Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1723 - Lan Feng's Final Battle

Qin Mu sat in the coffin and slowly turned his head around. The fifty Dao Killing Divine Nails were really painful, and every time he moved, he felt a stabbing pain.

Luckily, he had the God Killing Nail to suppress the Dao injury that Third Young Master had inflicted on him, giving him enough energy to research the paths, skills, and divine arts contained in the Dao injury.

He used the chance to reopen his divine treasures and reconstruct his primordial spirit to get rid of the injuries on his divine treasures and primordial spirit, leaving only the injuries on his body. As long as he could get rid of this, his cultivation would be completely restored, and he might even be better than before.

"Third young master's divine art was created by the master of Miluo Palace to deal with the master of Tiandu. It's indeed enough to deal with me. However, my cultivation path is different from the master of Tiandu, so it didn't take my life."

He examined the Dao injury in detail and suddenly laughed out loud in the coffin. "Third Young Master is unwise. I only received a Miluo Palace Dao pattern, but he gave me so many Dao patterns and Teacher's great divine art!"

There were quite a number of old friends walking over from Eternal Peace's Maple Valley, and they wanted to check on him. When they heard laughter coming from the coffin, they couldn't help looking at each other in dismay.

"I knew I wouldn't die."

Village Chief said to Butcher regretfully, "Good people don't live long, but they have been a scourge for thousands of years. How could Mu'er have died?"

Butcher nodded his head repeatedly.

Ling Yuxiu walked forward with quick steps and saw Qin Mu sitting in the coffin with a sallow face. Her heart ached for him.

Qin Mu smiled and said, "My wife, my injuries are fine. They can be healed in ten to five years."

Ling Yuxiu saw that his body was filled with coffin nails, and there were even five on the crown of his head. She couldn't help crying as she choked on her tears. "These coffin nails are Xing An's doing. He's so ruthless, to think I still treated him well…"

"So it's Xing An's work."

Qin Mu was astonished and said, "I was wondering who had purposely left such a huge flaw for me. Xing An, on the other hand, looks cold on the outside but is warm-hearted on the inside. I have wronged him in the past."

Even though he was extremely intelligent, he didn't know that Xing An had only left a one percent flaw for him. Tai Chu had misunderstood Xing An's meaning, which was why he had left a hundred percent flaw.

"Madam, raise your head. When the war in Xuandu is over, it will be time for Eternal Peace to counterattack."

Qin Mu smiled. "At that time, we can have children."

Ling Yuxiu's face turned slightly red, and she spat out, "The elders are all here."

Coughs came from outside the coffin. Qin Mu couldn't turn his head and couldn't see his surroundings. However, from the coughs, he could tell that the coffin was filled with people.

"Good stuff."

Old Ma measured the coffin with a straight face and pretended not to hear him. He praised, "I've also tried many coffins in the past, but this is the first time I've seen one with such good materials. This method of forging weapons is probably not inferior to Mute."

Blind also came over and examined the rune markings on the coffin. He exclaimed in admiration, "What a good coffin! It's a pity Mu'er laid it down, or else I would have definitely laid down to enjoy myself!"

"Mu'er is truly blessed."

Deaf praised loudly, "Apothecary, don't you think so?"

Apothecary's voice traveled over, and he should be standing behind Qin Mu's head. He was currently observing the injuries on Qin Mu's body and the coffin nails. He said indifferently, "Extremely. The coffin nails that are stuck on Mu'er's body are also extraordinary items. These nails can suppress corpses and suppress gods. Even if Emperor's Throne gets nailed, he can't become a corpse demon."

Granny Si gave them a fierce glare, and Village Chief wanted to tease them, but he immediately shut up when he saw that.

Saint Woodcutter Wen Tiange walked over and said, "What Mu'er said makes sense. The general situation of this battle is in Xuandu. As long as Xuandu falls into the hands of Eternal Peace, the two of you can indeed have children in peace."

Ling Yuxiu blushed.

"The Battle of Xuandu is crucial, but the celestial heavens is still powerful."

Woodcutter's gaze flickered, and he continued to say, "My third disciple, Jiang Baigui, is even more intelligent than me. His control over timing has always been stronger than mine. He still hasn't come to the Misty Maple Valley after such a long time, so he must have gone to Xuandu. The celestial heavens have strong soldiers and strong horses, and there are numerous gods and devils. They still far surpass Eternal Peace, and now they even have the advantage of realm. There are still three great heavenly kings beside Emperor Hao Tian, and they can head to Xuandu anytime to assist him. Thus, we can't stay in the Misty Maple Valley."

First Ancestor frowned. "What Teacher means is?"

"Take the initiative to attack and share the pressure with Jiang Baigui!"

When Woodcutter Wen Tiange said this, everyone present fell silent.

The battle at Mist Maple Valley had already caused Eternal Peace to suffer heavy casualties. If they took the initiative to attack now, they would probably be like eggs hitting a rock.

They all knew what Woodcutter's goal was. He wanted to use the military power of Misty Maple Valley to delay the main force of the celestial heavens so that the celestial heavens couldn't reinforce Xuandu. That way, Jiang Baigui would have a chance to conquer Xuandu!

However, Eternal Peace's forces were simply too few. If they wanted to delay the main force of the celestial heavens, they would have to use their lives to do so. No one knew how many people would die in this battle!

For a long time, no one spoke.

Woodcutter took a look at everyone and said, "No matter what, we can't let the celestial heavens be idle. The army of our Carefree Village can be the vanguard."

The corners of everyone's eyes twitched. With Carefree Village as the vanguard, they would probably never return.

Suddenly, Qin Mu said, "You have to fight the celestial heavens. However, don't put too much pressure on yourselves. You have to use all of Eternal Peace's power to fight this battle. Use all of Eternal Peace's power to delay the celestial heavens and let Jiang Baigui win in Xuandu!"

Wei Suifeng asked, "Junior Brother, what do you mean?"

"Abandon all defense and attack with all your might!"

Qin Mu said resolutely, "West Deity White Tiger and the dragon qilin will attack from the west, North Deity Black Tortoise and Big Senior Brother will attack from the north, Eternal Peace's capital city will be abandoned, and I'll invite my father-in-law, Emperor Yanfeng, to lead the troops. He and Virtuous Earth Sovereign, Gongsun Yan, will come to our aid as fast as possible, and the speed of the teleportation gate will be even faster! Virtuous Earth Sovereign will have to mobilize his true body! Dao Sect, Little Jade Capital, Daoist Wen Dao Academy, Imperial College, Heavenly Saint Academy, Li River Academy, and all the other colleges, as long as there are gods, they will all enter the army!"

Everyone fell silent again. There was indeed another army in Eternal Peace's capital city that was led by Emperor Yanfeng, but even the gods of the academies had to be mobilized. If this battle was lost, Eternal Peace's inheritance would probably end as well!

"Youdu will also be mobilized."

Qin Mu said solemnly, "Celestial Venerable You, King Yama, Qin Fengqing, attack the army of the celestial heavens from Youdu, Earth Count's Life and Death Book, and Six Heavenly Wheels can all be used. Teacher carried my coffin and sent me to the frontlines! Even though the pressure of this battle is huge, the overall situation is in my hands."

Everyone was silent for a moment before Deity Xuan's voice rang out. "Is Celestial Venerable Mu betting on the fate of Eternal Peace Empire?"

"It's not a gamble!"

Qin Mu stabilized his frame of mind, and his gaze was bright. "It's because we already have the ability to fight against the celestial heavens. With Junior Brother Jiang personally in charge of the battle of Xuandu, it's impossible for us to lose this battle."

He wanted to get up, but he couldn't move. He said solemnly, "The crux of this battle is that the opponent has three Dao achievers, Tai Chu, Celestial Empress, and Celestial Venerable Hao. This is the opponent's greatest trump card! When Junior Brother Jiang reaches Xuandu, Celestial Venerable Yue and Lang Wo will return. On our side, the Celestial Venerable level combat power will be Yue, Lang, You, Qing, Xuan, Wu, Bai, Xu, Yu, Yan, and Tai Shi. Heaven Duke is in Xuandu, excluded."

Saint Woodcutter Wen Tiange said, "The opponent has the battle power of a Celestial Venerable. They have the ancient gods of taiji, the right divine strategy, the left dragon martial, the right dragon martial, the left divine might, the right divine might, the left feather forest, and the right feather forest. We have the upper hand in terms of the battle power of a Celestial Venerable, but we need someone to deal with those who have achieved the path. It's extremely dangerous."

Qin Mu said, "The Left and Right Feathered Forest Guards were in charge of escorting my coffin to the ancestral court, but they were intercepted by Xu Shenghua. It's impossible for the Left and Right Feathered Forest Guards to return. This way, there will be two armies with Celestial Venerable level battle prowess missing. Tai Shi!"

Tai Shi came forward.

Qin Mu's expression sank, and he said earnestly, "Dao brother, no matter what, the ancient god of Taiji will never become your Dao friend."

Tai Shi fell silent.

Qin Mu said, "They have already become the ten Celestial Venerables. Once they become the ten Celestial Venerables, they will never be able to turn back. If you can't save them, they won't be able to wake up."

Tai Shi said bitterly, "I understand."

Qin Mu stared at him and said solemnly, "You have to kill and not show mercy! If you show mercy, more people will die! The people around you might all die because of you!"

Tai Shi looked at the faces around him and clenched his fists. He said bitterly, "Don't worry, I won't show mercy!"

Qin Mu closed his eyes and laid down slowly. "Everyone, you can go and prepare now. Help me close the coffin lid and don't nail it. I need to prepare for a period of time to prepare for this great battle."

Saint Woodcutter Wen Tiange frowned and asked, "You mentioned Celestial Venerable just now, how are those who haven't achieved the path to deal with him!"

Qin Mu's voice came from the coffin. "Shang Jun will deal with Tai Chu, Xu Shenghua and Lan Yutian will deal with Celestial Empress. As for Celestial Venerable Hao, I will crawl out of the coffin and deal with him personally. Don't disturb me, I need to recuperate."

Everyone raised the lid of the coffin and closed it.

The coffin was silent.

Qin Mu closed his eyes and gradually fell into a dreamland. Layers of dreams spread out from the God Burial Coffin, transforming into layers of heavens. Countless dainty Qin Mus walked out of his dreamland and busied themselves around his wounds, communicating with each other.

Woodcutter Wen Tiange led everyone away and suddenly asked, "Dao Friend Xu, how are Mu'er's injuries?"

Xu Shenghua said, "It's very heavy, but his primordial spirit is fine. However, the injuries on his corporeal body are too severe, so he can't move. If he moves slightly, his Dao injuries will relapse, and it might endanger his primordial spirit."

Saint Woodcutter was stunned. "Just now, he said he could cure it in five years…"

Xu Shenghua understood Qin Mu the best, and he said, "What he means is that he will enter the dream for five years and exhaust all his wisdom and methods to heal his Dao injuries. However, if he fights with Celestial Emperor Hao…"

He frowned slightly and said, "The injuries might relapse and affect the primordial spirit. It will be hard to heal."

Woodcutter also couldn't help frowning and looked at Apothecary. Apothecary shook his head. "Mu'er's medical skills aren't inferior to mine. I can't understand his injuries anymore."

"Mu'er is risking his life," Granny Si whispered.

"In this era, who isn't risking their lives?"

Ling Yuxiu walked towards the land of Misty Maple Valley. "Everyone, let's hurry up and make preparations. We should inform Emperor Yanfeng of this and West Deity White Tiger to hurry over. When the army arrives, it will be time for the decisive battle!"

After all, she had been an emperor for many years, and her ability to command was the strongest among them. She ordered, "Grandpa Apothecary, summon the best apothecary in Eternal Peace to treat the injured! Grandpa Blind, lead the soldiers to repair the damaged formation diagrams! Grandpa Butcher, Granny Si, change the latest divine weapons and divine armor for all the soldiers. Send the broken divine weapons and divine armor back to the manufacturing factory of Eternal Peace and let all the manufacturing factories do their best to repair them!"

She passed down her orders one by one. "Have all the gods of the sacred grounds and academies enter the army as soon as possible to familiarize themselves with battle preparations and formations! Dao Ancestor of Dao Sect, Dao Master Lin Xuan, Immortal King of Little Jade Capital, the heavenly kings and guardians of Heavenly Saint Cult, mobilize all of them!"

"First Ancestor, send people to invite Grandpa Mute and mobilize a hundred thousand Eternal Peace Heavenly Workers to construct ten manufacturing factories at the fastest speed in Misty Maple Valley to repair the divine weapons at any time! We still need to complete all the heavy divine weapons here in a month's time!"

"Grandpa Deaf, deploy all the painters in Art Saint Pavilion to assist Grandpa Blind in drawing new formation diagrams! Also, draw more formation diagrams and send them to Youdu to Celestial Venerable You! Invite Celestial Venerable You's clone to come and meet me!"

"Senior Brother Wei, order people to mobilize the divine arts practitioners of Eternal Peace and ensure that all the teleportation portals and Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridges are in operation. Every gate and every bridge can't be broken! Then, order the envoys to head to the various heavens to transport more resources and more gods to join the battle!"

When she walked to the land of Misty Maple Valley, all kinds of orders were already given out. The land of Misty Maple Valley instantly became busy as all the soldiers carried out her orders in an orderly manner.

Not long later, Celestial Venerable You's clone came over. Ling Yuxiu asked, "Can Celestial Venerable contact Xie Wuqi and Crown Prince Ming Ya?"

Celestial Venerable You understood and turned to leave.

Ling Yuxiu turned her head back and looked at the god burial coffin between the main camp of the celestial heavens and Misty Maple Valley. Her gaze was complicated as she muttered, "Everyone is fighting with their lives on the line, everyone…"

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