only needed to sever Qin Mu's World Tree again. Even if he couldn't kill Qin Mu, he could make his divine treasures collapse again!

Qin Mu's divine treasures were already damaged beyond repair. If the World Tree fell, without the support of the World Tree, the universe, starry sky, and the 33 heavens of the divine treasures would collapse once again, annihilating and turning into chaos!

At that time, how much battle power would Qin Mu still have?

At that time, Qin Mu wouldn't be able to stop him from slaughtering the army of Eternal Peace!

The current Qin Mu was merely an arrow at the end of its flight!

Even if he couldn't sever Qin Mu's World Tree, he could endure until Qin Mu's injuries burst forth. At that time, it would still be the same result!

The Tai Yi Divine Axe formed by the Great Simplicity Dao was breathtaking in the hands of Emperor Hao Tian. As the second person to open up a divine treasure in the first year of the Dragon Han Era, the second person among the Nine Celestial Venerables of the Dragon Han Era, his divine art could be said to be perfect!

Even though Emperor Hao Tian no longer had the Dao Tree, the Dao Flower, and his own Ruins of End Dao Body, he still had the capital to use his strength to achieve the Dao. He also had the perfect Great Celestial Heavens, thirty-six celestial palaces, and seventy-two throne halls!

The three young masters and four young masters still supported him. The hall masters of Miluo Palace would still lend him their power!

The Tai Yi Divine Axe was activated, and its divine might was immeasurable. It had the power to open up the world!

Qin Mu's eyes were bright, and his three divine eyes saw through all the secrets of Emperor Hao Tian's divine art. Just as Emperor Hao Tian's Tai Yi Divine Axe was about to strike, he suddenly pointed out!

Primordial Finger!

With this command, the fifty wounds on his body instantly burst open and fresh blood flowed out!

The Dao injury that Third Young Master had left behind for him, he had already used the dream to enter the Dao countless times to study it. In his dream, he had tried to learn all kinds of Myro Palace divine arts and paths, skills, and divine arts that were contained in the Dao injury, but he was still very far away from healing it.

Right now, he could only barely suppress Dao Shang, but when his magic power moved, the wound couldn't be suppressed!

The Dao injuries immediately started to destroy the functions of his corporeal body and his divine treasures!

An excruciating pain came from his heart, but Qin Mu didn't say a word. He was still smiling. When Celestial Venerable Xu stabbed the Dao Killing Divine Nail into his wound, he was in excruciating pain, but now, he didn't care!

He had to suppress the enemy with his aura!


The two divine arts collided, and the instant they collided, Qin Mu moved his feet and immediately changed his move. This time, it was no longer Primordial Finger, but Five Great Seal.

The Great Dao of Five Elements was in his palm, and it was connected to his five fingers. His five fingers landed on the Tai Yi Divine Axe in Emperor Hao Tian's hand. The Tai Yi Divine Axe had originally been pierced through by the Grandmist Finger, but now that it had received the Five Elements Seal, it exploded!

Emperor Hao Tian's fingers were dripping with blood, and the web between his thumb and index finger exploded.

However, at the same time that Qin Mu changed his move, Celestial Emperor Hao also changed his move at the same time. His other hand transformed into the Heaven Wheel of Ten Thousand Dao and imprinted itself on Qin Mu's chest. The power of the thirty heavens of the Heaven Wheel of Ten Thousand Dao exploded out!

He knew that the injuries on Qin Mu's body were the heaviest, so he was attacking his corporeal body.

Just as his Myriad Dao Heavenly Wheel was imprinted on Qin Mu's chest, Qin Mu's primordial spirit rose up from his back and guarded his celestial heavens, executing unchanging divine art.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Thirty dull thuds came from Qin Mu's body, and his wounds burst open. The power of the unchanging divine art burst forth at the same time, instantly healing his wounds.

Behind Emperor Hao Tian, his primordial spirit flew out and swung the Tai Yi Divine Axe that was transformed from the Great Simplicity Dao towards the World Tree behind Qin Mu.

Qin Mu revealed a smile. Before Celestial Emperor Hao's primordial spirit could hit the World Tree, the abyss of the Ruins of End suddenly appeared. The lotus swirled and absorbed Celestial Emperor Hao's primordial spirit into the lotus.

The lotus descended and entered the abyss of the Ruins of End.

The abyss quickly closed, and suddenly, the ax light cleaved open the abyss before it could fully close. Emperor Hao Tian's primordial spirit escaped in a sorry state, and blazing flames of loneliness ignited around his body, almost refining him to death.

Just as he escaped out of the Ruins of End, Qin Mu's primordial spirit pointed out, and Celestial Emperor Hao's primordial spirit blocked with his ax. The ax face was pierced by the primordial finger again, and two finger holes appeared.

The reason two holes had appeared was because of Qin Mu's Primordial Finger. It had left an indelible scar on the Great Simplicity Dao that Emperor Hao Tian cultivated!

This was Qin Mu's Primordial Finger, breaking the Great Dao!

Emperor Hao Tian's expression sank. The battle between their primordial spirits was extremely intense, and the attacks on their bodies were dazzling. Emperor Hao Tian clearly saw Qin Mu's injuries becoming bigger, and the damage caused by his Dao injuries was also becoming stronger. However, Qin Mu didn't destroy his divine treasures as he had expected!

Qin Mu's World Tree forcefully supported his 33 heavens of the Dao Realm. The celestial heavens and the other worlds were still floating and hadn't turned into powder.

The World Tree was still the crux of the battle between Emperor Hao Tian and Qin Mu. If he didn't sever the World Tree, he wouldn't be defeated!

However, as Qin Mu's Dao injuries burst forth, the World Tree had to support the myriad worlds and the 33 heavens. The pressure it had to bear was also becoming greater, giving Emperor Hao Tian hope!

If Qin Mu was at his peak, Emperor Hao Tian would also be at his peak, and he wouldn't be able to last more than ten moves against Qin Mu. Now that Qin Mu was severely injured by the third young master, he only had ten to twenty percent of his strength left. Emperor Hao Tian wasn't at his peak either, so the two of them couldn't determine a winner in a short period of time.

Just as Qin Mu removed his divine treasure realm, the army of Carefree Village fell into a tight encirclement. Without Qin Mu's divine treasure realm and the World Tree, the army of Carefree Village was like a lone leaf that had fallen into a vast ocean. They could only huddle together to deal with the enemies that were coming from all directions, and they suffered heavy casualties.

As for the army of Eternal Peace, no matter if it was Village Chief, Butcher, Deaf, First Ancestor, or Granny Si, none of them had reached the main camp of the celestial heavens. Wei Suifeng's Feathered Forest Guards and North Deity Xuan Wu's army were held back by the Celestial River Navy. The army of West Deity White Tiger and the dragon qilin had just reached the back of the main camp of the celestial heavens when the head of the three celestial heavens' divine teachers came rushing over. They were caught in a bitter battle!

In Youdu, Celestial Venerable You and Qin Fengqing were doing their own jobs, killing the two guards of the Dragon and Martial Guards. They couldn't free themselves.

There were fewer soldiers around Saint Woodcutter Wen Tiange. Even Saint Woodcutter had personally raised his ax to battle. In this battle, there were basically no more soldiers that needed his command. Most of the soldiers had already died in battle!

At this moment, even if he was a saint, he had to personally go into battle and kill the enemy!

The enemies in the surroundings flooded over like a flood, making people feel despair. However, Saint Woodcutter and the rest had bright eyes, and what they saw was hope.

The longer they delayed, the greater the chance of victory!

Woodcutter looked around. Di Yiyue's broken arm was bleeding non-stop, and this generation's Founding Emperor was also at the end of his rope. Yan Yunxi's headband, which she had tied up, was broken, and her black hair revealed her daughter's face. The old farmer Shang Cha was leaning behind her, clearly recognizing the lover he had been secretly in love with.

Half of Tian Shu's Imperial Gate Divine Knife was broken, and he was holding a rotten wine jar, trying to pour out a drop of wine. However, the wine was long gone.

King Yama's Fengdu also broke apart, and the last god city was breached. Countless ghosts and gods died.

Elder Qing Huang fell to the ground and didn't know if he was dead or alive. Sakra had a devil god weapon stuck in his chest and didn't dare to pull it out.

Carefree Village could no longer persevere.

Suddenly, the great army of Right Divine Strategy surged over, and this great army slaughtered their way over, severing Carefree Village's last hope.

The soldiers of Carefree Village roused their spirits and gripped the divine weapons in their hands tightly. No one knew who was singing so generously.

"Observe my Ping Tianzhi! Enter my Heaven's Equal Hall! Carry my coffin of Clarity! Enter my Mysterious Embryo Mountain!"

Yan Yunxi also sang in a low voice, "Visualize all living things, live in peace and happiness, climb to the top, look at the other shore, and create the starry sky. Enter Carefree Village and avoid all troubles."

Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher was impassioned, and his voice was sonorous and powerful, penetrating through the hearts of people. "Awakening from a great dream in one day, returning to the path of my hometown! Following the path of the heavens and treading on danger! Fighting my evil wolves! Burying my heroic souls! Burying my righteous bones!"

The disabled soldiers of Carefree Village also laughed loudly. "I'm not afraid of wind and frost! I'm not afraid of swords and knives! I'll let my bones shatter and my soul scatter!"

"Everyone who goes to the Primordial Realm is a righteous person! The vacuum is filled with home!"

Saint Woodcutter Wen Tiange smiled. "I have three disciples in my life. The first disciple likes to roam around, and the second disciple became Celestial Venerable Mu. Only the third disciple will inherit my legacy and become a true saint, the first saint in this world. My life is already complete, and I have no more regrets."

The people in the future might be very happy.

He thought to himself that the future might be the golden age of his dreams. This golden age was filled with the ideals of his life. People no longer worshiped gods, and gods served them.

In the hearts of people, there was a kind of belief that a person could conquer the heavens. They would make the best use of their talents, and everyone had their own areas of expertise, displaying their talents in the areas they liked.

The Great Daos of heaven and earth were no longer just pure Connate Great Daos. People used their intelligence and wisdom to develop many new Great Daos. They would become new gods, guides, lamps, and light up the dark path ahead.

Perhaps he would never see all of this.

However, his heart was filled with satisfaction. He knew that someone would help him realize all of this.

When the Right Guard of Divine Strategies attacked, the illusion suddenly exploded. Lang Wo led the surviving masters of creation and finally broke through the encirclement, using her boundless consciousness to forcefully pull the Right Guard to the 35th void.

Lang Wo stood on the Void Bridge that she visualized and shouted, "Carefree Village, hold on! Reinforcements will be here soon!"

There were still countless enemies surging around the soldiers of Carefree Village. They couldn't kill all of them, and their formation couldn't hold on any longer. The final formation diagram had also shattered.

Right at this moment, a dilapidated phoenix ship flew over. On the phoenix ship, nine-headed phoenixes spewed sacred flames everywhere, igniting the gods and devils of the celestial heavens.

Qi Xiayu descended and split into nine parts, joining the battle to protect everyone.

The reinforcements of Eternal Peace were finally close. The shouts of the soldiers of Eternal Peace came from outside the main camp of the celestial heavens, and they could see the ships of Eternal Peace tilting their cannons.

Emperor Yanfeng was already approaching with his army!

In the distant god city, Blind stood behind Ling Yuxiu and deduced all kinds of formations with the formation masters of Eternal Peace. Ling Yuxiu used Secrets of Three Primordial Spirit Assembly to send all kinds of formations into the minds of the various marquises of Eternal Peace, changing the formation anytime.

"Can Carefree Village still make it in time?" Ling Yuxiu suppressed the anxiety in her heart and continued to set up the formation.

Finally, the first ship sailed into the main camp of the celestial heavens to attract the enemy's fire!

After that, the city walls crumbled under the bombardment of the magnetism divine arts of the ground army led by Granny Si. Butcher and the rest of the Divine Knife Camp marched straight in and attacked the main camp!

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