Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1724 - Counterattack On The Heavenly Courts

In the Misty Maple Valley, the first batch of reinforcements were Mute and the Heavenly Workers of Eternal Peace. After they arrived, they immediately got busy. On the second day, teleportation doors were erected by them.

The second batch that came was Dao Master Lin Xuan, Dao Ancestor, and the other algebra experts of the Dao Sect. After they arrived, they immediately adjusted the algebra of every teleportation gate and connected it to the teleportation portals of the other Eternal Peace Divine City.

The numerous apothecaries that walked out from the teleportation gate were the third batch of reinforcements. When they arrived, they immediately took out their pill furnaces to refine the medicinal stones needed to maintain the teleportation gate.

By the time they were done, the teleportation portals in Mist Maple Valley were already connected to the numerous god cities of Eternal Peace. The army of gods and devils from the great god cities of Eternal Peace started to walk out of the teleportation portals in an orderly manner.

The teleportation gate was a treasure that was designed using the teleportation divine art. Using the teleportation divine art to teleport over long distances was extremely exhausting on magic power. Even when Qin Mu attacked the spirit official's clone, he couldn't withstand it.

The teleportation gate consumed medicinal stones.

For a large scale transport force like Eternal Peace, the consumption was extremely huge, so it was rare for them to use teleportation portals unless the situation was urgent.

Now was the most urgent moment!

When Celestial Venerable Yue and Divine King Lang Wo rushed back, Woodcutter Wen Tiange knew that Jiang Baigui had already reached the Xuandu battlefield. That was why the two of them had the chance to rush over.

"Carefree Village! Send troops—"

The gates of the god cities in Mist Maple Valley opened up, and the remaining soldiers of Carefree Village went out to battle. Di Yiyue, Qing Huang, Sakra, Tian Shu, Yan Yunxi, Zhuo Cha, and the old generals of Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens that had survived led their armies out of Mist Maple Valley and towards the main camp of the celestial heavens.

Numerous celestial gods and strong practitioners tried their best to lift Qin Mu's coffin and walked in front.

Ling Yuxiu and the soldiers of Eternal Peace stood on the city tower and watched the army of Carefree Village leave the land of Misty Maple Valley.

Carefree Village's army was the vanguard, and the vanguard was a sharp knife that was used to tear the enemy apart. If they couldn't tear the enemy apart, the sharp knife would be broken!

The army of Carefree Village would face an unprecedented battle, and it was still unknown how many people would be able to return alive!

Ever since the invasion of the celestial heavens, both Eternal Peace and Carefree Village had been on the defensive. When the celestial heavens attacked, Eternal Peace and Carefree Village would defend.

Now, this was the first time they had taken the initiative to attack, so one could imagine how terrifying the wrath and counterattack of the celestial heavens was!

However, if they wanted to win this battle, they needed Carefree Village's sharp knife to pierce through the seemingly invincible skin of the celestial heavens!

"Li Youran!"

Red Deity Qi Xiayu left the city alone and called Sakra down. "You are Li Youran!"

Sakra shook his head. "Benefactor, there's no need to be obsessed with fame and appearance. I'm a furious buddha. Buddha is Rulai, and he treats all living things as equals." He led the army and left.

Red Deity Qi Xiayu controlled the phoenix ship to fly over. She stood on the ship and asked, "Have you forgotten the past?"

Sakra raised his head and looked at her beautiful face. "Benefactor, you still have the phoenix race, so you don't have to cling to your personal feelings. If you think I'm Li Youran, then I'm Li Youran. Rulai's love is boundless, and he's adorable to all living things. Go back."

Qi Xiayu stared with her eyes wide open as she watched him leave.

On the city tower of Lan Feng Valley, Emperor Yanfeng walked over and stood beside Ling Yuxiu. He said solemnly, "In the first battle, we must tear a hole in the main camp of the celestial heavens. It will be dangerous for Carefree Village to go there."

Ling Yuxiu looked at her father, and Emperor Yanfeng also looked a little old. He looked much older than the middle-aged emperor who wanted to change and push for reform back then. However, he was still full of vigor and was in high spirits.

"Father, you shall command this battle," Ling Yuxiu said.

Emperor Yanfeng shook his head and said with a smile, "You are already a qualified leader. If you didn't want to marry the one with the surname Qin, I wouldn't have wanted to take over Eternal Peace's stall. You aren't as bold as me, but you are more attentive, more patient than me, and you know how to hide your inadequacy and your sharpness. You will be in charge of this battle. I want to personally fight the enemy!"

Ling Yuxiu nodded her head and turned back. "Grandpa Blind, no one can surpass you in the attainments of Eternal Peace's formation skills. Your divine eyes are peerless, and you are now the formation heavenly master of Eternal Peace. Stay by my side."

Blind clapped his hands, and numerous youths that cultivated formation skills came forward. Blind said, "A person's wisdom is short. In this era, knowledge, skills, and skills are growing exponentially. It's already very difficult for a single person to achieve full talent in one field. I need these children to lend me a hand."

Ling Yuxiu bowed. "Thank you, Grandpa Blind."

She straightened her back and gave an order. In Youdu, countless paper boats set off, and the paper horses on them leaped out of the bow of the boats to sprint in the darkness of Youdu.

On the back of the paper horse were the gods and devils that had died in this calamity. Even though they had died, they still fought to their heart's content. Their fighting spirit overflowed into the sky as they rushed towards the camp of the celestial heavens.

On the paper boats, Celestial Venerable You held a lantern and shone it on the road ahead.

Above the hundreds of millions of paper boats, Earth Count's Life and Death Book shone brilliantly like a piece of gold paper without any thickness.

Behind Celestial Venerable You's doppelganger army, Qin Fengqing had three heads and six arms. He had three eyes on his head and two horns on his head, following behind him.

Behind Qin Fengqing, there were six heavenly wheels spinning in different directions, following him.


The god cities in Mist Maple Valley spewed out long flames as they slowly moved towards the main camp of the celestial heavens.

In the city, huge ships rose into the sky, and their speed was much faster than that of the god city. They sailed out of the god city in an orderly manner. On the decks of the ships were rows of flying cars, and on the large flying cars, there were Apothecaries from Eternal Peace who were hurriedly adjusting the pill furnaces of the flying cars. The other soldiers were quickly moving all kinds of divine weapons onto the flying cars.

When they were done tidying up, the generals on the flying ships gave the order, and the pill furnaces of the flying ships started to activate. They flew out of the flying ships at a much faster speed than the flying ships, and the flying ships left with a roar.

Village Chief executed his qi and blood and was like a youth with a divine sword on his waist. He stood upright against the wind.

He stood on the flying carriage at the front, and most of the flying carriage soldiers were Eternal Peace's heroes that cultivated sword skills, sword skills, and sword path.


Red Deity Qi Xiayu's phoenix ship flapped its wings and flew out of Divine City. Behind them was the army of the phoenix race. However, on the backs of every phoenix stood over a dozen soldiers of Eternal Peace, each carrying a battle knife that was as long as a human.

They even had knife sacks on their waists, and knife pellets were hidden inside.

Butcher's body was tall and sturdy. He stood on the back of a phoenix, and two phoenixes flew over from the side. Divine Knife Luo Wushuang appeared on his left, and Fiend Blade Zhe Huali appeared on his right. Ba Shan was chasing after him furiously.

Behind the four great knife gods of Eternal Peace was the younger generation that cultivated knife skills and knife path.

"Why is he here too?"

Zhe Huali turned back to take a glance at Chancellor Ba Shan and frowned. "He's not from our Divine Knife Battalion, he's walking the path of fusion of battle techniques. Traitor!"

Chancellor Ba Shan was furious, "Rascal, stop if you can!"

"Ignore him."

Butcher didn't turn back and said, "The more you pay attention to him, the happier he will be, and the louder his voice will be. Mu'er and Tian Shu aren't around, so we can only pull him out to make up the numbers."

Chancellor Ba Shan's face turned green and shouted, "Teacher, isn't it painful for you to side with outsiders? I'm your disciple after all!"

Butcher's face was ashen.

Luo Wushuang was puzzled, and he thought to himself, 'How heroic is Heaven Knife? He's full of wisdom and speaks eloquently, so why is his disciple a brute?'

A section of the celestial river flew out, and it grew longer. Deity Xuan and Deity Wu transformed into a huge black tortoise that swam in the celestial river like a landmass.

Behind the black tortoise and flying serpent, there was an even larger swamp. That was the ancestral land of the Black Tortoise and Deity.

In the ancestral land, the half-gods from the Xuan and Wu races were in high spirits. They found their companions, a man and a woman, and they formed a formation together.

In the sky, Wei Suifeng flew through the air with his sleeves fluttering. Behind him were tens of thousands of Feathered Forest Guards, flapping their wings to fly.

The Thousand Winged Flying Serpent that Deity Wu had transformed into raised its head and laughed. "Emperor of Endless Clouds, be careful of this battle. Be careful of people as their names suggest!"


Wei Suifeng laughed loudly. "I'm one of the few people in the world who can execute unchanging divine arts. Even though I'm crippled, I can still protect my life! On the other hand, you two should be careful!"

"Good luck."

The black tortoise that Deity Xuan had transformed into raised its head and smiled. "I'm good at divination and have read my fortune. This trip is a blessing!"

The god cities in Mist Maple Valley gradually increased their speed. In the valley, Mute led tens of thousands of Heavenly Workers to open up the new manufacturing factories to train their divine weapons for consumption.

At the same time, numerous divine arts practitioners came and went, bringing spirit pills, miraculous medicines, and divine metals and divine mines from Eternal Peace.

In the sky, a hundred god cities welcomed the afterglow of the setting sun and headed towards the main camp of the celestial heavens.

Meanwhile, below the god city, Granny Si led the ground army of Eternal Peace. As the soldiers of Eternal Peace marched, they executed their summoning divine arts. The sky below the god city continuously split open, revealing the vast and boundless world of the beast world.

Numerous primordial behemoths popped their heads out from another world and descended from the sky.

Granny Si led the tens of thousands of soldiers onto the broad backs of the huge beasts. As they galloped, the ground trembled under their feet, and their speed became faster.

Granny Si looked to the side and saw the young patriarch Wen Yuan and Hua Xuanxiu standing on the back of a huge beast. She immediately said, "Wen Yuan, take good care of your junior sister! She's the saintess of our Heavenly Saint Cult!"

Ancestral Master Wen Yuan was slightly aggrieved as he thought to himself, 'An old phoenix is inferior to a chicken, and now my status has also fallen drastically. Could it be that I'm as old as Mu'er…'

Granny Si was still worried about Hua Xuanxiu's safety. She said to Jiang Yunjian, "Yunjian, your cultivation is high, take good care of your Junior Sister Hua!"

Jiang Yunjian nodded with a serious expression. The army he was leading this time was a great army of four deities divine weapons. Every soldier carried four deities divine weapons on their backs, such as the Five Thunder Pot.

Behind Ancestral Master Wen Yuan and Hua Xuanxiu was an army formed by the scholars, directorates, and chancellors of Heavenly Saint Academy. These people were usually from Heavenly Saint Cult back then, and there were heavenly kings, protectors, and other senior elders.

After Qin Mu became the cult master, he reformed Heavenly Saint Cult into Heavenly Saint Academy. Heavenly Saint Cult originally had a bad reputation and was called Heavenly Devil Cult. Now, it could be considered to have been cleansed.

Ancestral Master Wen Yuan was the cult master of this generation, but he was just a title.

The armies of Eternal Peace advanced one after another, and after two days, the main camp of the celestial heavens was in sight. At that moment, the army of Carefree Village had already clashed with the army of the main camp!

The first battle of Eternal Peace's counterattack erupted!

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